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Entropia Planets Presents: Interview with Stave from Entropia Tour Agency

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Lykke TheNun, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    [IMGALIGNLEFT]http://www.entropiaplanets.com/gallery/pics/3/banner-eta_157576.jpg[/IMGALIGNLEFT]In the search for services assisting new players within the Entropia Universe, we would like to introduce you to John Stave Petty, the driving force behind the Entropia Tour Agency (ETA). Stave has been in game for 3 years and he always enjoyed a good tp run himself - but noticed that the tp runs which were offered were unorganized and merely impossible to join, because you never knew when they were or where they were going.

    "I decided to start running regular tp runs early 2009 on my own without any protection", Stave explains. "I called it Stave's Tours of Calypso. My Vision was to eventually form a regular easy-to-find service that anyone can use to get the different teleporters on their maps".

    Before Stave knew it he had a countless number of great people interested in helping out shooting at the tp runs. "One day I was advertising and Atlan Ion Leticron offered his assistance to the service as he used to operatethe "newbies world tour" train TP Run service in 2006. After this we began developing a system to streamline the service and eventually decided to rename ourselves to Entropia Tour Agency".

    And we all came across Entropia Tour Agency at one point in EU, I'm sure, if not for the TP runs, then for the awesome maps made available as a service to the Entropians.

    "The Eudoria map was originally something me and Razer worked on. I collected the data to map the paths, he added all info to the map and recently I have been adding our Tour Routes to it and improving as I see fit in Photoshop". Stave continues: "As for our Amethera map, I am currently working on a brand new one, created from scratch. Once again, all information for all locations on the map was collected by me and Zoe from Calypso Desert Rangers We have other information which we collected from each TP of calypso and I may add it to the map in the future. For example information about what facilities the location has".[IMGALIGNRIGHT]http://www.entropiaplanets.com/gallery/pics/3/stave.gif[/IMGALIGNRIGHT]

    We can really look forward to some awesome stuff in future, but I wonder how he gets the time for this huge program of ETA.

    "I am far alone about it", Stave smiles. "We are currently more than 50 people offering their time to help on our tours. I expect this number to increase dramatically during 2010 as our main plan for this year is to expand to form more teams like the one I lead and also expand to all other planets needing our service".

    I nod. It is also obvious from their informative website that this is not a one man show, but a very organized and professional setup.

    "I designed the website with the help of some feedback to streamline and improve the website from various people in the community", Stave says. "The data on the maps has been collected by a number of people within our service. I am currently working on our Version 1.6 of both maps that have received a major make over. I have added coordinates to every Teleporter on the upcoming release, these were collected by me and Zoe".

    A fulltime job service
    "Ever since VU10 I have been spending all my time on the service, planning and preparing it to be ready. Now things are finally calming down and I'm beginning to get some time again to focus on other projects and also get back to skilling".

    Stave tells me that he also gets help from the Extended guides of Entropia (see interview I and II) - who also helped handing out some Limited Edition TP Run Clothes. In the past, ETA also worked with Desire's Orange Sunday Radio Show and Parlog's Rat Race Event.

    When I ask Stave what the most important thing is, when doing the runs, he replies: "When we do a tour, we do all we can to help new people and to make them understand the way our service works. The most important thing of all is getting unruly new players under control to keep the tour running smoothly", he grins.

    "One thing that I really miss is a much bigger friend list! As you can imagine, my list is full and I am always playing friend-swap to keep the most important people that I need to be in touch with for the service on there. Unfortunately it also puts a limit on how much I can expand the service". I agree with this - we all have been screaming for bigger friend lists in-game - and with services like this it is even more important that the FL doesn't have a limit or at least, allows for a lot more friends than currently is the case.

    "The Community is one of the best things for me in EU", Staves replies, when I ask what is most important in the Universe. "It's quite unique for an online game. Most of all I think the updates is what kept me hooked to EU. Before they announced Cryengine 2, I always looked forward to the monthly update and even if I stopped playing for a bit, it would always bring me back to Entropia. I continued this on/off pattern until I began the tours last year".

    Challenges after VU 10
    I was curious if the new VUs made it more difficult to run the service, as a lot of updates would be required due to new maps, etc. Stave explains: "Not really. We knew that VU 10 would change a lot, so instead of making double work, we spent the days and months leading up to VU10 to plan for it. We planned our system and perfected it to make things run as smooth as possible and made plans for when VU10 would arrive".

    He continues: "Once VU 10 arrived we spent the first month or so to plan our routes, get the team back together and made the first steps for our maps. In many ways the VU 10 re-launch was the real launch of our service. Before that update, I like to think it was more of a beta stage where we planned and built the foundations for the service we offer today".

    There are a lot of TPs in the Universe, and I would like to know what Stave would advise newbies to run first.

    [IMGALIGNLEFT]http://www.entropiaplanets.com/gallery/pics/3/entropiatouragency-logo.gif[/IMGALIGNLEFT]"My Advice would be to first of all to join a group tour, like the ones we offer, to get a feel for the game and their first few teleporters, and if they are like me and enjoy exploring, go out and collect some teleporters on their own; it's a very good way to learn the controls and also obtain their first few skills. Personally, I feel the ability to navigate and use the in-game map system is an important skill that any player should master".

    "The Most useful teleporters I can think of are Neas Place, Twin Peaks and Fort Argus, but to be honest, instead of focusing on which ones they need now, they should be focusing on the future and ensure they get all teleporters, so they will have it for when they need it. There's nothing more annoying than to be invited to a team hunt to find out you don't have the teleporter needed, just because you didn't collect them in the early days. After this I would advise new people to try out both mining and hunting to see what they prefer and take things from there".

