Entropia Universe Guide/Contributors

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To sign the list of contributors:

  1. Click "Edit"
  2. just type " , ~~~ " or your name at the end of the list
  3. Click the button "Save page".
  4. Click Entropia Universe Guide to get back to the main page.

Why are there 2 lists? - The automatically generated list is compiled form edits of wiki user on pages belonging to the guide. But since the guide also contains content not created on the wiki (like images, youtube videos) there is a also manually updated list to credit the original creators.


| Jenny ferr, Kay jones, :D:, Mixer, AlphaGeek, DoubleZero, Softhart, Zar, Faye, MindStar9, mmohut.com, Spawn, Chrome, Gretchen, Harmony, Narfi, Sorven, NextIsland.com, Johan Roadkill, Nighthawk, Torschen, Crue Knight, Larkin, db123189