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Mining is one of the many professions that can be done in Entropia Universe. The purpose of mining is to find Minerals (Ores) and Energy Matter (Enmatter) in the ground of calypso. To find them you will need a tool to locate and find deposits underground, and another tool for extracting said deposits to the surface.

As raw Ore and Enmatter are not useable, you may find it prudent to also carry a refiner with you on your trips.


You need different tools for finding ores and entmatters

Ore finding

For finding ores you need an Orefinder. Many models are available. A starting model can be bought from the trade terminal. Next to the Orefinder you needs bombs. When you drop a bomb on the ground it will explode after which the finder will check if any ores are present. Finally to extract Ores from the ground you need an Excavator

Enmatter finding

For finding Enmatters you will need a mineral finder (the beginner tool can be purchased through any Trade Terminal, or higher level versions can be crafted and/or purchased from the auction). This is required to find and claim any underground deposits. Depending on your level and the level of the finder, the depth can be located on the item description window (higher level finders can dig deeper into the soil, which can hold higher-yeilding deposits).

Once you find a deposit, you will need an extractor to bring the find up to the surface to collect. As with the finder, there are different extractors you can purchase, with higher level extractors being able to drill out the find faster than the lower levels.

One optional tool you can carry with you is a refiner. This refines the raw ore and enmatter in your inventory. Refining does two things:

  1. It makes the ore/enmatter useable for crafting purposes
  2. Raw ore/enmatter is heavy; refining it reduces its weight, so you can run longer without having to slow down or sell/store your inventory.


While not a requirement for mining, There are optional add-ons you can purchase to enhance your mining runs.

Amps are crafted tools that attach to your finder. These have the benifit of increasing the range of the finder, and the size of the deposits you find. Higher level amps have greater range. However these are limited (L) items, and will not last long. While the 101 amps average about 50 drops a run, the more power amp you go with the fewer uses you will get from the amp.

Enhancers are another optional crafted tool, which you can attach to your finder. These work in similar fashion to amps, but the finder has to be of the teir level for the enhancer to work. You can either use enhancers to increase your depth or your range.


Basic Mining Tutorial on Planet Arkadia. Video by Larkin/BxRabbitx Gaming.

When you have a finder, extractor, and probes in your inventory, it's time for a run!

Equip the finder in your inventory, then the mining interface comes up. You can choose to mine only ore (20 probes/drop), only enmatter (10 probes/drop), or both at once (30 probes/drop). When you have selected your choice, 'use' the finder. The probe will appear then dig into the soil. After a few seconds, you will either get a 'No Resource Found' message, or your finder will activate and display that you have found a claim. When you find something, the display will inform you where it is, what you found, and the approximate size of the find. Most likely it will be within the Tiny(II) to Modest (VI) range, however with some skill and luck you can hit it big!

It is possible when using both ore/enmatter to find 2 claims in one drop.

Name Level From To Expires
Minimal I 0.16 1 0 day(s), 0 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Tiny II 0.19 0.99 0 day(s), 0 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Very Poor III 1 1.99 0 day(s), 0 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Poor IV 1.99 2.99 0 day(s), 0 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Small V 2.99 4.49 0 day(s), 0 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Modest VI 4.50 5.99 0 day(s), 0 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Average VII 6 7.99 0 day(s), 0 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Medium VIII 8 11.99 0 day(s), 0 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Ample IX 12 17.99 0 day(s), 1 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Considerable X 18 24.99 0 day(s), 2 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Sizable XI 25 34.99 0 day(s), 5 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Large XII 35 49.99 0 day(s), 9 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Abundant XIII 50 74.99 0 day(s), 17 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Great XIV 75 124.99 0 day(s), 23 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Substantial XV 125 199.99 0 day(s), 23 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Significant XVI 200 299.99 0 day(s), 23 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Plentiful XVII 300 449.99 1 day(s), 11 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Huge XIX 450 649.99 1 day(s), 11 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Extremely Large XIX 650 799.99 1 day(s), 23 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Massive XX 800 1,174.99 2 day(s), 23 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Vast XXI 1,175 2,449.99 3 day(s), 23 hour(s), 59 minute(s)..
Enormous XXII 2,400 4,999.99 4 day(s), 23 hour(s), 59 minute(s).
Rich XXIII 5,000 24,999.99 Unknown
Gigantic XXIV 25,000 99,999.99 Unknown
Mammoth XXV 100,000 199,999.99 Unknown

Past Mining History[edit]

  • Mining ores and enmatter used to have two seperate finders/ammo/exractors/refiners.
  • Finders pointed to the location of a deposit, but you had to walk over it to claim it.
  • Mining was the source of finding robot beacons (Pre-VU 9.0)
  • Mining was also used to finding mob DNA.

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