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The chat with Ed & Kris took place on 28 November 2010 in the EntropiaPlanets Chat.

The official announcement & discussion thread: Live Chat with Cyrene Development Team

There is still a chance to influence the development of Cyrene by answering/commenting in this thread: Planet Cyrene Questions


username message
Kris - Digital Scryers Hello everyone, and welcome to the Planet Cyrene developer chat. We are glad you could join us, to share your valuable knowledge and expierence in the Entropia Universe.
Kitten yay coffee!
GeorgeSkywalker not bad going ...a very dangerous kitten i c
giuly_adm Lasagne alla Bolognese pronte, bbl :)
Kitten now did you remember the irish cream?
RAZER let the roast of ed and kris begin ;)
Kitten oh shh shh its start
RAZER hey Kris and Ed great that you could make some time to talk to us
GeorgeSkywalker Your welcome Ed
Ed Robles 3 Hello everyone. I hope it's not to late or early for the majority of everyone, but we are glad to have you here.
MindStar9 welcome Ed and Kris
misao hi there
Andylamb Hello the thrid and greatest Ed
RAZER so whats the idea here, you ask question to us or we ask you stuff?
Kitten hihi!!! * wave wave wave *
Kris - Digital Scryers Hey everybody, thanks for logging in.
giuly_adm Hi Kris and Ed!!!
Lykke Hey all :)
Ed Robles 3 First Question for tonight comes from the sandbox team. They would like to know, now that there are vehicles in game, would you like to see the land areas larger or are they still viable.
RAZER ok Lykke that color sucks
Lykke Hey all :)
MindStar9 Lykke - chg your text color Hon - can't read the black
T79x hi
Andylamb Larger Land Areas in what respect, Huge land areas with no content is a waste vheicle or no vehicle imho
MindStar9 "T" - chg your text color please
Lykke Lol it does, didnt see that sorry
RAZER thats a hard one Ed, I guess lare LA will be more expansive to
RAZER large*
GeorgeSkywalker Larger land areas are good then everything is not so crowded like on calypso
Andylamb Not being rude your royal purpleness, but thats hard to read too
RAZER large ontinets should be OK
T79x i like this one :)
MindStar9 well - land area size is relevant based on hills and mountains when it comes to using vehicles - if there are too many, then cross-country anything becomes a challenge
Alin its not crowded at all man
MindStar9 ok Andy
MindStar9 does this work ok?
Andylamb Ed, If the Wide open LA, have a destination, Or a purpose for vehicles specifically then it would be brilliant
RAZER IF LA will be larger will that mean more DSA's on there as well?
Andylamb And MS9, it has to be purple!
Lykke I agree with Andy. To me it is not about size, but how it's being used... Vehicles or not :D
MindStar9 lol
misao LA sizes are nice the way there are atm assuming its not wasted with unclimable mountains I guess.
RAZER lol Lykke
MindStar9 ok, it's bold now - does that work?
Chris Enzo I think LA sizes we have on calypso is ok, vehicles or not
MindStar9 no, it doesn't
GeorgeSkywalker i'm thinking more in terms of plenty of mobs to kill ...if there is a large areas and many mobs then thats good should be plenty for everyone
Andylamb Thats Fine MS9, don't let it happen again :p
RAZER wait Ed are we talking about LA's people can buy here?
MindStar9 anyway ... too many mountains and large hills deter vehicle use
RAZER or just general land
GeorgeSkywalker razer he is talking about continents
Andylamb Speaking from my own experiance with games development have wide landscapes to roam, but with a purpose and objective it makes it far more immersive
Ed Robles 3 @Razor we are talking about full playable land areas.
Andylamb Take Farcry 2 for instance
MindStar9 I really like roadway systems made for vehicles - like we see on one of the planets
Andylamb The immersive nature of FC2 with wide open landscapes only works becuase it has a purpose and goal
Alin i want flat LA's , all i can say...
nutrageti Hey people, sorry for being late :)
RAZER In that case Ed size is OK as it is on Calypso, was a bit confused by the term Land Area
RAZER hey there 47
RAZER yep we still need big mountians, but there should also be a way to cross them with a vehicle
nutrageti missed much ?
Lykke Would be nice with roads around to avoid hills etc. Another problem is to spawn your vehicles if land is not flat enough
Andylamb Nope, just mass debating atm,
Andylamb Hold the jokes..
RAZER 47, just the first question "should continets be bigger now that we have vehicles"
AxeMurderer hm we have 3D virtual reality and we talk in plain text chat, damn this is so old schoolz
RAZER lol indeed Axe
RAZER this is so 2001
Kris - Digital Scryers Alright, thank you, this question will be closed for now. Further discussion later if time permits.
nutrageti hmm continents are fine the way they are, we don't have enough players to fill continents
nutrageti k
Ed Robles 3 Our second question tonight comes from the Game Development team. They are wondering if the players feel there are enough or too many skills in the current game.
Andylamb My opinion on that is the skill system is balanced better than most MMO's its not too hard and not to easy to gain specific skills, it just takes some brains.
nutrageti There are enough skills for now, wouldn't mind more actually :)
T79x if skill have use then thrre is never too many skils
RAZER well one of the things about this game is the amount of skills, if you feel bored by getting one you can get some other skills
RAZER I think it's OK
Kris - Digital Scryers quick clairification; not enough, just enough, or too many.
misao Don't think there is never enough there is something out there for everyone.
