EBN: The Bitch Is Back

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EBN: The Bitch Is Back

14 Jun 2006

Following last weeks disturbing news of increased Atrox activity in the northern reaches of Eudoria, and reports of commotion from Fort Ithaca as we speak, EBN feel compelled to reveal the second part of our interview with Prof. Nus Magsun. Shedding light on previously unknown behaviors of the Atrox species, the Professor continued:

"We set out to discover what could have lain behind the surprising appearance of these more aggressive strains of Atrox. As we crossed the mountain range east of the Rogue Plains, we caught sight of the mighty Atrox Queen - a monstrous creature, bigger than anything ever seen. Protected by feral Marauders, we observed the Queen laying one huge egg and a clutch of smaller ones around it. These lesser embryos hatched quickly to form a merciless defensive pack around the Queen and her main egg. The large egg was left to incubate under the Calypsian sun, absorbing radiation that would mutate its genome and spawn a more savage breed of Atrox. This level of evolution in just one generation was completely unprecedented."

It would seem that while the Atrox reproductive cycle is several years in length, its results can be devastating for the natural areas it inhabits, restricting access for other animals and colonists alike. We can only hope that our hardiest hunters can pick up a trail on this Queen and her pack, destroy the egg they protect, and spare Calypso and it's colonists from an even deadlier wilderness.


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