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Anmynor is a game developed by Theryon Wars developer Spaniard Blend.

The Anmynor Beta starts on 12 December 2011. There's currently a contest on in which you can win Anmynor Beta Codes: Anmynor Beta - Escaped Golems!

The Story[edit]
Anmynor - The Story.jpg

A long, long time ago, in a time so far that nobody is able to set in the History, magic emerged from the nature and its original existence was fully savage. This natural state was maintained until man interfered in the natural order of the things manipulating magic and experimenting with its powers. The alchemist masters, wise and hermit beings who hoard ancient secrets, were the unique holders of the power and the knowledge needed to treat and mould magic. They were the creators, through complex spells, of the runes, powerful and enigmatic stones that condense magic and powers, hiding who knows how many enigmas to be discovered.

Magic, the runes, the spells... that at the beginning were source of prosperity and wealth for mankind, soon became cause of quarrels amongst the clans, villages and civilizations changing the destiny of the world. The outbreak of a global war devastated the earth and decimated mankind brutally, but it didn´t satisfy the yearning for revenge of the conflicting villages, that found in magic, once again, the way to continue the fights.

Once again, man used magic for his own benefit and created the golems, magic beings built with runes, with incalculable and splendid powers that were controlled by the mind of their masters. From this moment they fought instead of man. In order to mitigate the extermination of the human race these battles would take place in magic parallel worlds created for the war, the arenas.

Nowadays, the confrontations continue; the territorial and dominations aims are far in the memory. The golems fight to life or death under the orders of their masters in order to satisfy their greed.

The Runes[edit]
The Runes
"... the citadel tower dome blew apart and the sky was tinged with color. That day, the ancient alchemists discovered magic flowed freely in nature ... perhaps too freely."

- Recovered Writings from The Old Alchemical Compendium

Everything around us is made of matter and all matter is made of elements: earth, fire, water, and air. The ancient alchemists found a way to condense the elements into runes and harness their power. There is another element in our world. It resides in everything that is hidden. The element of Darkness. Without it, everything is unbalanced.

"... never try to combine two opposing runes without protection, the results can be devastating."

- Basic Principles of Alchemy. The New Compendium of Alchemy

Each rune has opposing elements and allied elements. Understanding this interaction is crucial for any combat strategy as this will provide an advantage or disadvantage on your enemies.

Runes Circle

"Keep a clear head. Concentrate on your goal. Only then will you understand the nature of your creation."

- Address to the Initiates. Master Alchemist Khalan

As an aspiring Master Alchemist you can equip your golem with multiple runes creating new combinations and thus new elements. The elements of ice, smoke, steam, mud, plasma, lava, sand, are just some examples. But be careful what you choose. Your runes are very valuable and misuse can lead to disaster.

"Obtaining runes is not a simple process. The alchemy used to synthesize the magic is complex and the material used for manufacturing is expensive."

- Basic Principles of Alchemy. The New Compendium of Alchemy

Rune Combinations

Finding all possible combinations of Golems, mixing four parts with different types of runes, gives more than 62,500 possible combinations to the Alchemists.

The Golems[edit]
The Basic Element Golems

"... many souls were lost. Life had no meaning."

- Chronicle of the Last Great War

After the Last Great War, the master alchemists learned to assign magical properties to objects. While developing these techniques, they discovered that not all materials respond the equally to magic. The crystals surrounding the Elemental Springs were found to be particularly receptive to it. The crystalline mineral was harvested in large quantities from deposits close to sources of elemental magic. Experiments found it to have incredible qualities: exceptional hardness yet easily manipulated, strangely buoyant and responsive to load, adapting itself to the needs of the artificers (bearing a light sword or a heavy war hammer with equal ease), and finally, a special symbiosis with elemental magic.

Ultimately this led to the creation a humanoid capable fighting on the battlefield. Feeling no cold, no hunger and no pain. Fearless and implacable. The master alchemists created the golems to avoid further useless bloodshed. Since that time, all disputes would be resolved in the battle arenas using golems the only weapon.