Sara Serenity Too many skills by far, many unrealistc skills
RAZER just make sure the skills have some use
RAZER * sweat gatherer *
Chris Enzo a few to many
AxeMurderer enough skills in RPG?! not for me. bring em more! yep make sure they are usefull in game
Andylamb Please Make perception hits mean global within 100 meters lol
nutrageti Make sweat gathering usefull
misao like for exemple hair styling aint for everyone so it doesnt appy to most guys
Andylamb Agreed Nut
T79x what perception is great indicator of no loot in area
Andylamb One skill is almost impossible to unlock for some people, such as ESL
Andylamb That needs to change
Alin Imo are enough skills in game , but i will like to see more health contribution skills
Sara Serenity its ridiculous how many skills are in the game that are merely singled out and only become Valuable when crossed with another skill
RAZER well hard to unlock skills give people a goal in the game
RAZER Maybe we even need more of those
nutrageti the more skills the better, it allows for better focusing of a profession, if there was only one skill for hunting then having different weapon types would be useless
Sara Serenity Too MANY!
Alin True Razer , after lvl 70 hit no skills and dmg 80 , we need at lvl 90 100 110 120 or so :)
Andylamb True Razer, But ESL you can only unlock if you have a serrious bank balance
Andylamb thats unfair imho
nutrageti why too many?
Andylamb Or at least a friend with a rez chip
RAZER so, Sap, why can't that we in game then, this game has to be for eveyone, so also for people with a big bank account
Sara Serenity because if you are skilling you need to have a cross up of up to three skills
Sara Serenity its worse than going to university
nutrageti you don't need ethereal soul language unless you have the ressurection chip...
misao Yeah some useful unlocks would be cool great idea Razer
nutrageti I like university :P
RAZER sure I would never get ESL, but I don't care, much more skills around for me to get
Andylamb True Razer
admin Let me hop ingame and shout about it a bit more :)
Andylamb Im sure you could razer your an old dog plenty of people about would lend u a rez chip
RAZER and some are pretty hard like Commando
RAZER but a goed goal to work for
Andylamb Indeed, you must have goals
RAZER well Andy dont even know anyone that has one ;)
RAZER wow did English-Dutch hybrid text there
Andylamb NEVERDIE, Deathbringer
Andylamb Erm
MindStar9 balance is important - achieving goals is important - relevance and relationship between skills is key - but achievability is also a factor - there should be defined usability and purpose that continues to add something
RAZER well pretty sure they don;t know me andy
Andylamb True but not too acheivabl.
Kitten What you think of in 6 years of skilling only one person can paint black items. not enough person for all new worlds and that person not even log in anymore. Leave other worlds colorless?. thats my take on skills
GeorgeSkywalker new skills for new professions only ....not a good idea to add more to existing e.g. for weapons...we allready have skills in them
Andylamb Semantics Razer :p
RAZER true, will send ND a PM right away
nutrageti if anyone could paint black then black wouldn't be so fashionable
Andylamb Why not :)
Salix hello
RAZER you are right about that Kitten
RAZER but if one perosn can get it why can't anyone esle
Kris - Digital Scryers Awesome, thank you everyone, going to close this question. Further discussion on these if time permits.
Andylamb And not just that if everyone could look as good as me then It wouldnt be worth my while
admin I mostly hope we will ever find out exactly what which skill does. It's a huge gray area at the moment
Ed Robles 3 The third question tonight comes from the Writing staff. They are wondering if players would be interested in missions whose only incentive would be storyline as the incentive.
RAZER next question :)
T79x yes!!!
Salix Yes from me, so long as the missions are actually interesting
MindStar9 so missions that add to storyline with no other rewards?
nutrageti I think most players need something at the end, even a symbolic token
Andylamb I think there needs to be a mix of storyline and non storyline, Noteverone Likes to RP.
Sara Serenity I like that Idea. Yes for sure
GeorgeSkywalker yes for me
Salix i.e. not go here and click on 5 objects
AxeMurderer sure. even super mario has princes to save, what do we have? ugly animals only
Kitten yay for story!
Kris - Digital Scryers Quick clairification: These missions would involve no direct PED consumption.\
Chris Enzo yes
nutrageti then yes
AxeMurderer bring em on
Andylamb Free missions..?
Sara Serenity symbolic token... what some Nova particles not symbolic enough?
admin <<< loves free stuff
RAZER yes Kris, but I think we need the 'grinding' missions to, so everybody has something they like to do
Lykke yes. I don't care getting x novafragments tbh - if there's no real story in it anyway. It's boring
GeorgeSkywalker definately yes then
Andylamb If the Mission has no direct PED consumption, whats the point in doing it? I don't fully understand the question sorry.
Juicy ehrm is this the chat with the guys from the new planet ?
nutrageti something for you to do, like reading a book
Sara Serenity Kris- what do you mean by no Direct Ped Consumption?
Andylamb YEs Juicy
nutrageti yes
MindStar9 question would be - does one then need to do the missions in order to advance with storyline?
Lykke I would love mimssions which will bring some chances to explore further. Find 'hidden' things (knowing of course, next person will find the same :D) etc.
RAZER interesting one MS9
admin I do hope that grinding missions will build up their rewards. Not that 5k mobs will only reward fragments :s
Andylamb Your blue again MS9, tututut
RAZER and some more missions linked together, so answer yes in some mission will disable the next one for instabnce
Kris - Digital Scryers It doesn't cost any PED to do this mission directly. EX: No need to kill anything, travel by foot, etc. To talk to character to gain storyline.
