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  • 2020-12-6 00:34*
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Forum thread: Flight Schedule.

Flight ScheduleBETA

  • Different types of views are available, please find them in the menu bar below.
  • The flight schedule is also available in a forum thread: Flight Schedule.
  • Flights can be addded easily with a form using "Add flight" or "Add flight request" in the menu bar below.
  • Existing flights can be edited easily with the same form:
    1. Click the name of the flight, fx "Space Flight/3", fx in board display appearing above the top left corner of each flight's box.
    2. On the page of the flight click the "Edit with form" tab
  • Past flights not appearing in any display anymore are still accessible in Category:Space Flights.
  • You can change the date/time of a past flight to a future date and it will re-appear in the views.
  • You can easily create a 'spaceline' by creating a wiki page with its name and add it to Category: Flight Services to make it appear in the accoding dropdown field.

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