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Please note: This guide is incomplete and partially outdated. It will be integrated in the Extensive Help, please refer to the latter.

EntropiaPlanets Wiki Guide
Table of Contents
EntropiaPlanets Wiki Guide
  1. Using the wiki
  2. Basic Editing
  3. Playground
  4. Editing in detail
    1. Images
    2. Links
    3. Tables
    4. Lists
  5. EP Wiki specific
    1. Categories
    2. Extensions
    3. Templates
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Some basic considerations[edit]

  • This Wiki is the Community's Wiki. It will be as good as we make it. Everyone is invited to contribute to its growth in quantity and quality.
  • You cannot break anything. No matter what you do in this wiki everything can be restored by just a few clicks. If you want to try something you are invited to use the Playground.
  • If you have any questions about content, functionality, etc. or if you have suggestions what to add or improve you can always make use of the EntropiaPlanets Wiki Forum
  • Besides editing pages there are also other ways how you can help this wiki:
    • Use it, bookmark it
    • Mention it to friends, soc mates, newbies, ...
    • Link to it from soc pages, forums, blogs, ...
    • Suggest links, images, videos, ... that should be added to it

Basic editing[edit]

The very basic of editing wiki pages is quite... basic actually:

  1. Click "edit"
    • At top of the page to switch to the editing mode for the whole page
    • At the right of the page to switch to the editing mode for a specific section
  2. Type, delete, click, ...
  3. Optional: Click "Show preview" at the bottom of the page
  4. Click "Save page" at the bottom of the page

Just try is out using the Playground attached to this guide.

For a little less basic (but still basic) information about editing please refer to the Basic Editing section of this guide.

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