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Amethera continent, Landgrabs
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The Amethera continent is live!

The all new continent of Amethera is released! The planet Calypso’s second continent is available for exploration. The land contains never before seen creatures, threats, plants, and trees. The area of the continent is roughly three times size of the old Eudoria continent. This addition brings another great location to the Project Entropia experience, together with the Crystal Palace Space Station released earlier this year.

The first real virtual land grab!

The first real virtual land grab event will commence on the new Amethera continent! Those avatars meeting the skill requirements or who have an estate will be able to travel to Amethera and take part of the land grab. The land grab means that a society will battle for the control of a land area, on which they can set taxation on and later improve to make it better.

The preliminary rules and regulations of the land grab is available here.

Dynamic lights

A system for dynamic lighting implemented at indoor areas. Various light sources, like lamps or energy weapons, will now emit light. This creates a much more immersive experience.

Teaching system

A system for transferring skill levels between avatars is introduced. The system works with skill implants which functions as skill holders. The system dynamically handles how the advanced skill system in Project Entropia works, and shows the results when checking out an active skill implant.

Creature AI

The AI for the Project Entropia creatures is completely rewritten, allowing for more elaborate behaviors. In this VU we focus on the basic activities, while slowly evolving the creatures with group behavior and the like.

Speed change and synch enhancement

The general speed of movement is somewhat lowered, together with an improved synchronization. This is to allow for a more smooth experience and making the synch between client and server better. It reduces the bandwidth use, suggesting a better feel while partaking. Of course many of the creatures also have their movement rate reduced as well. Damage is lowered on some critters. Melee weapons will work better. The general experience in PvP fights is enhanced. This also creates a good foundation for the future vehicle system.


A new attachment for the color tool is available, allowing for the removal of colors from colored clothes. Note that it only works on clothes colored after the application of VU 6.1.

Mannequins and shopkeepers

Shopkeepers, and the new mannequins, can now be dressed and equipped. Just drag the items or clothes you wish to add to the mannequin or shopkeeper. To remove items or clothes, just drag it from them. All shopkeepers (old as well as new) and mannequins only have their undies from.

Increase of characters on lots

Depending on the size of a lot, you may now place more than one shopkeeper or mannequin to an outdoor lot.

Loot and creatures

The loot on creatures is rebalanced. The general loot balance is increased, meaning the loot will be somewhat higher after the VU. It is common that creature doesn’t carry any loot after this update. However, when loot is found the value is often a lot higher and will include items more often than before.

Creatures removed when looting

When a creature is looted, it disappears almost instantly.

New creatures

A dozen or so new creatures have been added to Project Entropia. These will be found mainly on the Amethera continent, and they pack a mean punch. Reports of a behemoth monster has been circulating as well…

Creature rebalanced

A lot of the creatures are somewhat changed, in regards to speed, damage done, behavior, etc. Some are fiercer, while some are whimpier.

Increased stack sizes

The max number of items per item stack is increased, most notable when concerning ammo packs and PED stacks – a single ammo stack now contains a maximum of 1,000,000 shots, while a PED stack contains 10,000 PEDs. Stacks containing more than 999 units will now show the abbreviation “k” and “M” for “kilo” (a thousand), and “Mega” (a million), in the stack icon.

Ammo in Trade Terminal

Updated the max ammo stack size in the Trade Terminal to 10,000 shots per unit.

Chat activated emotes

You can now activate a number of emote gestures and action from the main chat. You activate an emote by typing “/em emotename”, where emotename can be “giggle” or “movealong”. Dances and postures are not activated this way yet.

More furniture

New pieces of furniture added, among the lot is fireplaces and candles suitable for romantic encounters.

New market places

Added more market places to Hadesheim and the Crystal Palace Space Station.

Space flight and hangar updates

Numerous issues with the hangars, space flight and ownership transfers fixed.

Sweating modified

A single creature now has a definite number of vibrant sweat available.

New weapons

New weapons added.

New armor sets

Armor sets added.

New melee weapon

The whip is added to the range of melee weapons. Some claim it can be used for something else…?

Updates to the Society function

An applicant can now see a list of the current Socs s/he has applied to. You can see land areas owned by a society. Society members get shares in the society when the society takes ownership of a land area. A member that is dismissed from a Soc in which s/he has shares is listed as “suspended”, and will still receive income for as long as s/he doesn’t join a new Soc. No other activities are accessible to the suspended member though. A Soc with shareholders cannot be disbanded. The society log system is updated on several counts, mostly associated with land area management. Society members are now shown on the radar.

New minerals added

Some oldies and some new ones added to Amethera.

Blood spatters removed

The blood spatters when hitting creatures is removed. This should enhance client performance. Also, in some countries, the visualization of blood is forbidden. In the future more options will be available on this matter.

New payment options added

You can now transfer money into Project Entropia using pre-paid PED certificates or using direct bank transfers. Info is available in the client, under “Transfer”. The Project Entropia Transaction Center is updated with new functions.

Misc Fixes

At rare instances, the damage received when being in a yellow sulphur lake would stay on the avatar, regardless of action – even after revival. This should not happen anymore. An issue making a female avatar in sexy pose that chatted looking “bent” is now fixed. If you chose to lie down while jumping, things could get strange. This is fixed.

Spelling errors

Several spelling errors fixed. If you find more, please file a support case about it.

Known issues

NOTE! If you are selling or buying an estate, make sure no activated and deployed shopkeepers and/or mannequins are present. They must be traded separately in a trade between the avatars. Else they may stop work.

  • The PED Card have issues when removing PECs.
  • You cannot refine any of the new minerals.
  • Some creatures will have speed and damage rebalanced.
  • All tailored clothes shown as “Uncolored” in the auction, even if they are colored.
  • Currently, the virtual companies on the Exchange do not offer any stock. If you have stock certificates from the time they were available, and want to discuss the matter, please contact the Project Entropia support.
  • You can’t repair an item with attachments attached to it. You have to detach them prior to repairing.

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