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Moblist thumb Gradivore.png
Name Gradivore     Combat
Origin Planet Calypso     Attacks
Destination(s) Calypso     Range
Class Animal     Aggression
Movement     Tamable No
Sweatable Yes     Version Update

This strange beast moves in great bounds, afloat on its red and blue, gas-gilled body. It is known to be quite harmless, but will eject acid fluid through its trunk-like proboscis when aggravated.



Gradivore Standard

The chart or graph is empty due to missing data


LevelSweatHealth LevelDamage
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGradivore Prowler43011430ToughMedium1510104322
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGradivore Stalker50012500StrongMedium1610105023



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Calypso map empty.jpgNo Gradivore spawns locations documented yet!No Gradivore mission locations documented yet!
No Gradivore spawns documented yet!

Creature Control[edit]

Creature Control documentation methods are not done yet!


* the average number of kills this item usually needs to drop at least once

Item Frequency Last VU
A&P Series Freedom Unknown 9.3.2
A-3 Justifier Mk.I Rare 8.12.3
Advanced Stone Extractor Common 9.4.4
Advanced Wood Extractor Unknown 9.4.4
Animal Eye Oil Common 9.4.4
Animal Hide Often 9.4.4
Animal Muscle Oil Very often 9.4.4
Animal Oil Residue Very often 9.4.4
Animal Thyroid Oil Often 9.2.3
Basic Leather Extractor Often 9.4.4
Basic Strategic Combat Processor Uncommon 9.4.4
Basic Target Assessment Unit Uncommon 9.4.4
Bear Gloves Extremely rare 8.7.4
Body Sculpting Toolkit Extremely rare 9.0.2
Castorian Combat EnBlade-2 Unknown 8.4.2
Diluted Cloth Extractor Common 9.4.4
Empty Skill Implant (L) Rare 9.4.4
Enhanced Cloth Extractor Unknown 9.4.4
Eyeshadow (Silver) Uncommon 9.4.4
Fine Hide Common 9.4.4
Fine Wool Uncommon 9.4.4
Gradivore Skin Common 9.4.4
Gradivore Wool Common 9.4.4
Paint Can (Blue) Uncommon 9.4.4
Paint Can (Brown) Often 9.4.4
Paint Can (Dark Steel Blue) Unknown 9.3.2
Paint Can (Green) Often 9.4.4
Paint Can (Light Green) Rare 9.4.4
Paint Can (Navy) Unknown 9.0
Paint Can (Olive) Common 9.4.4
Paint Can (Orange) Very often 9.4.4
Paint Can (Pink) Rare 9.4.4
Paint Can (Turqoise) Uncommon 9.2.4
Paint Can (Violet Cream) Unknown 9.4.4
Powder (Deep Peach) Unknown 9.2.4
Powder (Pale Pink) Uncommon 9.4.4
Rouge (Burgundy) Unknown 9.4.4
Rouge (Pink-Orange) Unknown 9.1.1
Small Stink Tree Painting Rare 8.5.1
Soft Hide Common 9.4.4
Sollomate Crusho Uncommon 8.8.2
Strong Cloth Extractor Rare 9.4.4
Superior Cloth Extractor Unknown 9.4.1
Teleport Chip Minor Rare 9.4.4
Thin Wool Common 9.4.4
Vigilante Foot Guards Rare 9.4.4
Vigilante Harness Rare 9.4.4
Wool Often 9.4.4



ID Value Date Maturity Avatar
01 4506 2008/03/25 Old felix Jo Jaeger
02 3947 Unknown Prowler Team "-RTr- #1 ger/aut soc !!!!"
2 3551 2008/03/02 Young Laisa Coop Cooper
04 3122 Unknown Young Glen Aussie Lara
05 1588 Unknown Mature Telemachus SokrateX Rhade
06 1444 2008/02/12 Young Geriatrix Geri Kango
07 1389 2008/02/05 Young Emily Emily Onyxx
08 1384 Unknown Young lex mr chips pringle
09 1195 2008/05/11 Stalker Maid MaidMarion Marion
10 990 2008/03/05 Stalker Onaya Oni Salnar
11 947 2008/03/17 Stalker Viktor Askorbin Anischenko
12 586 Unknown Mature Team "WWW.PELINKS.NET"
13 466 2005/08/28 Guardian David steuk Steukelinio
14 236 2006/03/14 Provider Rebekah Beki Viera
15 151 2006/03/14 Provider Rebekah Beki Viera


Taming has not been re-implemented yet.

Further information[edit]

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Name Explanation[edit]

Gradivore - "gradi" means "to conduct one's self, walk, live" in latin. "voro" is "to eat greedily, swallow up, consume". So he lives to eat? Perhaps he walks to eat? Not really sure about this one though. Another possible interpretation is from Gradivus which is a surname of Mars (Roman god of war).


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Hunting Log[edit]

Average Return on Gradivore:  %



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