War Titan Typhon

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EBN News 8 August 2009[edit]

War Titan Typhon Approaching
War Titan Typhon EBN News 08 August 2009.jpg
Some weeks ago, scientists observed and started to track a moving object in the outskirts of the Omega 16 Reticuli system. The object was catalogued as Reticuli-217-0509 and given the name Typhon. On further study, they discovered that it is fast, moving through the system, and manufactured.
War Titan Typhon EBN News 08 August 2009 2.jpg
That prompted the Federal Imperial Navy to launch a probe. Although not coming directly from Akbal-Cimi, the object was identified as a Robot War Titan when the probe was within visual range.The Federal Imperial Navy detachment in the system is moving to intercept the War Titan. The navy estimates that the fleet will meet the War Titan on or around the coming Tuesday.