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Shop estates, Tool attachments, Hades market, BP update
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Shop estates are now available. The Amethera cities and Club NEVERDIE now have dedicated shopping areas. The owner of a shop can sell items by setting a price for an item and then placing it on the wall, floor, in the display window, etc. Anyone wishing to buy an item need just click on the item and proceed through the buying process. The shops come with a display window which can be dressed as desired.

When an item is sold, a fee is also paid to the landowner (not to be confused with the shop owner) upon whose land the shop is located. The current fee is 3% on Club NEVERDIE and 2% on Amethera. In later VUs the fee will be dynamically set by the landowner.

A shop owner may set ‘public’ or ‘private’ access for the shop. If a shop owner elects to have his/her shop ‘private’, only people on the shop owner's guest list may purchase items from the shop.

All shops have monthly fees maintenance per month, based upon their size and location.

Item points

Estates now use an ‘Item Points’ system instead of the ‘Number of items’ which was previously displayed. This relates to the number of items you are allowed to place at a particular location in your estate. At the moment, all items use 1 Item point each, with the exception of mannequins and shopkeepers, which use 6 points each. This may result in a situation where you have already used up the maximum item points allowed for a particular location. In such case you will need to reduce the amount of items (thereby reducing the item points) in order to again be within the maximum item point limit for that location.

Market places

All market places (like those in Hadesheim) have been upgraded to "shop" status. This means you can now display items in the area. However, as before, market places do not have any maintenance fees associated with them.

Tool amplifiers

The manufacturing process has been enhanced, with the introduction of Detectonator Amplifiers. These amplifiers may be attached to the Ore or Energy Matter Detectonators, allowing for advanced prospecting. When they become available in the auction, they will be found under Tools -> Mining category.

PvP combat update

The hit probabilities for PvP combat have been updated, allowing for more accuracy and acceptance of Internet latency. This generally results in more hits in comparison to before the update. This will not affect the basic hit system involving attacker and defender skill levels.

Exit now!

When logging out of Project Entropia you may now exit immediately instead of waiting the 20 seconds stipulated by the timer. However, your Avatar will REMAIN online and can be harmed or interacted with for the full duration of the 20 seconds.

Skill progress on Blueprints

Some new blueprints now show skill progression.

New actions in the Action Book

Several new actions have been added to the Action book for quick and easy usage, including new shop activity actions.

Location face-lifts

Several locations have received visual make-overs in compliance with Imperial regulations. Fort Ithaca, for example, has been upgraded to ‘town’ and Fort Argus has been expanded. Other locations have been polished up as well.

New items

Dozens of new items have been added to Project Entropia in a number of various categories.

Lost CND Creatures home again

The empty dome at Club NEVERDIE finally have its residents.

New blueprints

Some 50 new blueprints have been added.

Avatar name

The system now remembers the chosen avatar name to display after log-off.

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