"Project Entropia" Transforms Into "Entropia Universe": The Ultimate Virtual Community

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"Project Entropia" Transforms Into "Entropia Universe": The Ultimate Virtual Community

Built-In Real Cash Economy Allows Players to Earn Money/Build Equity in Virtual Properties, Setting It Apart From All Other Massive-Multiplayer Games

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 11, 2006 -- Project Entropia, the fastest growing virtual universe utilizing a real cash economy, today announced the next phase in its evolution to become the ultimate virtual community, "Entropia Universe" (www.entropiauniverse.com.) The new name embodies the concept of Entropia Universe as more than just another MMORPG, but rather a complete virtual world with the unique identifier of allowing players to utilize a RCE (Real Cash Economy). The built-in RCE links the internal Entropia Universe economy to that of a real world through a fixed exchange rate of $1 USD for 10 PED (project entropia dollars).

By utilizing a real cash economy, Entropia Universe eliminates subscription fees that players usually have to pay in order to become a part of a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Within Entropia Universe, players have the opportunity to invest their own currency into the game in order to purchase and sell virtual land and equipment, further boosting their persona (avatar) within the game. In return, players have the option of transferring their Entropia Universe dollars back into real life currency, often times producing a profit through various investments. The world allows players to become part of a community while promoting acquisitions and investments. Because real cash is involved, players have a more vested interest in the success of the universe, as well as the successes of their entities.

As witnessed in last year's sale of a virtual Treasure Island for a record-breaking 26,500 US Dollars, 22-year old Australian David Storey, a.k.a. "Deathifier" demonstrated the ability to not only own property, but to tailor it to his specific likings and to generate meaningful revenue. The recent $100,000 USD sale of the virtual Space Resort "Club Neverdie" to famed gamer Jon 'Neverdie' Jacobs also set a new record for the most valuable virtual item in gaming history.

In 2005, Entropia Universe's PED/USD cash turnover from buying/selling transactions by members reached $165 million with hopes to overpass the figure by climbing to $300 million in 2006.

"After several years of existence, Project Entropia is ready to take the evolutionary step in becoming Entropia Universe," MindArk's Director of Community Relations Marco Behrmann raves. "MindArk, developer of Entropia Universe, along with the vibrant community that has dedicated time and energy to the game, have together created a virtual universe that is now ready to stand apart from other MMORPG's. In 2006, we will see more added features that close the gap between real and virtual, from entertainment to e-commerce."

The virtual world recently updated to its current version of 8.2.2. The system allows players to market and promote on a global scale within the virtual universe and also provides enhancements to the recently developed in-game advertising and event-hosting platform. Entropia Universe is collectively leading the next generation of online entertainment, with numerous enhancements and improvements on a day-to-day basis. This new wave of interactive entertainment allows participants to relate in a world of three-dimensional virtual environments.

The heart of Entropia Universe lies in a distant planet named Calypso, which includes two continents with large expanding cities that offer a variety of entertainment and social interaction for the citizens. Members of Entropia can create their own persona (avatar), via a character generation system, allowing them to choose a suitable life and virtual existence. Characters enter the evolving world full of unexplored and uncultivated lands where they can join a community or even create a civilization of their own. Entropia Universe offers a new way for individuals to pursue dreams and fantasies through an adventurous virtual experience.

About Entropia Universe and MindArk

Entropia Universe is a registered trademark of MindArk PE AB. MindArk supports and monitors the services and maintenance of the Entropia Universe site. MindArk began in April of 2003 in Sweden, and has expanded to have partners throughout the world. Entropia Universe was launched in 2003 and has reached over 400,000 registered accounts. MindArk offers the Entropia Universe software to users free of charge with no monthly costs or associated subscription fees. For more information or to download the free Entropia Universe software please visit www.entropiauniverse.com.

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