MindStar9 I've been blue for readability - let's stay on topic ;)
misao If the story line is portrayed with text only I'm not interested. As long there is , audio telling the story line, npcs that actully do something instead of standing in one spot all day, cut scene for story line part of the mission. Something along those
misao lines
AxeMurderer red is worst than blue, but tahts for paintist to decide
nutrageti There was a quest in an old rpg that had you collecting books all over the map and the reward was a nice story...
nutrageti wouldn't mind somehting like that
RAZER yep 47, somethig liek that could be cool
Lykke I don't believe only text will do it. Actions are needed. Personally if that requires me to go somewhere - to a cave, a land to find something etc. - I would do that - as long as it's interesting enough and help me feel as a part of it all
RAZER even finding stuff in a cave or something
Juicy i wonder if there are already plans for pets on the new planet ?
MindStar9 I love uncovering a storyline like a mystery, but would be concerned if it were the only way to learn or advance with the storyline - quests would then be mandatory in this case
Sara Serenity ahhhh... yes that would be good. especially if the missions added more historical events to chase... like Archeaology
Alin an active hunter , miner wont make them ....
RAZER even needing to kill some mobs to get to it
misao yeah reading a wall of text is lame..
Andylamb Perhapse adopt a system like in Broken Sword or MYST.
Sara Serenity History is good... gives a current place more body
antonioliveira have you got an ETA for Cyrene?
nutrageti as a miner I'd do the misions just to mine the route I need to take
Chris Enzo not to much text, i like action;)
RAZER so a mission to discover books that contain the history of the planet, sound like a nice mission
Lykke I agree - storyline is very good - but it needs some action too to make me feel a part of it
nutrageti as a hunter just to looko for new spawns
Kris - Digital Scryers All the suggestions are great: we will dedicate the last 10 minutes of chat to it.  :)
Lykke and feel I contribute to it
Lykke  :)
RAZER BUT it would be nice if the text could be downloaded some how, I hate reading large amounts of text on an ingame screen
Andylamb If you have ever played MYST or Broken sword, the whole entire games are built like one big mission to achive the final goal, And the way you have to think and do things in the right sequence are imperitive to the outcome.
Sara Serenity oooh Great idea RAZER
Andylamb Brings a whole new level to ingame missions and adds far much more immersive gameplay
nutrageti The longest journey, Syberia? all were nice games that were played for story only
AxeMurderer I dont think MYST can be implemented in never ending game
RAZER so maybe got some personal code for a website where you can logg in to read the discovered sotrylines
Lykke I would love ... if you make some ingame historical places, that the story was added 'in the walls' - like little written things around to tell you why this and that is there - or to tell a history
RAZER oh wait you already have a personal page :)
Sara Serenity like being a Tomb Raider
Sara Serenity or Indiana Jones
Andylamb No Axe, but that kind of techinical thinking to achive a goal is what I meant
misao interaction with the environment is a thing that is very much missing and needed in PE and would be a great addition to telling playing missions.
Kris - Digital Scryers Great, thanks everyone, going to close this question. Further discussion if time permits.
Sara Serenity just Finding the Information and gaining knowledge
Ed Robles 3 Our fourth question tonight comes from the marketing team. How important is the cross platform marketing of the game? Do you feel more players would be drawn by Books, cross platform games, graphic novels, and other avenues that might have a low cost or
Andylamb A client specific to somthing like the Iphone would be awsome
nutrageti or
Lykke ... but only if you can actually PLAY with it andy
RAZER well so far there is NO marketing for any of the planets other then the sale of high priced items
Sara Serenity Graphic novels and Books would be great... to give the Universe a new take on culture and stories of every day colonists
Kitten /s yay level 30 evader
Kitten opp wrong keyboard hehehe
Lykke it would be nice for the story line of course - then it could be nice for people who are already playing EU
RAZER so ANY marketing would be good I guess
nutrageti Short stories, episodes of some kind might attract interest
AxeMurderer for books you need deep story - do you have one?
T79x kiten >^.^<
Andylamb Short movies, Epic idea.
Lykke I would say, that you need to make sure to keep up the good stories on webpages and on game sites. Drag people in by curiousity. And use the community
AxeMurderer I say NO to cross platforms sorry
Sara Serenity Novels
admin Something subtle would work, Ed. Like getting someone to run into the set of The Hobbit wwearing a Planet Cyrene T-shirt while they film, or something like that
Kitten >^.^<
Lykke OH Idea, Andy6
Lykke yes
Lykke sorry .. slipped key lol
Andylamb If you make a film, Animated perhapse, and have it closly linked to the storyline ingame along side the timing of development of the planet its self, the player can feel involved with the film
Kris - Digital Scryers AxeMurderer, currently we have a very large storyline that would take much too long to tell through just one vehicle.
misao Manga/anime type of marking of the game would be THE BEST would be a great succuess. As for ps3/ xbox ports as long as you take your time and make quality work I dont mind.
