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Release Date::2001/10/18
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New graphics
Updated Entity
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Official Release Notes[edit]

No official release notes available.

Further Information[edit]

Unfortunately the version number of this VU is not known. Therefore it's called 0.releasedate.

(There was VU 1.0, VU 1.5 and VU 1.6. More info soon, I hope)

"On October 18, we released a major patch with many feature additions and improvements. That was actually just the day before the last Development Report, so we had very little feedback yet. The most visible change was the implementation of many new graphics that take advantage of the capabilities of the NetImmerse 4 engine. Happily, we have had terrific response from our beta testers and also from people who have seen recent screenshots. Even more important, we are enormously pleased about the positive reactions to elements such as new NPCs and monsters plus improved AI as well as the upgraded user interfaces for both trade and trade terminals."

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