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All values as of the specified date.


Date: 2012/06/04

Revenue (PED): 1046.01

Number Of Deeds: 213

Markup: 1248.28571


Revenue Per Deed (PED): 4.9108450704225 (automatically calculated)

ROI %, base 1000 PED: 25.623561866197 (automatically calculated)

ROI %, base 1000 PED, rounded: 25.62 (automatically calculated)

ROI %, base markup, rounded: 20.53 (automatically calculated)

Calypso Total Gross Revenue (PED): 1178602.8169014 (automatically calculated)

Currency effects[edit]

USD-EUR exchange rate (1 USD = x EUR): 0.8041

Revenue Per Deed (USD): 0.49108450704225 (automatically calculated)

Revenue Per Deed (EUR): 0.39488105211268 (automatically calculated)


More info: Calypso Land Deeds