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Release Date::2005/12/19
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Asteroid Space Resort
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Asteroid Space Resort

The first phase of the Asteroid Space Resort, called "Club NEVERDIE" is up. The features active in this phase are the Biodomes, Apartments, public facilities, and the main complex. Next phase will see the Nightclub, advertising system, and other areas.

New music added

A massive load of new music added to Project Entropia, including the Club NEVERDIE theme song!

Christmas is all around

The Project Entropia participants receive gifts, based on their level of commitment to the Project Entropia development.

Storage boxes

Several types of storage boxes have been added to Project Entropia, both as loot and as manufactured items.

More data in Items Info

More info shown, for instance the weapons now present their respective category.

Auction updates

Several categories in the auction have been split into more detailed counterparts, for instance gender based for armor and more sections for mining tools, to allow for clearer browsing.

Also, a transport cost is added for long range auction transfers of items. Sometimes it may be cheaper to physically go to the zone the inital auction was started in.

New minerals and enmatters

Geologists have found several new kinds of minerals and enmatters on the Asteroid.

More info and feedback

Various help sections has been enhanced and more feedback is given, for instance when a disciple kicks a mentor.

New creatures

Imperial survey teams have reported on new creature sightings.

Stabling updates

Several updates done to enhance the pet stabling process.

More scenery

More visual objects and scenery have been added to Project Entropia.

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