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Cyclops Depths

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Cyclops Depths is an instance under the Cyclops Volcano in the Cyclops Area.






Official teaser video



Original press release[edit]

Gothenburg, Sweden - July 2, 2013 /Planet Calypso/ - Planet Calypso AB, operator of the oldest planet in the largest Massively Multiplayer Online Real Cash Economy (MMORCE), announced today that it has a massive new area to explore. The Cyclops Depths are now open to all players but are focused for higher-level groups who want a real challenge with loot to match.

Cyclops Depths, which is located beneath the fiery Cyclops volcano was built by a race of alien humanoids, which evolved on Planet Calypso. This race of alien natives, the Mind Reavers, has been in cryostasis to escape a plague that nearly eradicated their population. Slumbering from before the human colony on Calypso was founded the Mind Reavers have woken up and since made the upper levels of Cyclops Depths their home. Strange electromagnetic anomalies around the volcano, and a missing team of scientists, draw in players who are quickly enlisted on an epic quest.

Inside the volcano explorers swiftly encounter traps and puzzles that require brains over brawn. As they progress warriors will pull out their weapons and fight mutants along with giant bug creatures, until at last they come face-to-face with the Mind Reavers. The area is also filled with unique larger and harder to kill bosses that require smarter tactics and bold moves to defeat. For instance one giant enemy stands in the middle of a very long and narrow set of stairs that must be descended in order to reach the next level. It launches balls of fire which explode after being on the ground for about 5 seconds. Players must run down the stairs to avoid the fireballs while at the same time attacking. When they have started running, they have to commit to killing the boss quickly, as they can't retreat.

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