MindStar9 I think the players are the greatest storytellers based on their own adventures - so would encourage interaction in that respect
Kitten YAY for manga XD
Lykke but yes; Make a story on YouTube ... keep the mystery in it
Lykke keep posting little movies
T79x gimme Crzne T shirt adn i run on anz camera on spot haha
Lykke make it look real :D
Lykke OoooOo im already in
RAZER yep movies will be cool, make some cool traileers
MindStar9 depending on the medium used - it paints a canvas to the outside world of what the possibilities are
Andylamb And btw Ed, I know that alot of cool things will be implemented in the future, but if eu ever turns out like Nolife. then im outtahere
Andylamb just saying
Sara Serenity Agreed with Kris... take for example Dare I say it the W.O.W culture and the WarHammer company
RAZER one other thing you might wanna do is get some positive news out there. If you look at forums like MMORPG there is a lot of bad press on there
misao also those models you guys made @ work I'm sure some of us would buy them for a geeky collection <3
GeorgeSkywalker films, books all good stuff in my opinion
Andylamb Can We request that Weekly or monthly Video blogs from the studios be made also, to keep people updated with development
Kitten yupyup whiners whine loud
Andylamb But not just the highs of development, but also the lows
Lykke make a book like LOTRO has (and wow) with maps, mobs, missions lol - problem is, its outdated when new things are added
Andylamb It shows that you are real people working hard, It would be a giant leap in Customer relations serriously lacking in entropia universe
RAZER well Lykke can be an online book, right
Sara Serenity all have novels and histories developed to make them full bodied and those stories are availble throught novels and comics
Lykke use EP Wiki, please :D
RAZER lol indeed Lykke
Lykke merchandise is mostly for people already involved in game
Lykke make sure you are been seen on the game conventions around
Juicy hum somehow i dont get this chat :D whos from cryene ?
RAZER yeah but still fun
Lykke the yellow text people :D
RAZER Juice they ask a question and see our reactions
nutrageti you could always try and adress different fan bases individually, make something like D&D things for some, short fps movies for others...
RAZER not the other way around
Kris - Digital Scryers Myself and Ed Robles 3
admin Juicy - Kris and Ed Robles 3 are
GeorgeSkywalker ED and Kris are Cyrene
Lykke Ed and Kris
Andylamb MS9, I like your idea, but if they did that they would need to make a Novel based on your exploration alone!
Juicy ahh cool
Sara Serenity  :p
RAZER so any new additions to The Sons of Remus any time soon ??
Kris - Digital Scryers Cool, thanks everyone, going to close this question. Further discussion if time permits.
Ed Robles 3 Our fifth question for tonight comes from our Team leads and Production Manager. What time frame do you feel major version upgrades should take place? Currently Cyrene is a world that will change as time goes on and history will be written. That means
Juicy i wonder if there are any plans with pets ? do they have a future on your planet ?
Andylamb Ed, VU's As and when they are complete and working
RAZER Well Ed just make sure every Vu WORKS !!!!
MindStar9 upgrade when there's a viable purpose - please don't add content just to add contact - make it relevant'
Kris - Digital Scryers RAZER, the website is almost out and will include new stories and iPhone game with exclusive story for the Sons of Remus.
nutrageti Could you make major updates on a fixed squeduale? I mean for example everyone would know the alst day of the month is update day?
GeorgeSkywalker could u type rest of question please
AxeMurderer ED your question wasn\t full
admin I agree. We can wait for new functionality. As long as it's properly tested when it is implemented
RAZER WOOT thanx Kris
Juicy i just wonder lots about pets because i saw stables on screenys i think ^^, any info u can give ?
Lykke I agree with the others. I don't mind vu's at all - but I mind if I have to wait days before I dare logging in after.
Andylamb Also please please please tell your Devs not to hack code, fix bugs correctly to avoid more bugs!, but im sure you guys alreaddy know this and way beyond my skills
Lykke That sounds awesome Kris :))
Kitten remember planet partners dont code they add content mindark adds code
Ed Robles 3 A version update in this case would mean an end to a certain era in Cyrene with a new one starting up. Think Expansions.
RAZER man, now I reall do need to get myself an iphone
Andylamb Aha!, Well in that case, Not too fast
MindStar9 you mean a certain segment of storyline would end?
RobVee stables? taming?!
Andylamb If its all done too quickly the story could burn out later down the line
Andylamb None wants that.
Juicy lol sounds nice but whats about damn pets :D and already mentioned a date when the planet comes ?
RAZER well Ed not sure what that means for the stuff we have before the VU
nutrageti would new players be able to take on the previous stages?
Kris - Digital Scryers Andy, currently if we put out a new era, twice a year, we have enough for 6 years.
MindStar9 so play in an era for a period of time and then it would no longer be available? - not sure I fully understand
Andylamb Is there anychance you could implement a Marco Mob that runs to you and says "Loot is Dynamic" just so we can shoot it?
Sara Serenity A defined end to an Era? hmm I think a gradual Evolution far better
nutrageti like an expansion allows old players to continue the storyline but also permits new ones to start from the beggining
Andylamb Sounds good Kirs, Im with you now.
Kris - Digital Scryers But every six months might be too early.
Chris Enzo dont do big changes to often, once a year maybe
RAZER yep I'm confuused about that to MS9
Andylamb It depends on what you change.
AxeMurderer new era after 31.12. every year :)
Andylamb If its just to change stuff with story line
Juicy or lets ask maybe this way ... can u give any infos about pets on your planet ?
Andylamb for instance if a city is destroyed to implement the destruction
Kris - Digital Scryers Reminder, all suggestions for the last 10 minutes of the chat.
