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Interview with Rio Riobabe Rio, a spaceship pilot in Entropia Universe

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by nexus7, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. This is an interview that I did with a spaceship pilot back in April 2008, so not that recent, but it was the first interview I ever did in EU, and so I'm sort of proud of it, and the pilot herself was a real star, seeing as she was losing PED whilst talking to me.

    Before the Hanger

    Having logged into Entropia Universe on 22nd April 2008, and checked my contacts-list, I sent Rio Riobabe Rio a PM.

    PlayerOfGames: Hi Rio! Just logged in a few minutes ago and checked out my bits and pieces. Is it still ok for later on?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Hi! Yes, if I am not stuck up here

    PlayerOfGames: He-he - no problem, I remember you saying the other day

    PlayerOfGames: I'll be totally honest... I've never interviewed anyone in Entropia before, so this is a first for me. But 'Hey' - you got my imagination with your spaceship business

    Rio Riobabe Rio: He-he, ok

    PlayerOfGames: OK, no problem - and thanks. See you later

    Rio Riobabe Rio: You too. Good luck...

    PlayerOfGames: And you. Bye for now.

    A Courtesy Call

    PlayerOfGames: Hi Rio

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Hi

    PlayerOfGames: Where is your hanger again - Fort Argus?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Yes.

    PlayerOfGames: OK. Shall I meet you there?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Ok - but I'm still in Club Neverdie at the moment

    PlayerOfGames: Right. I'll be going to Rogue Plains Hangers about now, ok?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Ok

    PlayerOfGames: Right - and thanks for accepting the interview.

    Rio Riobabe Rio: :) No problem. I don't like hard questions though.

    PlayerOfGames: No problem. I'm just sure that reader's of Entropia News Network will be fascinated by what you do. The whole thing won't take that long, as I know you're busy.

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Ok

    PlayerOfGames: Right. So are you still at Club Neverdie? I bet you're having fun

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Yes. Club Neverdie...

    PlayerOfGames: Ok. I'm at Rogue Plains Hangers See you later, and hope you had many passengers.

    Rio Riobabe Rio: You know where my hanger is, right?

    PlayerOfGames: I can't remember the exact one, but I'm near to all the hangers, so I am sure I will see you landing

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Ok. It's number 22.

    PlayerOfGames: Ok - get you. How do I know which hanger is which number?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: You can see it on the estate terminal.

    PlayerOfGames: Thanks - I get you. Silly me ;)

    Rio Riobabe Rio: :)

    PlayerOfGames: Found number 22... Love the Reindeer!

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Thanks

    PlayerOfGames: I had a bottle of virtual bubbly for my last Xmas present

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Nice...

    PlayerOfGames: Mmm - and a Farther Xmas outfit...

    Rio Riobabe Rio: He-he-he

    PlayerOfGames: How are things at Club Neverdie? Must be hectic as usual.

    Rio Riobabe Rio: A bit slow today. Now it's my turn to sell

    PlayerOfGames: Sorry to hear that. Time wasters, eh?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: :)

    PlayerOfGames: So, shall I wait for you at Rogue Plains Hangers, or...?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: You don't have to. I'll message you when I'm ready to fly down

    PlayerOfGames: Ok - thanks. See you soon. Have a good one.

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Thanks. Cya
    PlayerOfGames: No problem - I'm a very patient person

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Nice :) See you later.

    Rio Riobabe Rio flies down to Rogue Plains Hangers

    Rio Riobabe Rio: I'm flying now

    PlayerOfGames: Ok. See you in a bit then, and thanks

    Rio Riobabe Rio: K - no problem.

    True to her word, Rio Riobabe Rio arrives moments later, made all to evident as her gleaming spaceship suddenly fills the Calypso sky before going on down through the large hatchway in the hanger's roof.

    A slight detour to Crystal Palace Space Station

    Rio Riobabe Rio: I'm in the hanger now

    PlayerOfGames: Yep! I saw your ship.

    Rio Riobabe Rio: I have a passenger to Crystal Palace.

    PlayerOfGames: Ok - no problem at all

    Rio Riobabe Rio: I brought him here, but forgot he wanted Crystal Palace :) You want to come?

    PlayerOfGames: Ok - sure!

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Please take a seat. Co-pilot is available

    Arriving at the space station minutes later, Rio's customer leaves the ship before we can return back down to Calypso.

