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Release Date::2009/11/20
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Mini update, bug fixes
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After a slight delay due to the heavy traffic to Crystal Palace, the auctioneers have arrived and auction service at Crystal Palace can resume. In addition, Dome 4 is now completed and opened to the public.

The tech crew assigned to service the Oyster Island teleporter reports that it is now back online and that it indeed was not offline because of Wastelander sabotage. There is no cause for alarm.


Terrain and Location Issues

  • Tower on Crystal Palace have got a paint job
  • Aligned claim maker at Outback Land Area 33 to ground
  • Aligned turrets at Outback Land Areas 3, 4, 11 and 49 to ground
  • Aligned revive terminal at Outback Land Area 4 to ground
  • Oyster Island TP is again accessible
  • Auctioneers arrived at Crystal Palace
  • Installed gun turrets with shorter range on Crystal Palace
  • Dome 4 is no longer inaccessible

Effect Issues

  • Fixed faulty effects on teleporters
  • Fixed a lot of missing sounds
  • Fixed missing effects on VSE Mk 1

Texture Issues

  • Fixed missing textures on broadcaster
  • Fixed missing textures on small teleporters
  • The items bought at the technician no longer have the faulty grey texture

Creature Issues

  • Igni should now spawn correct
  • Kingfishers are no longer invisible

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