Andylamb then fine
Ed Robles 3 No Nutrageti. Once an era is closed it will become history and no longer available. This will only effect story line missions.
nutrageti or add
admin Juicy- The team will ask questions to us first. The last 10 minutes or so they will answer questions from us to them
nutrageti ok, thank you :)
Juicy kris can ya tell about pets on your planet ?
RAZER BUT kris, this will not mean you are closing of Land does it?
Andylamb Right then so Expansion packs. thats a tough one. Perhapse one a year?
misao every six months too early? =S Maybe you should throw in some interesting filler vu's inbetween then =P
Andylamb Every 6 months is too soon
Juicy ohh sorry didnt know :D
dilly hurray I'm in
Andylamb For Expansions once a year, definatly.
admin I do kind of like that idea, Ed. Not sure everyone will agree, but it would allow for those who started following early to get somethig to show for it
T79x hi dilly
Juicy than i wait :D
MindStar9 then eras only have temporary relevance to overall historical value? - if new players can't experience it once it's gone, how is it relevant to advanced storyline?
Andylamb If they can take something with them, such as an item or some kind of artefact then it makes for good memories imho
RAZER well MS9 we have some temp. missions on Calypso now to
GeorgeSkywalker ms9 they'd jump into the storyline whatever period they join
Kris - Digital Scryers Closing no, changing yes.
RAZER so it might work
Andylamb History moves fast, Thats the fact of it
MindStar9 I'll have to give this more thought
Kitten yuyup O rushed to make sure to do all the temp missions asap XD
Lykke I think it's awesome. It adds something 'real' to it. I wasnt alive 100 years ago either - it's all history to me - even though I would have wished I was a part of the history, I can be a part of new history
RAZER ah Ok Kris, that clears up some stuff
GeorgeSkywalker i like this idea of eras
T79x nobies will get book whit history  ??
MindStar9 I think I understand now
Andylamb Like the Typhoon event, Aparently was 6 years ago...... damn that went fast.
admin Lies, Lykke. YOu're 375 years old!
Kitten oh oh a library with history books would be so cool
RAZER so it is basically like Hadesheim, area chance due to a storyline
Ed Robles 3 MS9. There will always be goals and missions for new players. But History on Cyrene is written by those who participate in certain areas. We like to think of it as veterans of an era. Much like wars of the past.
MindStar9 will the era's then be written in Cyrene history?
Andylamb Thats what I think it means Razer
Sara Serenity it was 6 yrs ago?
Sara Serenity what?
Lykke well, some of the events on calypso now are also only one time events and also ads to history (or ... well... you know) - and it's actually nice that the 'game' or more Universe evolve and we evolve with it like that
Andylamb According to the storyline yes Sara
Sara Serenity I missed like 6 birthdays
misao Will each expantion keep active participants interested enough for 6 months?
MindStar9 got it Ed - you answered my question as I was asking it - we are telepathically linked :)
Andylamb If 1 year in EU is 6 then my avatar is 24 years old....
Andylamb lol
Juicy lol
RAZER well Sap who's the old fart now ??
AxeMurderer din ding ding T-10
Andylamb lol
Andylamb MS9?
Lykke *looks the other direction*
Kris - Digital Scryers Cool, thanks everyone, this question is closed.
Lykke I think he meant you, andy
Juicy now can we ask ^^ ?
MindStar9 not funny Andy
RAZER I samrtly keep my mouth shut here
Sara Serenity I like that idea Ed that makes more sense now
Andylamb Your all older than me
Andylamb so shaddap
Kris - Digital Scryers We will now open up for suggestions. Please if possible, post who you are making the suggestion to. They will be logged and reviewed later by the team.
Lykke we could have had this chat for a longer time, it seems :)
Ed Robles 3 Nice suggestion Lykke. Noted ; )
Juicy well i would like to know about pets, and if they got any future on your planet ?
Andylamb Suggestion for all team members behind development, Please Make Weekly or monthly video blogs to show us your not all just slacking off drinking booze.
T79x is possible that lasser sights will make a DOT on Cryene ? ^^
Lykke Beside through missions, how (in game) wil you try and add the history? And will it involve the already known history from Calypso (being somehow merged into it)? Or be independend?
AxeMurderer some team quests will be good
Kitten my only sugest right now is look into coloring system. I am 6 years colorer 9th best in game and only can use half the colors. with new planets all over the coloring ability going to be stretched thiiiiiin
Ed Robles 3 Andy, HOW dare you sir... Thats a good 6 hours of our work day... what else will we do to fill the time?
Lykke lol
Andylamb Im sorry but it needs to be sorted Ed
Lykke that's how REAL creative ppl works :D
GeorgeSkywalker Three suggestions 1) item lock feature 2) Mob lock feauture (once a mob tagged belongs to u avoids k'stealing) 3) actively pursuing scammers
Ed Robles 3 The drinking booze part that is = )
misao lol
Andylamb Lemmy Kilmster done his best work on Acid... ..
Andylamb Go figure
Andylamb Dont do drugs kids.
Juicy Ed  ? can u tell something about pets now ? i think i saw stables on screenshots ?
Jamira Hi folks! Will we have special Cyrene clothes, weapons and other items?
Andylamb But no Ed, I think weekly video blogs of the office or montly if time is a problem
Andylamb Will show alot more people your willing to involve people
Andylamb I mean ok your doing that now ofc
Andylamb but keep doing it!
