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Moblist thumb Snablesnot Male.png
Name Snablesnot Male     Combat Close
Origin Planet Calypso     Attacks 20
Destination(s) Calypso     Range
Class Animal     Aggression Medium
Movement Running     Tamable No
Sweatable Yes     Version Update

The Snablesnot male is a bipedal creature with characteristically long and muscular trunks extending from its round body. The Snablesnot is referred to as a relatively harmless predator that feeds on insects. It uses its trunks for many things: to keep its balance, as grip organs to catch prey, mouths (to ingest prey), and to breath through. It attracts large flying insects with its own body stench, and then shoots them down with a load of sticky and corrosive green slime from its trunks, thereby immobilizing them and turning them into easy pre-digested pickings on the ground. The rest of its body has evolved very differently in comparison to the much larger Snablesnot Female, and as such show a much larger degree of Sexual dimorphism than is commonly seen on Eudoria. If attacked, or feeling threatened, it will, in common with the female of the species, "blow it's noses" at the perceived threat, showering the foe with corrosive green digestive juices (snot).



Snablesnot Male Standard

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Calypso map empty.jpgTemplate:Static map spawns/CalypsoNo Snablesnot Male mission locations documented yet!
Closest TPRevivalHunting
Planet Calypso(83942, 77616, 156)22GenericOutpost 83874x78163No PVP

Land Area Zone Quantity Maturity Old
Club NEVERDIE Biodome 02 0/10 0/10
Club NEVERDIE Biodome 02 0/10 0/10
Club NEVERDIE Biodome 03 0/10 0/10
Club NEVERDIE Biodome 05 0/10 1/10
Outpost SW of Fort Argus (74568,92018) - 7/10 7/10

Creature Control[edit]

Creature Control documentation methods are not done yet!


* the average number of kills this item usually needs to drop at least once

Item Frequency Last VU
Advanced Leather Extractor Common 9.4.4
Advanced Wood Extractor Uncommon 9.1.6
Animal Eye Oil Uncommon 10.2.1
Animal Hide Very often 10.4.2
Animal Muscle Oil Very often 10.4.2
Animal Oil Residue Very often 10.4.2
Basic Eye Color Set Rare 9.4.4
Basic Plastic Extractor Rare 9.1.6
Basic Stone Extractor Often 10.3.1
Basic Target Assessment Unit Uncommon 10.0.12
Basic Wood Extractor Unknown 9.2.4
Diluted Mineral Extractor Uncommon 9.3.8
Emik S30 (L) Common 9.4.4
Empty Skill Implant (L) Extremely rare 9.1.6
EWE EP-11 Self-Reliant Rare 10.1.1
EWE EP-13 Galactica Common 9.4.1
Explosive Projectiles Often 10.4.2
Face Paint (Olive) Extremely rare 9.2.4
Fine Hide Uncommon 9.4.4
Fine Wool Common 9.3.6
Goblin Arm guards Common 10.0.13
Goblin Shin guards Rare 8.11.1
Goblin Thigh guards Common 10.3.1
Hair Gel Common 10.4.1
Light BLP Pack Often 10.4.2
Light Weapon Cells Often 10.4.2
Make Up Remover Rough Rare 10.0.14
Medium BLP Pack Often 10.1.2
Medium Weapon Cells Often 10.4.1
Omegaton A103 Extremely rare 8.7.4
Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-10 Common 10.4.1
Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-18 Common 9.0.5
Paint Can (Brown) Unknown 9.3.4
Paint Can (Green) Often 10.0.14
Paint Can (Olive) Uncommon 9.4.4
Paint Can (Orange) Often 10.4.1
Paint Can (Purple) Rare 9.0.5
Paint Can (Yellow) Often 8.12.3
Pixie Arm Guards Rare 10.3.1
Pixie Gloves Common 10.4.1
Pixie Thigh Guards Common 10.0
Rouge (Pink-Orange) Unknown 9.3.2
Second-Rate Cloth Extractor Uncommon 9.1.6
Snablesnot skin Very often 10.4.2
Soft Hide Uncommon 10.3.1
Thin Wool Common 9.4.4
Vumpoor J Ero (L) Extremely rare 9.1.5
Weak Cloth Extractor Unknown 9.4.4
Wool Common 10.2.1


Creature:Snablesnot Male/Globals

ID Value Date Maturity Old Avatar
01 2275 2008/04/06 Provider Franceska Pascal Newton
02 1813 2008/04/30 Old Alpha Mya OowcheE Magic
03 1271 Unknown Dominant Leland Qweros Gaunt
04 1108 2008/05/17 Mature Nark Oo Allon
05 1100 2009/06/06 Mature John Teacher Capital
06 1081 Unknown Mature Eldare Alfhild Raa
07 957 2006/12/11 Stalker Team "DurkaDurka"
08 785 2008/11/13 Young Team "soe hunten"
09 750 Unknown Young Sabrina Idomin Rani
10 738 2008/11/18 Young Gustav Malasuerte Sagitta
11 727 2008/05/24 Young Rhagnar Rhag Thormilium
12 720 2008/03/19 Young Eroliss Arrow Windrider
13 701 2008/03/15 Young Goth57 Chigoth Gogoth
14 657 Unknown Young John TwinRazor Caperly
15 651 Unknown Young Jeff Spinaltapper Angelini


Taming has not been re-implemented yet.

Further information[edit]

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Name Explanation[edit]

Snablesnot - Snabel is "trunk" in swedish , the "snot" is pretty obvious lol. A trunk that throws out snot :P Pretty simple.


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Hunting Log[edit]

Average Return on Snablesnot Male:  %


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Video:a4hNbOfxWhA shooting a Snablesnot Male