    Inside Rio's spaceship in Hanger.22, Rogue Plains Hangers, close to Fort Argus

    PlayerOfGames: First of all Rio, many thanks for taking the time off to meet me. I'm sure that this will be a fascinating and unique encounter for many reasons. Entropia News Network, realize that running a hanger and spaceship business requires great commitment, so hope this isn't inconvenient?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: My pleasure

    PlayerOfGames: Many thanks. Give or take a few months, how long have you been a participant in Entropia Universe?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Since 2005, but forget the exact date

    PlayerOfGames: Many thanks. What is the main appeal for you about EU?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Piloting and meeting other people

    PlayerOfGames: Great! Sooner or later the majority of EU participants will use a spaceship to get to Off Calypso locations; Club Neverdie on the asteroid or Crystal Palace Space Station, and so will regard spaceship services as being vital. For the right reasons, I am sure you would agree with this?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Yes

    PlayerOfGames: Very few however, will have considered what goes on behind the scenes in running a spaceship enterprise, and even fewer will have considered starting one themselves. So, what is it like to run a spaceship business? Hectic; very hectic; or very, very hectic? Especially when passengers like myself can't always get into one of the seats correctly the first time

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Not always. But if things do get hectic, a pilot should be prepared for this and be patient. However, some passengers can be impatient themselves and are not always prepared to wait, so it can be hard to decide if you have to leave someone behind or not. But really I don't want to chose in this way, so I try to pay attention to make sure everything is going ok.

    PlayerOfGames: Thank you Rio. For how long; approximately, have you been operating your spaceship passenger service in EU?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Since January 2008.

    PlayerOfGames: Great. Can you tell ENN's readers a little about the successes and highlights that you have experienced in running a spaceship during this time?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: This would be the expected stress you can sometimes get, only in the positive sense, but I have also experienced a great deal of fun at the same time.

    PlayerOfGames: And on the other side of the coin, some of the 'downers' and pitfall's that you have come across?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Well, as we know, there are always some difficult passengers, and there are still several unfixed bugs in all the spaceships, but in the end it always works out

    PlayerOfGames:Passengers will initially see a Heads-Up Display showing a plan-view of the spacecraft followed by 'warning' messages just before take-off, and then a 'blanking' of the screen during the flight itself. The question that most passengers have asked, I know I have, is what does the pilot see during the flight phase? Is it the same 'blanking' of the screen, or do pilots have a more vivid experience during the flight? Do pilots experience some sort of 'space' simulation, etc?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: No... Pilots experience exactly the same things as passengers do. It's an automatic sequence once the target destination is selected. The warning messages; autopilot & such.

    PlayerOfGames:Many memorable activities have taken place on Club Neverdie and Crystal Palace, such as 'major league' hunting competitions and media-driven events. During such times, the number of people needing spaceship rides must go up a great deal, which must be a good thing for your spaceship passenger service?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Very much so. With that many people around, including many more pilots, it's usually the only time that this business is not dull. One slight problem though, is the stack-up of pilots on CND when people need a return flight, but almost no pilots back on Calypso...

    PlayerOfGames:Of course... So, would you say that a successful spaceship business is dependent on these special events that happen a few times a year, or is success more dependent on regular every-day customers?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Yes! Definitely every-day customers and frequent flyer's

    PlayerOfGames:I thought so - thanks. How many flights do you make on a typical day, on average?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: A normal day is usually four to five trips. I only earn between Friday's and Sunday's

    PlayerOfGames:Funny ;) No doubt, the biggest expenses must be crude oil for fuel and repair costs. On a trip-by-trip basis, would you say that the biggest cost is for fuel or repairs?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Fuel.

    PlayerOfGames:Thank you. Apologies by the way, if this is starting to look like an inquisition. This is not my intention, it's just to give ENN's readers a general idea of what is involved, etc, in running a spacecraft, so hope you're still baring with me

    Rio Riobabe Rio: No problem at all

    PlayerOfGames:Thank you. What is the ball-park figure on the most amount of PED you ever spent on crude oil in a week, and the same for repair costs?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: I usually never have to count how much I spend for the day or week, as somehow I seem to do ok. But I do repairs, and refuel after every flight, so I don't have to worry for the next day.

    PlayerOfGames:OK - thanks.Many participants have asked themselves the question as to whether pilots can travel from one hanger location to another on Calypso with the agreement of other hanger/spaceship owners, as well as going to CND or CP and back again. Is this possible, or is spaceship activity strictly restricted to and from CND/CP and Calypso?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Many passengers ask this question, and understandably. No! Pilots can only go to CND or CP and back again, and not to other Calypso locations.

