Advanced Cloth Extractor

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This texture extractor is used in combination with a raw material to produce a material texture.


Type Stackable Source
Extractor Yes Looted


Blueprint Amount TT Cost
Fine Frote Fabric Texture Blueprint 1 0.01
Terrycloth Fabric Texture Blueprint 1 0.01
Tight Knitted Wool Fabric Texture Blueprint 1 0.01

Looted from[edit]

MOB Frequency Last VU
Ambulimax Common 10.1.1
Argonaut Uncommon 10.0.14
Berycled Uncommon 10.3
Combibo Unknown 10.3
Cornoanterion Common 9.4.1
Droka Unknown 10.0.14
Drone Uncommon 10.3
Letomie Rare 9.4.3
Mourner Unknown 9.4.3
Mulaak'f Uncommon 10.2.2
Mulmun Rare 10.2.2
Muluk-Hir Uncommon 10.1.2
Umbranoid Unkown 9.3.5
Warrior Unknown 10.0