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General Information

The Version Update 7.1 (“VU 7.1”) for Project Entropia information is located in this document.


Mindforce updates

A new area of Mindforce has been added to Project Entropia – Resurrection.

The public Federal authority has supplied Calypso with a limited amount of portable resurrection technology in the form of Mindforce power chips. The chips are built using non-replicable robot technology reverse-engineered from robot wreck findings. The shipment of the new weapon against the robot menace was however intercepted in space by automated Devastator class strike robot ships before the security grid on the Exodus Space Station had time to kick in. The Federal Military Cargo carrier crash-landed somewhere on the Amethera continent, and when the dispatched search and rescue force arrived, the site was already scrounged for every piece of equipment there. An initial analysis show traces of robots at the crash site, suggesting that the machines reclaimed the weapon the humans were to use against them.

This setback has initiated several courses of action. First, the chips need to be recovered, before the robots destroy or use them for their evil purposes. Second, more robot parts are needed to supply human researchers with basic materials to create more chips using this cutting edge technology. Third, the Federal Government has acknowledged the need for on-site located support, and talks about establishing a permanent research base on Calypso have been initiated.

Revival changes

When you die you use old and proven revival technology to rebuild your body around your soul essence. The revival technology is reliable with a near 100% success rate, however, it consumes vast amounts of energy and the machines are impossible to miniaturize efficiently. The revival terminals supplied by the Federal Empire are public and free to use.

The instant you die, you will be given two options. Either you are teleported to a nearby revival terminal and get revived automatically. Or you stay in place. If you stay, you can wait until a Mindforcer Biotropian with resurrection capabilities are nearby. Or you can use a Personal Revival Terminal, if a friend drops one near your death location for you to operate.

Ghosts and ghost talk

The ghost as it appeared before this release is removed. A dead avatar may chat, but only those proficient in communicating with the dead will be able to make any sense out of the voice of the afterlife.

Chat system

The Project Entropia chat system is overhauled and updated. Now you will have chat access from the instant you login. This has eliminated many of the annoyances with missing chat messages, team chat issues, etc.

Friend confirmation

In order to reduce abuse and protect the integrity within the virtual universe, an avatar may now only add another avatar as friend if the target avatar confirms the action.

Amethera enhancements

The Federal Empire has begun supplying Amethera with basic facilities, after the situation is deemed “secure enough”, now after the wave of colonizers have re-taken a large area of the continent.

Personalized nicknames used globally

A participant may change an entry on his or her Friends list, to a name of choice. That name will be used in every communication with the said person – in PM’s, main chat, etc, for increased coherency.

PED Card update

The PED Card is now allowing for removal of PEC’s without the need of having the same amount of PED’s stored.

Auction updates

The auction now accepts a number of new items, including higher-level armor blueprints.

Professional standings

Sometimes the avatar’s professional standing got messed up. The correct rank should now always be shown.

Auto-logoff system implemented

In order to counter meaningless idling on the servers, an avatar is logged off after ten minutes of inactivity.

HoF message fix

Sometimes a Hall of Fame chat message didn’t show, this is corrected.

Better client/server creature health synch

The health bar on creatures will now update more accurately.

Manufacturing fix

Fixed an issue that could hang the client while manufacturing.

Client crash fix

A client crash issue corrected. Those participating in Project Entropia with their sound turned off should try to turn it on again, to see if they still have crash issues.

Streamlined animation

Several animations have been updated to give a more polished look.


  • Shopkeepers can become corrupted when they reach low condition. An update for this is on its way.
  • All tailored clothes shown as “Uncolored” in the auction, even if they are colored.
  • You can’t repair an item with attachments attached to it. You have to detach them prior to repairing.

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