    I ask Stave what the fame that inadvertently comes with running a service like this meant to him. He answers: "Before I started, I pretty much kept myself to myself and spent all my time on skilling up - but during this year I have noticed a difference. I don't see it as fame however, just a way to meet lots of great people in the process of setting up this great service". A big warm smile lights up his face.

    I can tell from the impatient look in his eyes that Stave needs to get back to business. He still has a lot to do and little time, and I highly appreciate the time he spent on talking to me. I would love to know if he could tell just one good anecdote from one of the countless runs he did.

    A lesson to be learned
    "Once, we met a new player who had joined a society known for Kill Stealing. I caught him running mobs into sweaters at the Swamp Camp. After a number of us tried to explain to him how things really work on Calypso, he still refused to stop. So the next tour, we took them on a detour through the PVP area that was just NW of swamp camp (Pre VU 10). We took him out into the middle of the area and killed him to teach him a lesson". Stave grins mischievously, and I can't stop laughing, either! "Yeah, that might have taught him", I say and I'm sure the newbie had no clue what hit him!

    It was nice meeting Stave and one day I hope to meet his crew; the rest of the awesome team behind Entropia Tour Agency, helping out making life easier for new players!

    Thank you Stave, for taking your time for this interview. I wish you the very best with your service in future!

    (pictures kindly borrowed from Stave/ETA :) )
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  2. Roni

    Roni bartender

    Respect Stave & all u guys at ETA:) Really enjoyed the run on new switzerland yesterday. Mostly because of shooting me to get to the next tp. That was fun:).
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  3. Nice one Lykke!

    Another 'hero' in front page. I like the way u chose the people for interviews!

    Stave and all ETA members are awesome (like Ben Coyote and Jeral). Thanks for the amazing service you provide! I agree with Stave that community is the best of EU.


    Dang! i missed that chance! :shoot:
  4. ETA is great, Too bad i cant join for a month due to illness.

    I remember one time went stave depparted at swamp. He went Okay next stop Nuss Null then Orthos. So everybody expected to head East. Stave ran west and everbody followed lol. After some PM's stave came back and ran east lol.

    and be carefull for Stave Falx.. yes he is the only player with a tamed Falx
  5. Ozi

    Ozi Planet Arkadia - CEO

    Thanks for the report Lykke :)

    I'd like to help out if you ever need an extra shooter Stave. Not sure you need more people, sounds like you have a great crew already. But if you want, maybe pm me to arrange a meet up in game.
  6. Stave

    Stave Guest

    If you think thats good, last night we used a dragon (malc) to revive to oshiri.
    This image isnt from last night but its the same thing

    were always looking for more people to join, like i said above, 2010's plan is to expand :P

    Turn up to one of our tours, you can check the schedule here.

    (Click image to see full size version)

  7. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Yeah that was funny (and that guy is leading the noobs to the TP's, sense of direction of a brick :biggrin:).

    But I must say that Stave's service is great. I have been a guard on a few of them (well a lot actually) and I have a lot of fun doing them most of the time. Sure we sometimes feel the urge to shoot one of the noobs, but for some reason that is always when we are running on Eudoria without PVP.

    I really look forward to the TP runs on the other planets and the exploring of the planets in general.

    :clap: for Stave !!!!! :clap:
  8. Stave

    Stave Guest

    a few?!?!

    you was one of the first guards that joined.

    but to faye, razer and everyone else thanks for all the awesome help, this couldnt be done without you guys.

    and as for that event at sc, thats what happens when you regularly lead the same routes. cant wait for wormholes to return so we can offer the full range of routes on a regular basis.

  9. nice interview :)
    that one was awesome :D

    i was in the leading position for that run, already stood east, facing east towards nus lul
    stave sais go and think "I wait til they get closer" and then like :headscratch: :confused: :dunno::p
    Stave ran so often west on the road towards Billys that he got used to that :D

    and Stave's Falx is dangerous indeed :whistle:
    although he claims the routes are falx free now
    but Stave's Falx is always with us, at least in our hearts :jump:
  10. Stave

    Stave Guest

    We still get to see Stave's Falx, we pass a Falx LA on the way past Cayuze, thier in the distance tho, so not possible for them to attack us.

    (Better not say that, after all eu is "Dynamic" :P)
  11. Marcus Kaine

    Marcus Kaine Beacons... mmmm

    Nice interview.
    Ahhh yeah the Malc, think he appreciated seeing everyone trying to give him a pat, must have made his day lol
  12. Atlan Leticron

    Atlan Leticron Postmoderna pixel pusher

    Good interview.

    And indeed it is nice to see that ETA takes good shape now.

    Kind regards.
  13. Great service ETA!
    And nice interview as always

  14. Jamhot

    Jamhot *hic!

    Awesome article about an awesome dude! Good luck to stave and the rest of the E.T.A. crew! Great work your doing guys n gals!

  15. TB2069

    TB2069 Musical Maniac

    Nice to see a good guy get some highlight. Awsome guy and prime service. Thx for putting the community first. This in my opinion is why I feel Eu will be around for a long time. Awsome people outweigh the negative and ETA and EP are the best!

    Congratz Stave and another Awsome interview Lykke :wave:
  16. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Woohoo! Nice read Lykke, and great job Stave.

    I haven't had the opportunity to chat to you yet Stave, but I'll catch you some time! I'm pleased to see someone doing so much for the community. I helped out on one ETA run and it was awesome! I'll definitely do it again sometime.

    Keep it up Stave and ETA!


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