The Crystal Golem[edit]

Composed by the crystalline mineral that surfaces in the proximities of Elemental Springs, the Crystal Golem is the primary container of pure magic, still without links to any of the Elements. Although it is no specially resistant to any kind of magic, its general resistance and its versatility allows it facing any other Golem. It is necessary to have Crystal Golems in which to apply runes in order to get new and different Golems, becoming this way the essential raw material for the Alquemists to start their adventures.


  • Flash
  • Swipe
  • Vitality
  • Crystal Spikes

The Earth Golem[edit]

With a legendary resistance and a force able to decide a battle, the Earth Golem rises itself like an impassable bastion. Sharp like silex and hard like a rock, this Golem has strength to crush an enemy with the power of its arms and it is able to shake the Earth around itself with devastating effects, at the same time that its rocky structure supports waves of attacks without turning a hair.


  • Earthquake
  • Flint Knock
  • Petrous Helmet
  • Rocky Aura

The Water Golem[edit]

The liquid contained in complex mechanic systems, result of the mastery of the Alquemists gives the Water Golem support abilities vital for the survival of its allies, being one of the most desired Golems for changing the course of the combats. Capable of drowning its enemies and giving its allies a fluidity improper of its size, it's healing abilities, result of the vital flow that nourish its entrails, are the ones that determine the main function of this formidable Golem.


  • Gliding
  • Hydric Healing
  • Life Stream
  • Aquactic Bursting

The Fire Golem[edit]

The flame of life finds it's highest meaning when the Fire Element takes possession of a Golem. However, the nullifying of any surrounding life becomes the premise of the Fire Golem, which only presence can sear any near enemy by the effect of its burning pieces... effects that mean nothing when all his fury unbinds focusing the power of his flames over its victims. Few Golems can survive in Anmynor without carrying scorches provoked by the Fire Golem.


  • Ember
  • Scorching Halo
  • Igneous Rain
  • Blaze

The Air Golem[edit]

The apparent fragility of the Air Golem vanishes almost so fast as the speed of its knocks when the Golem takes action. The Air Golem can deflect attacks or push its enemies with a severity that seems improper of a so ethereal element. Forming storms and drafts, this Golems can change the course of a combat with the speed of wind, handling its enemies like a toy and giving important advantages in the field of battle to its allies.


  • Hurricane
  • Lightness
  • Typhoon
  • Whirlwind

The Darkness Golem[edit]

Imbued with an Element created by the lack of life and light, darkness, death and chaos are the dominions where the Darkness Golem obtains its power. Energies more ancient that man, give this Golem incredible abilities beyond logic, specialized in confusing and diminishing the abilities of its enemies. It is difficult to appreciate the thread that the Darkness Golem is... until it is too late.


  • Dark Impact
  • Dark Seal
  • Doppelgänger
  • Shadow Step

The Arenas[edit]

Water Arena[edit]

The Water Arena is a dark world devastated by brutally crashing water. This gloomy place is surrounded by a rough sea lashed by an incessant storm. A place where dangerous cliffs are progressively gaining ground on the sea’s violent action, which will make the battles a constant challenge for Anmynor players.

Air Arena[edit]

The Air Arena is a gloomy, gray space, a land where tornados and hurricanes comprise part of the combat as true allies of danger. This Arena is characterized by equally dangerous roads due to the unstable magic, which gives rise to swaying movements on ancient ruins that will keep floating in the air, constantly interfering with the battles.

Fire Arena[edit]

The Fire Arena is governed by the terrifying magma power, a dead space with constant eruptions of lava and toxic gases darkening every inch of this territory in red and black. In this hostile land, the most fearsome battles among Golems will take place, where each one of them will have to overcome the burning terror emerged from the earth. Only the ruins of ancient temples will recall what once stood in this frightening place.

Earth Arena[edit]

The Earth Arena spreads over vast natural terrain in which the stifling son and the shortage of water play leading roles. An arid land where the land formations rise shaping steep areas hard to negotiate, combined with others where the trees are not mere decorations but become an important tactical factor in combat. In turn, different structures will dot the terrain tactically interfering in the Anmynor battles.

Darkness Arena[edit]

The Darkness Arena is located in an empty, indefinite world of no specific location. A place where the world will revolve around a well which long ago engulfed everything that was standing there. A dark, gloomy land whose shapes obey no logic and where the terrain rises irregularly with artificial structures and heights believable solely in this cursed world.


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