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Moblist thumb Thorifoid.png
Name Thorifoid     Combat
Origin Planet Calypso     Attacks
Destination(s) Calypso     Range
Class     Aggression
Movement     Tamable No
Sweatable No     Version Update

Highly aggressive mystic of the Thor species. The thorifoids utilise their magical abilities by casting cold spells on those who threaten their sacred grounds...



Thorifoid Standard

The chart or graph is empty due to missing data


LevelSweatHealth LevelDamage
Thorifoid Watcher4506545045
Thorifoid Adept4906949049
Thorifoid Gatherer8909789089
Thorifoid Seeker95010195095
Thorifoid Devastator1,0501051050105
Thorifoid Shaman1,2301251230123
Thorifoid Elder1,3201181320132
Thorifoid Dreamer1,4001451400140
Thorifoid Master1,5101491510151
Thorifoid Clan Elder1,9901661990199



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Calypso map empty.jpgNo Thorifoid spawns locations documented yet!No Thorifoid mission locations documented yet!
No Thorifoid spawns documented yet!

Creature Control[edit]

Creature Control documentation methods are not done yet!


* the average number of kills this item usually needs to drop at least once

Item Frequency Last VU
Advanced Target Assessment Unit Unknown 10.1
Animal Adrenal Oil Very often 10.4.2
Animal Eye Oil Very often 10.4.2
Animal Hide Often 10.4.2
Animal Oil Residue Very often 10.4.2
Animal Pancreas Oil Common 10.4.2
Animal Thyroid Oil Very often 10.4.2
Basic Electronic Fluid Memory Common 9.4.4
Basic Hair Color Set Uncommon 10.4.2
Basic Leather Extractor Unknown 10.4.2
Basic Mineral Extractor Uncommon 9.3.2
Books Uncommon 9.4.4
Caldorite stone Often 10.4.2
Cosmetic Pen (Royal Blue) Rare 10.1
DNA Fragment C Uncommon 8.11.1
Empty Skill Implant (L) Rare 9.4.4
Eyeshadow (Medium Purple) Extremely rare 9.3.2
Eyeshadow (Pale Cornflower Blue) Common 9.2.4
Face Paint (Pale Brown) Unknown 10.1
Fine Hide Uncommon 10.4.2
Fine Wool Uncommon 10.1
Firestorm Chip Powerful Extremely rare 7.0
Focus Chip Good Rare 9.4.4
Isis HL12 (L) Uncommon 10.2
Kobold Face Guard, SGA Edition Uncommon 10.4.2
Large Thorifoid Battle Spike Club Extremely rare Unknown
Marber Tango-Type Plasma Annihilator Extremely rare 8.2.2
Odenfield Ventricle System Uncommon 10.1
Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-110 Extremely rare Unknown
Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-15 Common 9.4.1
Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-18 Unknown 10.1
Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-83 Rare Unknown
Paint Can (Burgundy) Rare 10.4.2
Paint Can (Dark Blue) Uncommon 10.4.2
Paint Can (Dark Purple) Extremely rare 10.1
Paint Can (Deep Cadmium) Unknown 10.4.2
Paint Can (Light Green) Unknown 10.4.2
Paint Can (Mauve) Unknown 9.4.4
Paint Can (Pink) Uncommon 10.1
Paint Can (Turqoise) Unknown 10.1
Polaris Arm Guards (L) Uncommon 10.1
Polaris Harness (L) Uncommon 10.4.2
Polaris Helmet (L) Uncommon 10.2
Powder (Copper) Extremely rare 10.1
Soft Hide Common 10.4.2
Thin Wool Often 10.4.2
Thunderbird Thigh guards Extremely rare 8.11.1
Topaz Rare 10.1
Wool Very often 10.4.2
Wormhole Chip Powerful Extremely rare 8.5.1



ID Value Date Maturity Avatar
01 25741 Unknown Elder Masak Mikass Keer
02 23760 2008/10/31 Shaman Tom thebuzz Christensen
03 23467 2005/10/15 Master Madison Roe Roeln
04 21817 2008/09/07 Devastator Ea Aia Nou
05 19018 2005/10/09 Shaman Arthur Starman Dent
06 18077 2005/12/16 Devastator per strakkan kollebolle
07 16530 2008/06/06 Seeker Ea Aia Nou
08 10517 2008/02/13 Watcher Team "3 klompen en een schoen"
09 10253 2008/03/16 Watcher Melocybe Melocybe Zekito
10 9495 2009/06/02 Watcher Arrun Arrun de Warsash
11 4364 Unknown Adept JASON KID WRIGHT
12 3147 Unknown Adept Benjamin Ben Rusnarok
13 2813 Unknown Shaman John Silver Long
14 2660 Unknown Adept Jambor Lightstealer Nichtell
15 2266 Unknown Adept Macco Macco Macco


Taming has not been re-implemented yet.

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