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Armor Name Aurora (L)
Picture 148px
Origin Planet Calypso
Armor Protection Stats
Stab (pts) 12
Cut (pts) 14
Impact (pts) 15
Penetration (pts) 11
Shrapnel (pts) 0
Burn (pts) 7
Cold (pts) 2
Acid (pts) 0
Electric (pts) 11
Close (pts) 41
Firearms (pts) 18
Total (pts) 72
Durability 12500
Armor Set Properties
Weight (kg) 11.2
Value (TT Set) 391.0
Limited Yes
Colorable No
Texturable No
Additional Info
Source Looted
Version Update


Armor Parts[edit]

Armor PartsPart TypeKgMax TT 
Aurora Arm Guards (L)Arm Guards1.952.5
Aurora Foot Guards (L)Foot Guards152.5
Aurora Gloves (L)Gloves152.5
Aurora Harness (L)Harness3.390
Aurora Helmet (L)Helmet0.546
Aurora Shin Guards (L)Shin Guards2.145
Aurora Thigh Guards (L)Thigh Guards1.452.5
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Armor Part:

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