Sara Serenity lol
DaisyColdFinger Hi .. Q = Whats the word on Lootable PVP and PVP in general on your plnet?
Andylamb Customer relations and communications is Key!
Lykke will you - seperately from the rest of the game - have a special PLANET auction, or other things which will make it easier for people to drive a business on the planet - without having to go back to Calypso all the time?
Ed Robles 3 Juicy, we are currently working on our pet system but must also work with MindArks choice. This is influenced by all Planet Partners and what they ask for unless an exclusive is given.
RAZER One thing that I would suggest is to develop stuff that fits the game and the time it plays in (unlike the hummers and boats on Calypso)
Andylamb Daisy, Ed said Rockstars arent allowed on Cyrene, its bad for buisness
RAZER EXCLUSIVE, can they do that !!!!
Tass Give us challenges! Right now the only challenge is the act of depositing enough to achieve anything you want. There are 0 challenges based on in-game skills or off-game skills.
Andylamb >.<
dilly I thought Force kicked rock stars who left RT
Kris - Digital Scryers Andy, as soon as our website is live, so will our youtube channel, along with behind the scenes content that has already been filmed.
Lykke Could and would you (please :D) make a mail system in game, which would make it possible for people to send other people items/money? The same goes with a lending system ... much needed
Juicy hehe so its still in MA´s hands , but u guys got plans with pets ? that sounds already great and would make me happy =)
Sara Serenity Do you Mean a Localised Auction Lykke?
DaisyColdFinger RS will come and we will take over the place....Now how about that PVP question ;) ?
Andylamb Awsome Kris, thank you.
RAZER good suggestion there Lykke
Kitten lykke that sounds like a system which woudl be mindark hehehe
Lykke the lending system could prevent in game scams
Lykke yes - I would have preferd if you in the excisting auction could 'sort' on planets and then get the items only for YOUR planet
admin I'm mostly hoping that in Cyrene, skills and experience will actually matter. On Calypso, I really do not feel that there's any difference between a noob or a vet shooting argoes.
Lykke that would make it easier.
Andylamb To the Dev team, There has to be an alternitive to sweating for new arivals, To captivate new players on arival there needs to be more than just "Go sweat you noob"
Lykke and help boost the economy on the planets
RAZER lending is already possible , so it is a system thats in game, shouldnt be hard to apply to guns and stuff
Sara Serenity A Mail System
Lykke and prevent frustratsion
Lykke lending: You borrow out an item, set it for x days / hours - and when that time is done, you automatically get your item back in storage
Ed Robles 3 Lykke, Cyrene will launch will a full economy system that is not dependent on other Planets. Meaning we will be able to be self sustained.
RAZER Kris any ETA on the website launch?
DaisyColdFinger meh i dont have time for this. No PVP aparently so im out of here...Have phun
Kitten good news Ed
misao Flying cities on Cyrene please say it is so? Jumping off with gliders or wing suit would be wicked :D
Kris - Digital Scryers Daisy, PvP is very important on Cyrene, it will definitely play a larger role then people will expect.
Jamira Lykke, that is an old but very good idea
Andylamb Question to Ed, Do you have a job opening for a C++ Games developer, ofc you would need to pay for me to move out to your studios. :D
Lykke great news, Ed!
Jamira We have a lending system with vehicles now
Lykke then it should be easy to make one for other items as well
Jamira It should be expanded to other items
Ed Robles 3 Razer, I am currently waiting a review session with a second web team. I was very unhappy with the Flash heavy site that was presented when tested in multiple countries by our test group.
dilly Will there be any unique systems implemented especially for Cyrene?
Juicy kirs , hope we can use pets later for pvp :D i wanne send those stupid gunners some mean giant pets :D
RAZER ah Ok Ed, well if you need more testers send me a PM :)
Chris Enzo but if you buy a item, but the former owner has it ticked as for lending only, how does that wolk then?
Kris - Digital Scryers Andy, currently we are not looking for any additional developers, but will post up as soon as we do.
admin Flash = evil
Sara Serenity Kris what would Cyrene be Offering Players that would set it appart from the Calypso and ROCKtropia, that would be and Incentive to Move to Cyrene?
Andylamb Ok sir :)
Kris - Digital Scryers Dilly, those questions will be answered in up coming press releases.
Andylamb Flash Websites are just down right lazy tbh
misao "HTML5" is awsome for new website you should look into it.
Andylamb Ill do you up a cheap joomla site if you want :p
RAZER so any more suggestion for the Cyrene people?
AxeMurderer good question Sara
Tass Make Cyrene diversified, example Mobs: Nighttime mobs, seasonal mobs, mobs you can only hunt using vehicles, mobs you can only encounter alone, mobs that need team work to hunt them, ...
RAZER I have one, do more with the water on your planet
Andylamb YES!
Juicy ya make pets later able todo pvp ^^ , imagine armor for em :D
Andylamb Tass Awsome idea
T79x ETA relesse date ?
AxeMurderer good one Tass
RAZER nice one Tass
Juicy a new market for pet items got be build =)
Lykke Tass = I saw him first ...
RAZER and welcome :)
Lykke (I didnt .. but still)
Chris Enzo i want something extra for miners, like beacons, it gives an extra dimension to mining
Kris - Digital Scryers Sara, currently we are focused on attracting a large player base that is unfamilar with EU. For current players, the major incentive, like any other planet, exploration, storyline, and possible unique features which I can not go into right now.
