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Imperial Zoological Scouts have noticed further evolution of the fauna of Calypso: several of the creatures have developed new noises. Scientists believe that this may be from selective pressure from colonist hunting activities. As creatures producing ordinary noises attracted more attention from hunters, individuals producing dissimilar noises gained evolutionary advantage, and now dominate the population.

The Billgren Deer mall has been rebuilt but is not yet open to the public. A formal re-opening ceremony will be held in the near future; time and date for this will be announced.

Finally, Crystal Palace Space Station is back. Having served as a refugee camp for the thousands of colonists evacuated in the World-Fire, Crystal Palace have been extensively refurbished, and almost three months on the day after the Resettlement began, the space station is again open to the public! Please note that auctioneers have not yet arrived to Crystal Palace, so the auction service is not available there.

Transport to and from the space station will be serviced by the temporary interplanetary teleporter service. A one way ticket is 25 PED. NOTE: this is a temporary solution.

There is an unknown fault in the Oyster Island teleporter, making it impossible to teleport there. Technicians are on route to fix the problem. The problem is not caused by sabotage from Wastelanders. Please remain calm.


  • New client download system allowing for download using either the regular download from server or using Bittorrent DNA. EULA for Bittorrent DNA is available here: http://www.bittorrent.com/legal/bittorrent-dna-eula
  • Major performance and structure upgrades to prepare EU for new planets
  • Content is no longer distributed as a lot of small files, but as a small number of .pak files
  • The majority of the content files are now encrypted to increase security; unfortunately, this upgrade requires a re-download of the affected content
  • Total disk file size considerably reduced, allowing future patches to download faster


  • Improved performance at several locations
  • Fixed issue where some estate terminals caused internal error
  • Fixed collision on several plants
  • Fixed collision on transparent walls in Minopolis
  • Fixed several terrain issues
  • Fixed bad fits between corridor and balcony in Genesis G apartment
  • Fixed insufficient lighting in bank building
  • Fixed several items being misaligned to the ground
  • Landed Miwak teleporter and trade center


  • Faulty effects on some teleporters
  • At technician, items have faulty grey texture
  • One claim marker at Outback Land Area 33, and one turret at Outback Land Area 49 are hovering
  • Several sounds and special effects are missing
  • Missing some textures on the towers and some objects at Crystal Palace
  • Logging out at Crystal Palace may place the avatar on top of the roof when logging back in
  • Some objects misaligned to the terrain

A patch for VU10.3 is being finalized, which will address the Known Issues, above.

The patch will be released in a few days time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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