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Active estates[edit]

EstateEstate ManagerEstate typeDestinationActive 
Omegaton Delta Complex, 1ADJ Elevate AngelCalypso13 February 2013¦class=fa fa-pencil

All estates and estates editing (working section)[edit]

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EstateEstate ManagerEstate typeDestinationModification date 
Omegaton Delta Complex, 1ADJ Elevate AngelCalypso7 January 2014 20:49:34¦class=fa fa-pencil
Arkadia Land Area 114 March 2013 09:53:20
Arkadia Land Area 214 March 2013 09:34:59
Planet Arkadia Arctic Island 213 March 2013 11:43:39
Planet Arkadia Arctic Island 113 March 2013 11:43:14
Planet Arkadia Jungle Island 213 March 2013 11:42:37
Planet Arkadia Jungle Island 113 March 2013 11:42:04

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