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    Just a list with interviews & profiles featuring members of the community available on EP. Content of magazines, podcasts and radio shows is missing but let's add that asap.

    You have one that can be hosted on EP? You know someone who has one and you can ask them? You want to create another one? Great, just go!

    12 Feb 2014: WhySoSerious: Jon Moe Snow - Jon Moe Snow interviewed by @narfi
    06 Jan 2014: A profile of: Hitman Nutrageti 47 - @nutrageti interviewed by RAZER

    13 Dec 2013: The Work of Ulla Jamira Braun - @Jamira interviewed by Tass
    17 Aug 2013: AHR: @Kitty & @Sakuba interviewed by DJ @Lokia
    29 Jul 2013: Project Ion, a glimpse in the past - PION devs interviewed by RAZER
    12 Apr 2013: An interview with Radio Arkadia - @RavenJade interviewed by @RAZER
    25 Feb 2013: Interview: With Rickard Rick England - Rick England interviewed by Rick England

    15 Dec 2012: MSM: SFE - Who's Who - EU Business - @TimUnleashed & @EwoK interviewed by MindStar9
    08 Dec 2012: MSM: Entropia Talent Designs Plants for Arkadia - Ori interviewed by MindStar9
    17 Oct 2012: MSM: Arkadia Celebrates a Player's Designs - Onciest interviewed by MindStar9

    30 Oct 2011: Planet PostModerna - State Of Affairs - @Flapman interviewed by admin

    21 Nov 2010: John Foma Kalun - An interview with the man who bought Club NEVERDIE - Foma interviewed by @admin
    09 Nov 2010: David Dobson Exclusive Interview - @Ozi interviewed by @GeorgeSkywalker
    22 Oct 2010: EntropiaPlanets Presents: Star and Skippie - Moved on to pastures new - Star and @Skippie interviewed by Lykke
    18 Jul 2010: The Henry Ford of Entropia? - @Archman interviewed by @MindStar9
    18 Mar 2010: Friday Star Profile: Nicole Tony Dantrag - Tony Dantrag interviewed by Lykke
    17 Feb 2010: Luke Dalas Cambridge ~ New blood in *Adopt a Newbie* Foundation - @Dalas interviewed by Lykke
    05 Feb 2010: Friday Star Profile: Linden The Chosen Avery - @Avery interviewed by Lykke
    01 Feb 2010: Entropia Planets Presents: Interview with Stave from Entropia Tour Agency - @Stave interviewed by Lykke
    27 Jan 2010: presents: Interview with the Guides of Entropia Part II - the guides interviewed by Lykke
    23 Jan 2010: presents: Interview with the Guides of Entropia Part I - the guides interviewed by Lykke
    23 Jan 2010: Talk Thyme: Interview with Jenna Star Mercury
    14 Jan 2010: Generation X ~ The new arrivals - newbies interviewed by Lykke
    08 Jan 2010: Friday Star Profile: Jaqui Rockchick Jovi - @Rockchick interviewed by Lykke
    06 Jan 2010: EntropiaPlanets presents: Exclusive interview with Buzz Erik Lightyear - Owner of CP - Buzz interviewed by Lykke