Juicy i can imagine even a huge gun on the back of a pet :D
Jamira I want occasionally rain ... no snow without break for 3 months
RAZER yes and more missions for other professions
Lykke YES chris. Im not even a miner - but damn do I miss beacons :(
Andylamb To the dev team, Can you make the planet more "Round" and not just one large light map, Being able to chnge the lighting and mood in specific areas would be cool, but not if its all made on one large map like theya re now.
Lykke missions for crafters - please!
Kris - Digital Scryers Tass, are you a mind reader? or a mole? REVEAL YOURSELF!
Sara Serenity understandable... I asked because I dont really want to be on another Planet that is the same as Calypso.
Andylamb YEAS!
Lykke a little more exciting than the ones at the gateway lol
RAZER lol Kriss Tass is just a master in uncovering stuff ;)
RAZER talk to the other planet partners :)
Lykke lol
Juicy any release date is already mentioned?
Sara Serenity It would have to be a Different Place with different Offering and Culture to Appeal to Existing players to "pick up stumps" and move
Andylamb Well Tbh Ed & Kris, if you can promise all of what you have said today, Then Cyrene will be just simply an epic place to be no doubt. Awsome work guys keep it up
GeorgeSkywalker tass is a Private Investigator extreme edition :)
Lykke tass' brain is an unrevealed mystery
RAZER I think he might even have 2 brains
Lykke the universe starts turning, when Tass blows his nose
RAZER anyway Ed and Kris I hope you got some useful info from us
admin Tass is an EntropiaPlanets home-coded bot. He's what would happen if R2D2 and the Terminator had babies together
Lykke I found this chat to be VERY interesting :)
Jamira lol
MindStar9 Tass is a brilliant idea man - we need an army to carry them all out
Lykke aww Tassminators
Andylamb Indeed it was so exciting i need to change my pants.
GeorgeSkywalker aye sounds really good stuff
RAZER admin any way we can have a transcript of this chat??
misao For large cities. It would be nice if there was no running around for like 2min with out a single both or npc to interect with. Layout in Calypso is terrible hope Cyrene fixes that
MindStar9 I love Tass's ideas - he keeps us on task in the staff area
Kris - Digital Scryers Well, thank you everyone, had a ton of fun, and of course lots of info from you all. Everything is appericated.
admin Of course, RAZER. I'll get that ready later today :)
Andylamb No, Thank you Kris
RAZER nice admin
Andylamb Awsome stuff.
Lykke and fix that 'dieing when you jump from cliffs' already
Kris - Digital Scryers /bow
RAZER no problem Kris
misao Thanks Kris / Ed great having you
Lykke Thank you a LOT kris and Ed :)
RAZER now get to work finishing that planet !!!
Kitten heheeh no transcript = fail
AxeMurderer when the questions start?
GeorgeSkywalker Awesome !
admin Thank you, Ed, Kris, and your team. We hope it will have been useful for you, and we're looking forward to Cyrene going live :)
Sara Serenity Thank you Kris for the opportunity... hopefully this is not the Last time we can Interact with developers
Andylamb Have a good day everyone, Look forward to seeing all this take shape.
Andylamb Ciao everyone.
Lykke was a rare and very inspiring opportunity to chat with you
MindStar9 thank you Ed and Kris - it's always appreciated when developer teams interact
Juicy Kris thx too and dont foeget the pets :D
Kitten kitten will go that planet later and rule with fluffy iron fist -.-
Jamira I always use an apartment to retire. Will we have houses/apartments at Cyrene? Or any other private hostel?
Juicy forget*
Ed Robles 3 I would like to thank everyone here today, your input is very valuable to us. We understand not everyone will be coming to Cyrene, but the help you provide will help future players who you might see someday in your neck of the Universe. = )
AxeMurderer we jumped from sugestions to the end :)
Lykke Those who won't go ... we force to go ... ok?
Lykke  ;)
Sara Serenity I suggest A free Ticket to and back from Cyrene
Kris - Digital Scryers Only because we are a bit over our time AxeMurderer  :)
RAZER well ay chence you can provide some transport Ed??
Lykke question though
RAZER wow lots of typo's there
GeorgeSkywalker nah force e'm all to stay on Calypso and only allow me to go please :)
AxeMurderer so no release date?!
Lykke will you be replying those questions, you didnt reply to yet, later on? :)
RAZER I wonder if a planet partner is allowed to 'steal' player fron another planet
Kitten I wounder about shop and apartment and house ownership
RAZER by handing out free travel tickets
Ed Robles 3 I must admit I did not get to see all of them or they will be answered in upcoming interviews for certain a certain magazine = )
misao Kitten planetry franchize =P
SpikeBlack a free ticket wouldn't be enough to keep them though
MindStar9 as mentioned in Lykke's front page post about the Dec issue of the magazine, there will be an exclusive interview/article with Ed Robles 3rd  :)
RAZER magazine, what magazine ;)
MindStar9 there we go again Ed ... lol
RAZER true spike, but it helps
Kitten i really liked the magasine XD
MindStar9 the Dec issue will be published on the 12th
MindStar9 you will learn of the visionary path that led to the birth of Cyrene ;)
SpikeBlack there are certain things that would keep me but I doubt the rest of the existing EU players would accept it
Lykke Otherwise, you can see the chat and we can always also make a front page story, Ed :)
Jamira MS9 ... wrong text colour btw ;-)
MindStar9 the purple isn't clear enough Jamira, sorry ;)
GeorgeSkywalker before u go Ed and Kris you both have to reveal one secret about cyrene :D
Jamira hehe
MindStar9 can't wait to try out the purple juice on Cyrene as well
Ed Robles 3 Our main goal is definitely to expand the Universe. We do not feel it is economically feasible to make our Planet work by only bringing in current players, especially as more and more Planet Partners come on board.
