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An old research project called "Animal Series Project" resulted in a fine line of effective and well used armors. Based on semi alloyed plates the series are an efficient protection against both robots and common animals. The Bear Set is said to be the first piece in a long and successful production.

Item armor bear arms.jpg
Item armor bear harness.jpg
Item armor bear thigh.jpg
Item armor bear shin.jpg
Item armor bear foot.jpg
Weight:  ? kg
Durability: 2950
Stab: 15 HP
Cut: 15 HP
Impact: 17 HP
Penetration: 9 HP
Shrapnel: 0 HP
Burn: 15 HP
Cold: 14 HP
Acid: 3 HP
Electric: 0 HP
Close: 47 HP
Firearms: 24 HP
Total: 88 HP
Set TT: 502.0 PED
Source: Crafted