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Entropia Universe crafting guide

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Entropia Universe Guide
Page last updated: 24 March 2017 13:23:46
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Hi potential crafters, I got tired of seeing this space blank and decided that I should put up a quick rough of the crafting process. I will continually changing this. This warning up top will remain untill I am confident in this entry. -Wren

Crafting is the act of taking refined resources and turning them into another item that may be used as a finished product or in crafting more advanced items.

You have already taken the first step in deciding that you want to be a crafter.

So here is what to do:

Decide on your crafting career path: Components Weapons Armor Tools Clothes Furniture Coloring Textures

Okay so you have researched your career choice and have decided that you want to get started as soon as possible.

Make sure that you stop by and visit your friendly local technician. You can find these helpful people scatter all about EU. They usually reside in Trade Centers, Banks, and Mobile Bases.

You will want to visit your local technician so you can see what Blueprints they have for sale related to the proffesion of your choice and buy a Blueprint book that contains spaces to store all your blueprints. A book print book is required to use a construction machine.

You can buy a Blueprint from your technican or you can locate one that strikes your fancy in the auction or from another player.

Now that you have your Blueprint it is time to locate the materials need to start creating objects. You can find out what materials you need to locate by right clicking on the blueprint in question and selecting info.

You can either buy they materials from another player (Easy Way) or locate them yourself. (Hard Way)

  • Note*

You can buy unrefined versions of the needed materials, but you will need to refine them yourself. You will need a refiner.

You now have refined materials for the Blueprint. Time to get started. Locate a Construction Machine. These machines are usually located near friendly technicians.

Right click on the Construction Machine and then click operate. This will bring up the Construction Machine interface panel and open up your inventory.

Now right click on the Blueprint book that contains the blueprint of the item you wish to create and then click open. This opens the blueprint book. Now click on the blueprint of the item you wish to make. This will load the blueprint into the machine.

Now put your materials in the center panel. At this moment you are ready to start manufacturing. Just click manufacture and you may create your item. The possible results are failure, near success, and success.

- Failure means that you used up the materials and receive nothing in return. - near success means that you failed, but you managed to salvage residue or some of the materials used in the attempt. - Success means you created the item successfully. You will get the item in question and possibly some residue in return.

You also may have notice that the BP has a QR or Quality Rating. This is a rating of how well developed the BP currently is. This changes over time as you craft the item over and over again up to a maximum of 100.0. A better BP helps you cut cost associated with lower skills.

Congratulations! You are now a crafter.

Components: Crafting cost the smallest amount of peds to start doing, but the rewards are small and the competition is fierce.

Weapons: The Entropia Universe is fraught with dangers not just from the native wildlfie, but from other players. Some say the best defense is a good offense. Do you want to help the residents of EU strike first and ask questions later?

Armor: Various protective suit designed to keep your insides on the inside.

Clothes: Help people make their individual statements in this virtual universe.

Funiture: This covers all items that are used to spruce up the various estates that exist in the universe.

Coloring: All those items that are created by tailors and carpenters don't just color themselves you know.

Textures: Spice things up a bit with some textures from the native wildlife or even make sure clothes out of gold.



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