    PlayerOfGames:In asking 'where does one go to find a pilot', participants are often advised to go to Twin Peaks. Considering that there are many other prime locations on calypso, where pilots could 'ask' for passengers, why is this exactly?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Because it's easier to sell in Twin Peaks. I've tried already almost all other locations, but only Twin Peaks is the perfect spot for pilots.

    PlayerOfGames:Good answer. I for one have always wanted to know why this is. Your spaceship passenger service is no doubt doing well which is good to know, however, can you always rely on this on its own for making ends meet in Entropia, or do you sometimes have to do other activities as well, such as hunting, mining, crafting?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: I have tried mining, but I'm not that good in it. I hunt sometimes hoping to get the good things I wish I could have, but usually I don't get anything that good. So I tend to stick with piloting, especially when there are people that need rides who can't afford the other prices

    PlayerOfGames:Are there any in-world skills required specifically for operating a spaceship, as is the case for virtually every other profession in EU?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Nope. As long as you can afford the hanger and have the deeds, it's all good. It's only up to you, if and how you want to run it. If your prospect is having fun, then earning a bit is great, especially if you are helping people who need flights at the same time.

    PlayerOfGames: OK. The most important task for any spaceship enterprise must be finding customers. As busy as these times must usually be, do you sometimes experience periods of relative inactivity?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Nope...

    PlayerOfGames: Thanks. Are there particular things that you often experience which are problematic for running a spaceship enterprise?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Yeah. Some pilots have strange business methods which can slow things down allot. So, you sometimes see people waiting for pilots who suddenly disappear, before then coming to me or another pilot

    PlayerOfGames: Thanks for saying. Spaceship idling-times do not of course end upon finding customers, as you then have to get your customers to where your hanger is located that will result in yet more added time. This must sometimes be frustrating, especially if customers do not have the teleporter location/s nearest to where your hanger is?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Yeah - for sure! This can be a factor, but usually I feel that I can do something about it, and generally manage to avoid losing customers.

    PlayerOfGames: If pilots could take their spaceships to the main hot spots on Calypso, such as PA or T.Peaks, would this help the situation or would this create bottlenecks and confusion, baring in mind that many pilots would probably turn up?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: No. Generally, I feel that the situation is ok as it is, as most people have the correct teleporter location

    PlayerOfGames: Thank you. This has partly been touched on before, but what is the worst thing that you have experienced as a spaceship pilot from a financial perspective? You don't have to be too specific here.

    Rio Riobabe Rio: When my spaceship crashes, which can result in huge amounts of time being lost. So far, I have experienced two crashes, and it takes four to five days before the ship is back to normal again

    PlayerOfGames: And the best you have experienced from a financial point of view? Again, you don't have to be too specific

    Rio Riobabe Rio: I don't really earn that much. because, when someone needs a flight and they're out of PED's perhaps, I don't mind taking them. Don't know how many times I've done this

    PlayerOfGames: Thank you for an honest answer. That is very touching... What is the most annoying thing you have experienced as a pilot in EU? Apart from me, perhaps

    Rio Riobabe Rio: When someone is dancing inappropriately in a strange manner, with really annoying sounds behind my back, while I am online. :/

    PlayerOfGames: OK I can understand that... And what is the funniest? Not including me trying to get into a seat of course, and sometimes ending up on the floor

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Sometimes, seeing both my passengers and myself lying on the floor after a flight because of a bug or two. It looks like everyone is resting or sleeping - he-he

    PlayerOfGames: This has all been very fascinating so far, and will have given many Entropia Universe colonists a good idea of what running a spaceship business is like. Please feel free at this point, however, to add anything else that you feel people would find interesting

    Rio Riobabe Rio: When they open-up space even further for the new destinations that are arriving, like the new planets. Then things will really start happening.

    PlayerOfGames: Fantastic! Well, all good interviews must come to an end, unfortunately, and I know that there are a million other questions that ENN's readers are asking themselves, but I'm sure you are dying to get back to business, so to speak, so can I take this opportunity in thanking you for a great interview?

    Rio Riobabe Rio: Any time. Thank you very much and good luck to you and ENN on your news reporting ;)

    PlayerOfGames: Rio Riobabe Rio - Entropia Universe pilot extrordinaire... You were a Star! Many thanks for your time.
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