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Housing system, space travel
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General Information The Version Update 5.3 (“VU 5.3”) for Project Entropia is a major step in the development of Project Entropia. Information about the content of the version update is located in this document.


Housing system

The first version of the PE housing system is in place! Several small communities have been set up for future buildings. You can acquire your own house by bidding on the corresponding lot deeds in the auction. The lot deed’s item info (right-clicking on the deed) shows the location of the lot and house. You may also store items safely in your house. In the next VU’s the system will be enhanced and will allow an almost complete customizability. The supply of houses on Calypso will be quite limited, and we will not litter the countryside with houses.

Space travel

The initial steps has been taken in the quest of personalized space travel.

Interactive content

In PE there you can now find the first of a series of puzzles, or “quests”, requiring in-universe manipulation of items and scenery. Search and find out!


The map is updated with the new house communities, as yellow dots. If you hover the mouse pointer over one of these, you get a tooltip displaying the name of the location.


Mindforce is introduced! The first version is in, allowing for the use of extra sensory powers. You need a Mindforce implant to use the Power chips found here and there. To activate a Power, you need to have it in your fast key interface and use the corresponding F1-F12 key. One Mindforce can be used without any equipment though, and that is the Sweat gathering skill. If you have nothing equipped in your hands, you may use this power. The requirement is that you are close to the creature you want to extract its fluids from.

New EnMatter

A new Energy Matter is available, which is one of the two parts of making the Mind Essence energy needed for using Mindforce Powers. You combine this EnMatter with the other part in an EnMatter refiner to make the Mind Essence.

Crafting Equipment

Some of the “Equipment” crafting (Mechanical, Metal, Electronics) material have been updated to be used at various places on Calypso.


New skills have been added in the Mindforce section of the Avatar Information Interface.

Fast key

The performance of the fast key system is enhanced.

Friends chat

If you receive a message from a person not on your Friends list, you now get the info that the person isn’t on your list, as well as you see who it is.

Server load indicator

The Server load indicator is upgraded to more actively show the system load. An indicator in the reds may indicate that the system might be heavily loaded, and can affect the experience. However, this is not an exact indicator.

Avatar weight calculation

An error in the avatar weight calculation when logging on has been fixed.


An issue concerning decoys and logging off has been corrected.

Teleport stacking

Sometimes when several avatars teleported to the same place at the same time, they got stacked on top of each other. This has been fixed.


Several minor glitches with containers have been fixed.

Lag/stability fixes

Several server and client updates have been applied to reduce lag and performance slowdowns. The system login process is enhanced, as well as how a participant performs – an avatar performing a lot of activities may experience “lag” him-/herself, but other participants do not get as affected as prior to VU 5.3.

Nude avatar

By manipulating the inventory interface, you could make your avatar nude. This has been fixed.

Spelling errors

Spelling errors have been fixed.


  • You can’t repair a weapon with attachments attached to it. You have to detach them prior to repairing.
  • Currently, the virtual companies on the Exchange doesn’t offer any shares.
  • Sometimes attachments may detach from a weapon when logging on.
  • The Team chat is not always initiated when the Team Leader invites the first member.
  • Some kind of items cannot be placed in a house.
  • Hall of Fame does not display time correctly in the 24 hours section.

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