Contest Winner Draw Method (EuroMillions)

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This is a guide to a method used to determine winners in events/competitions based on the draw of the EuroMillions Lottery. This method was originally introduced by MindStar9 in 2006 during the first generation CND era, and again in 2009 to be used with MindStar Radio events:MSR Contest Winner Draw Method.

There is a tool for convenience: Contest Winner Draw Tool.

How it works Example
A number will be assigned to each entry in the order posted beginning with the number zero.

(Each entrant’s name and Designated Number (DN) will be added/updated in the first post in the event thread)

  1. Post = 0
  2. Post = 1
  3. Post = 2
25. Post = 25
Every Friday the EuroMillions Lottery generates 5 numbers + 2 lucky star numbers that are published at EuroMillions Results.

These 7 numbers drawn on the first Friday after the deadline of the contest will be used to determine the winner.

EuroMillions Ball 9.gifEuroMillions Ball 14.gifEuroMillions Ball 19.gifEuroMillions Ball 21.gifEuroMillions Ball 34.gifEuroMillions Lucky Star 5.gifEuroMillions Lucky Star 7.gif
An integer is formed from the drawn numbers and lucky star numbers. 9, 14, 19, 21, 34, 5 and 7 would give 91419213457.
Then the Modulo operation will be used to calculate the winning number as follows:
<formed integer> Mod <number of entries> = <designated number of winning entry>

The Modulo operation results in the "Modulo" - the remainder on a division of one number by another number. This modulo represent the designated number of the winning entry.

91419213457 Mod 25 = 7

The Designated Number of the winning entry is 7.

An easy way to calculate the "Modulo" is the Windows Calculator: Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Calculator
  • open the calculator
  • enter "91419213457"
  • click on the "Mod" key
  • enter "25"
  • press the equal symbol (or "Enter" on your keyboard)
  • read the result: "7"
If more than one winner is to be determined (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) then the divisor in the Modulo operation is dropped by 1, and then 2, and so forth to determine all winners:
<formed integer> Mod <number of entries> = <designated number of 1st place>
<formed integer> Mod <number of entries - 1> = <designated number of 2nd place>
<formed integer> Mod <number of entries - 2> = <designated number of 3rd place>

91419213457 Mod 25 = 7 (= 1st place)
91419213457 Mod 24 = 1 (= 2nd place)
91419213457 Mod 23 = 4 (= 3rd place)


This method has been used in the following events: