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Entropia Universe 11.1.3 Release Notes

09 Jun 2010


General Visual and UI

  • Estate UI has received a graphics upgrade.
  • Centered ammo icon in the Dashboard UI.
  • Fixed issue with other avatars, that has not yet been rendered, that appears to shot in a direction other than the real one.

Mindforce Visual and UI

  • Updated Synthetic and Light Mind Essence icons.
  • Enhanced visual effects when inserting chips with the implant inserter.
  • Disabled flickering light when switching Mindforce chips.
  • Disabled light effect when having wormhole chip equipped but not activated.
  • A wormhole is now opened after the yellow ball effect.
  • The rings in the effect visualizing the wormhole now looks the same on both sides (origin and destination).
  • Improved animation when using resurrect chip.
  • Improved correlation of chip effect and avatar movement when using a strike chip.
  • In the auction, moved some misplaced Mindforce skill implants, to the Mindforce category.
  • Added message "Awaiting response", due to that the Friend UI is blocked, when waiting for friend to respond to the wormhole request.
  • The digit in the tool tip showing Mindforce synchronization is expanded to show 2 decimals.


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