Broken/Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Adjusted

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Item adjusted omegaton fast aid pack 01.jpg
Item adjusted omegaton fast aid pack 02.jpg
Item adjusted omegaton fast aid pack 03.jpg
This enhanced first aid kit has been accredited to a certain Mr. Alphonzo Beluri of the Inventrue. The Inventrue is a smaller and more renowned organization of intelligent individuals that have deemed themselves open rivals to the more famous and elusive group of brilliant minds known as the 'Illuminox'. Labeled as mere 'Illuminox wannabes' the members of the Inventrue have a policy of never missing the fame and glory of every technological achievements, no matter how small the achievements may be.
Class: Tool Item adjusted omegaton fast aid pack 04.gif
Type: 230
Source: Looted
Max. TT: 230 PED
Min. TT: 6.90 PED
Condition limit: 3 %
Weight: 4 kg
Item points: 1
Max. use per minute: 26 None.gif
Max. heal interval:
Professional requirement: Paramedic
Level: 0.0
Professional requirement:
Decay a Use:
Skill Increase Bonus: No

Tier Increase Rate (TIR)[edit]

With this table we're trying to find out how many of an item are in game. With the Tier Increase Rates MA introduced a while back all items have a unique fingerprint and with those we can keep track to them.

Enter the 10 Tier Increase Rate numbers in the table below and the owner of the item if known.

No. Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8 Tier 9 Tier 10 Owner
#1‎ 97 88 152 82 86 119 129 68 141 146 -
#2‎ 102 67 86 68 118 76 110 45 87 84 -
#3‎ 133 84 111 139 120 75 55 63 49 83 -
Because there are many numbers of some items and that Limited items get TT-ed when they are damaged, I would suggest to only fill in the TIR's for Limited items and rare Unlimited items.