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Name Oculus     Combat Ranged
Origin Entropia Universe     Attacks
Destination(s) Calypso     Range
Class Animal     Aggression High
Movement Floating     Tamable No
Sweatable Yes     Version Update

This alien looking Creature has five tentacles for legs and a round body with only one distinct eye. It's capable of using mental powers and has a strong defence against the human Mindforce. The Oculus maintains itself in an upright position with special glands filled with methane gas. One of these glands can be seen like a red bulge on its swollen head, which serves as a pressure vent. The glands allow the Oculus to hover like a balloon, using its sucker-equipped legs to cling on to the ground for faster movement. Without a good foothold it will float away, which it also utilizes to glide through the air. The gas glands also work as a natural deterrent against predators who find the stench repulsive. Any weapon that might ignite the gas will in most cases cause an explosion if the Oculus is severely injured. It's uncertain what the Oculus feeds upon to sustain itself, but it's clear that it likes decaying matter. This has given it several nicknames, like the "Rot Pod" or the "Harvester of Decay". Methane gas from decomposing material is most probably its main source of nourishment, which it can extract using its tentacles.



Oculus Standard

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LevelSweatHealth LevelDamage
Oculus Young90090090
Oculus Mature95095095
Oculus Old99099099
Oculus Provider1,0901090109
Oculus Guardian1,2301230123
Oculus Dominant1,2701270127
Oculus Alpha1,3301330133
Oculus Old Alpha1,5501550155
Oculus Prowler1,6001600160
Oculus Stalker1,7301730173



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Calypso map empty.jpgNo Oculus spawns locations documented yet!No Oculus mission locations documented yet!
No Oculus spawns documented yet!

Creature Control[edit]

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* the average number of kills this item usually needs to drop at least once


Highest recorded loots

ID Value Date Maturity Avatar
01 19749 2007/12/23 Mature bARbie zNap cooL
02 14345 2006/09/10 Mature Team "Olof <3 Poppers"
03 9016 2009/06/27 Guardian Team WoF Aust Support ODIE"
04 8936 2008/11/06 Guardian dutch fluske mooren
05 1898 Unknown Mature Team "GAG>GA Akilie and Ben"
06 379 2008/11/01 Guardian Scan Caliber Arneagle
07 330 2009/06/14 Provider total boss mayn insanity
08 316 2008/09/27 Guardian Matt Lardinho Palmer
09 168 2008/08/05 Mature Rayne Jade Blackmoore
10 147 2008/11/09 Mature Rose Dendron Wood
11 31 2008/11/09 Guardian Rose Dendron Wood


Taming has not been re-implemented yet.

Further information[edit]

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Name Explanation[edit]

Oculus - "oculos" in latin means "eye". When you look at a picture of this mob, it looks like nothing but a huge eye.


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Hunting Log[edit]

Average Return on Oculus:  %



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