    23 Dec 2009: EntropiaPlanets presents: Exclusive interview with Deathifier ~ Virtual Legend @Deathifier interviewed by Lykke
    18 Dec 2009: Friday Star Profile: Vlugge Witte Harrie @Witte interviewed by Lykke
    14 Dec 2009: Darri's Entropia: Interview with @Deathifier
    11 Dec 2009: Friday Star Profile: Jesus jdegre de Gregorio - @jdegre interviewed by Lykke
    05 Dec 2009: Talk Thyme: Interview with EntropiaLaw
    04 Dec 2009: Friday Star Profile: Foeburner NIGHTHAWK Delta - @Nighthawk interviewed by Lykke
    04 Oct 2009: Talk Thyme: Interview with @Coachman from Calypso Rescue Team
    27 Nov 2009: Friday Star Profile: Kimmi Kimmi EFnet - @Kimmi interviewed by Lykke
    25 Nov 2009: RavenJade ~ Special Guest Profile - @RavenJade interviewed by Lykke
    20 Nov 2009: Friday Star Profile: Harry BOND Hole - @HarryBondHole interviewed by Lykke
    14 Nov 2009: Entropia Planets Presents: ROCKtropia interview with NEVERDIE - NEVERDIE interviewed by Lykke
    13 Nov 2009: Friday Star Profile: Modified Akoz Power - @Akoz interviewed by Lykke
    08 Nov 2009: Talk Thyme: Interview with Alan Morgan, CEO Planet Postmoderna
    20 Oct 2009: Exclusive interview with NEVERDIE about Next Island - @NEVERDIE interviewed by @Lykke TheNun
    14 Oct 2009 MSM: Alyss "Aly" Aquire - interviewed by MindStar9
    27 Sep 2009 Talk Thyme: Interview with @starfinder
    01 Sep 2009 MSM: "Zap" and "Mrs-Zap" - @Zap & Mrs Zap interviewed by MindStar9
    30 Jun 2009 MSM: Oleg "Oleg" McMullery - @Oleg interviewed by MindStar9
    24 Mar 2009 MSM: Lady "Nadie" Hawke - interviewed by MindStar9
    10 Mar 2009 MSM: Wildman & Della of WildD3amons - @Wildman & Della interviewed by MindStar9
    24 Feb 2009 MSM: LeeLoo LeeLoo Faith - Adventurer - @leeloo interviewed by MindStar9
    10 Feb 2009 MSM: John Capital - Knowledge Seeker @JohnCapital interviewed by MindStar9

    02 Dec 2008 MSM: Night "Slick" Shadow - Entropia's Bananaman - interviewed by MindStar9
    25 Nov 2008 MSM: Missa & Ozi - Down Under - interviewed by MindStar9
    18 Nov 2008 MSM: Kira "Red" Star-Rigger - interviewed by MindStar9
    11 Nov 2008 MSM: Compusmurf & SoftHart - "Fun & Feisty" - @Compusmurf & @Softhart - interviewed by MindStar9
    05 Nov 2008 MSM: KIMMI - Pink is Pimpin' - interviewed by MindStar9
    29 Oct 2008 MSM: Spike & Rockchick - "Mr & Mrs Disturbed" - interviewed by MindStar9
    10 Oct 20008: EUC: Interview with Rio Riobabe Rio, a spaceship pilot in Entropia Universe - Riobabe interviewed by @nexus7
    02 Jun 2008: EUC: Jenna Star Mercury: PVP Hunter Extrodinaire! - Star interviewed by Kets
    07 May 2008: EUC: An interview with BurgerMan - @Burgerman interviewed by @Kets

    09 Oct 2007: MSM: SLAPNUTS - Event Demon / Photo Artist - @Slapnuts interviewed by MindStar9
    03 Jul 2007: MSM: Etopia - More than Fashion and Forum - @Etopia interviewed by MindStar9
    13 Jun 2007: MSM: Auktuma - "More than Golden Swirlies" - @Auktuma interviewed by @MindStar9

    P.S.: Also check out the developer interviews
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  2. Jamira

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    Bahhh! That's the list I always missed. Thx Tass. That's a treasure chest of Entropias history.
    Can you stick it somewhere?
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  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    OMG! All these names! Funny and good memories came up to my mind by just reading the names. What a wonderful it was!
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  4. Tass

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    It's sticky'ed in

    I'll add the audio interviews and magazine interviews as soon as I find the time.

    And after that I'll do the same with all the developer interviews.

    Or maybe someone else wants do it? Would be really appreciated, my time is so limited these days :(
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  5. Was funny reading Jon Snow gloating...

    I need Narfi to interview me now that we took all 8 lands from WSS. On a free speech forum...omg my nipples are hard already!

    This post is a goldmine of fun and interesting info that I didn't know existed...I can't wait until I have time to read more of it...

    Thanks, Tass!
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  6. Oops double post....sry still learning :D
  7. Mega

    Mega Chaotic Good

  8. I want to see an interview with
  9. Mega

    Mega Chaotic Good

    I'd like to see a Taco interview with Mega as interviewer during the drinking game from Indiana Jones No1.

    It'll never happen, but it'll beat just about any chat show format I've ever seen. :biggrin:

    Failing that, the 25 Feb 2013 one in Audio?
  10. FatherJack

    FatherJack El Diablo

    I find the whole idea of e-celebrities very confusing
  11. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Schizophrenic probably as he did the interview with himself. He was complaining afterwards that he got some difficult questions as well :)
  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    ah nice collection - I've opened a few of those to look at starting with Kira
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