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ComponentsOriginComponent TypeKgTTSource 
Bonding LiquidPlanet CyreneGeneric0.02Crafted
GEC Coil Springs 2MPlanet CalypsoMechanical0.011.2Crafted
GeoTrek Super Alloy EnBoltsPlanet CalypsoMetal0.011.5Crafted
Light Power CellPlanet CyreneElectronic0.05Crafted
Low Grade Electronic ComponentPlanet CyreneElectronic0.17Looted
Low Grade Power SupplyPlanet CyreneElectronic0.01Looted
Low Grade ScrapPlanet CyreneMechanical0.03Looted
Lysterium Power ContainerPlanet CyreneElectronic0.4Crafted
Robot CasingPlanet CalypsoRobot0.011.01Crafted
Simple I ConductorsPlanet CalypsoElectronic0.010.3Crafted
Standard MatrixPlanet CalypsoElectronic0.010.0512Crafted