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New Oxford Added, GSI -> ESI, several bugfixes and (small) additions
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Music Streaming

Audio streaming is now provided by the owner of the Asteroid, allowing the latest sounds to be brought direct from Earth to Club Neverdie and its surrounds. The audio streaming may be enabled or disabled from the Client Loader Options and is provided at the sole discretion of the Asteroid owner.

Ad Options

An Ad option is now included in the Client Loader Options allowing participants to choose whether or not they wish to enable Entropia Universe advertisements. By enabling the ad system, participants will be granted access to larger loots.

Gold & ATM Cards

The Entropia Universe Gold Card and Entropia Universe ATM Withdrawal Card are now available and may be ordered from your local Trade Terminal. For more information, please see the news section of the Entropia Universe website.

Adjusted increase of 'Attacks per minute' for new weapons, mindforce and mining tools. Once the minimum skill requirement for the above mentioned equipment has been met, the 'Attacks per minute' value will increase until the maximum 'Attacks per minute' value is reached. The rate of increase is related to the user's skill in operating the equipment. Furthermore, the start value for 'Hit ability' has been raised from 0.0 to 3.0, for users that have reached the minimum skill level requirement. The subsequent increase curve has been adjusted to accommodate this change. You can also now see your 'Damage' and 'Aim' skill progress status for a weapon in the Item Info interface.


A new ‘Highest Single Loot’ rule has been added to the event system. The event participant that scores the Highest Single Loot during an event will be the winner.

Private Chat

The contrast between the text and background colors of the Private Chat interface has been increased to enable easier reading.

Cannon Towers

Cannon towers have been placed close to all land area revival terminals to allow colonists a chance to recover in safety. The teleporter in Treasure Island North has also received cannon tower defense.

The Auction Residue can now be bought and sold in the Auction from the Materials category.

More Items, Sound and Vision

Several new items have been added to the Entropia Universe, which may turn out to be quite valuable in CalypsoÂ’s future. New music and film composed here at MindArk have also been included.


  • Teleporting is now a more streamlined experience again.
  • All blueprints are now included within the blueprint category in the Auction.
  • Tamed animals no longer go wild in the presence of decoys and the event system has been enhanced to more closely adhere to the set rules.

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