Kitten I agree hugely ed
Lykke that's a fact
Kris - Digital Scryers George, one sec, lemme see what we can do.
Kitten new player flood required badly
RAZER yes and new players that stick around
GeorgeSkywalker i like that answer Ed ....most current calypso players just dont realise that because all they seen so far is rocktropia
Kitten omg yes so totaly need a way to keep them
Ed Robles 3 That said, we understand that some players will come to Cyrene and some of our Players will go to other Planets, it is just a natural thing that will happen on this platform. As long as every Planet Partner does their part, it should all work out well..
GeorgeSkywalker  :thumbup:
misao I beleive you guys will have to fight the power(Mind Ark) to keep whatever new ppl you bring in lol. Is planet cyrene team on good terms with MA?
Kris - Digital Scryers George, I'll tell you this much. Vehicle combat including mech-like vehicles, will be the way to go on Cyrene. As you will see from the iPhone game.
Kitten ohhh cooooooooool
MindStar9 now that's what I'm talkin' about - had this experience elsewhere and it rocks
GeorgeSkywalker mech like vehicles ..yippeeee :)
misao Mecha?  :O sweet
Lykke oOoo Iphone game
GeorgeSkywalker  :yay: let me at'em
DaisyColdFinger Back :) Was anything said about pvp on their planet?
RAZER nice Kris
misao So coming to Cyrene now =P
T79x Mad CAt :))))
AxeMurderer as the same time as they introduce it on Calypso??
Kitten will power kittens ewe ep41 tier 5 be alowed? XD
admin Yes, Daisy, but they made us promise we'd not say anythig to you ;)
Kitten because I want to bring my gun hehehehe
Lykke yes, daisy, NO PVP ... NO PVP
RAZER well Ed mentioned EXCLUSIVE systems, could this be one of them??
Lykke jk ... don't know actually
Juicy mmm Kris
Juicy hope we can also fight big pets VS mech :D
DaisyColdFinger No PVP ? Your kidding me ?
Lykke yes, i am
Lykke I dont know :P
Kitten no he said pvp is a bigger part than you though
RAZER Daisy I actually thing Ed said ther PVP will be on the planet in a way we will not expact (something along those lines)
SpikeBlack EU is far to slow for proper pvp
SpikeBlack need to increase the speed of combat for 4 or 5x
Kitten yeah he said its bigger XD
GeorgeSkywalker mechs will bash pets to stone age juicy :D
DaisyColdFinger Good enough for me and RS :) Thank you :)
Jamira George: remember the movie Avatar!
RAZER so will will have a mech pourple juice pet crusher then
Ed Robles 3 OK Time for us to go. As for exclusives, I am not a big fan of that myself but it depends on how the other Planet Partners decide to move forward. To me it's not what you have, it's what you do with it.
Juicy  :D
GeorgeSkywalker yes jamira :D
GeorgeSkywalker and Return of the Jedi wookies killed mech ;)
AxeMurderer for me its the size but whatever makes you happy
MindStar9 take care Ed and Kris - and thank you :)
RAZER lol Ed, thats about that Lykke said before :)
Jamira Thank you Kris & Ed!
Lykke good bye Ed and kris :)
admin Thank you, Ed and Kris :)
Kris - Digital Scryers /wave, thanks everyone.
Lykke thanks again for coming here and do the chat ^^
DaisyColdFinger Ed we getting this planet before the world ends in 2012 right ? lol
RAZER cya Kris and Ed and thanx again
misao cya later Ed/ Kris
Lykke  :wave:
Kitten byebye
Ed Robles 3 Nice on Ax lol but on that note, take care and take it easy.
GeorgeSkywalker Cya Ed and Kris thanks for all answers
SpikeBlack just don't make it a cut and paste of calypso and you'll be fine :)
Kitten i killed 76 evicerators during this chat heheheh
DaisyColdFinger Lykke, are you gonna publish all official responses i take it? I missed quite a bit :D
GeorgeSkywalker Kittens on a rampage !
misao  :O nice multi task Kitten ^^
Kitten MEROW!!!! >^.^<
Lykke yes Daisy :) wewill later on
RAZER Daisy there is going to be a transcript of the chat, admin told me :)
GeorgeSkywalker time for me lunch ..cya all have fun
DaisyColdFinger kk cheers
Kitten ok 7:30 am maybe I shodul go back to bed for a bit hehehe
misao Cya George
Lykke I wish to thank everyone here for being a part of the chat too! Make it all awesome
Lykke Remember all, to have fun ^^
Lykke biabia
misao I go back to bed too 6:30am lol cya everyone
T79x bb
Kitten byebye all
Jamira Have fun folks. Thank you to the forum admistration to make such things possible!
RAZER cya was fun indeed
Jamira bye bye
Tass for further info on Cyrene please also check out the wiki: Planet Cyrene ;)