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Entropia Universe on Mac OS or Linux

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The Entropia Universe client is designed to operate on Microsoft compatible PC:s running Microsoft Windows as an operating system. It is not designed to run natively under Mac OS X or Linux.

However, your Mac running OS X or PC running Linux that meet the hardware system requirements for Entropia Universe may also be able to run Microsoft Windows, the operating system needed to run the Entropia Universe client software.

There are primarily two ways to run Windows along with Mac OS X or a Linux distribution on your existing computer, either in a dual-boot configuration or in a software based virtual machine. Both ways may require additional computer skills than is needed to install the Entropia Universe client on a PC with Microsoft Windows preinstalled.

Before you continue reading PLEASE NOTE that Entropia Universe support cannot assist you in configuring your computer. Further, the information provided below should not be considered as recommendations and is provided as a guide only. MindArk and its Planet Partners will not be responsible for any damages incurred by you as result of using these solutions, and hereby expressly disclaims all liability for any direct or indirect damages arising from or related to your use of these solutions.

Please also consider that you may also have to buy licenses for Microsoft Windows that is applicable for use on virtualized environments, and virtual machine software.

Using a dual-boot solution[edit]

Mac OS[edit]

To set up a dual-boot environment to run Microsoft Windows on your intel-based Mac running OS X, use Apple's BootCamp software. See: for system requirements and instructions.


For Linux PC:s a dual-boot setup may differ depending both on your hardware and your Linux distribution. Please see your distributions help and support pages for instructions. A general overview can be found on the help pages for the popular Ubuntu distribution:

Using software based virtual machine[edit]

A virtual machine is a software that emulates a computer’s hardware and e.g. makes it possible to run another operating system as a program. However, please note that the performance inside a virtual machine is almost always lower than when the operating system is run natively on the computer. For graphically intense software such as Entropia Universe the virtual machines ability to utilize the hardware’s graphic acceleration is a key feature. Recent virtual machine software can make more use of the computers graphic acceleration and provide a decent overall performance. Please note that this solution was not tested by us and the guidelines here are based on information provided by other users.

While it is hard to give more precise system requirement specs for virtual machines, we recommend other users’ experience shows that you should give the virtual machine 4Gb of RAM and 2 CPU cores if available. While performance may vary on many parameters users have reported that it is possible to run Entropia Universe with medium to high graphic settings inside the virtual machine "Parallels Desktop 6" and Microsoft Windows 7 on an iMac 27" (2010 model) with intel Core i7 CPU.

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