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A profile of: Hitman Nutrageti 47

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by RAZER, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    A long time ago I met 47 when he was just a newbie, I helped him around a bit and we became good friends. We explored Calypso by running all over the place (no vehicles back then) and he was the first member of the society I started. Now many years later he is not so noob anymore and might even have surpassed me when it comes to skills and because the society does not exist anymore and I don't play as much as I used to, we do not speak to each other as often. I, however did not have to think too much when we talked about doing player interviews and I asked 47 right away. After a few threats and eventually a big bribe he agreed to answer some questions.

    I know you in game as just 47, but for those who do not know you, what is your full in-game name?
    Hitman Nutrageti 47

    That name has a familiar ring to it, where does it come from and why did you choose that name?
    Nutrageti is an old gaming name and a Romanian sentence (Nu Trageti) which means "Don't shoot". Chose it a long time ago when playing Counter Strike I believe.

    Hitman and 47 are just from the game I was playing when I started EU called Hitman: Codename 47
    I considered doing that as my name initially but decided to mix it a bit.

    Hitman 47.
    We have known each other for so long, I can't even remember when we met. When did you start playing?
    A friend told me about the game around March 2007 I think but I didn't check it out until June of that year.

    People start this game for a lot of reasons, one of which is that they think they can become rich quick. Why did you start playing EU?
    A friend that told me about it said he was opening a shop and hoping to make money, so I thought I'd try it as well.

    Did your friend get that shop and make a lot of money and is he even still playing?
    Nah, he quit the game about a month later, never came back.

    What planet did you start on?
    The only one that was out there, Calypso. Specifically, I chose Port Atlantis at that time.

    From all the profession you can choose from in Entropia Universe, which one is your main profession?
    I do a bit of everything but mainly Event Promoter and FAP-er now. I guess hunting is my favorite, mostly because it's active and a lot of times involves interaction with other players (I prefer teaming). It's also very diverse. I use any weapon I have available: pistols, rifles, swords and even mindforce. That is also why I am pretty low skilled in most of them. My top level is 26 Laser Pistol Hit.

    As I said at the beginning you had been part of the society I started from the beginning until I disbanded it. What society are you in now?
    Roua Cadets - a Romanian only society

    Favorite weapon?
    Definitely the Opalo. I have been using the Photonic Mayhem P3 (L) these days. Great gun, cheap to buy for now. This year I think the most used gun was the Calytrek mk II Soul (L). Must have used quite a bit of them, mostly the 1 ped tt event versions.

    Favorite armor?
    I have so many, over 13 full sets and parts from another 5-6 sets. I guess the most used one at this time is the Viceroy Scull Candy Edition with 5B plates

    Favorite creature to hunt?
    Small Combibo and Molisk. Molisk have been paying me well lately.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The main goal for Entropia Universe is to get big loot and I know I always feel happy and surprised to get one but do you still remember your first global and HOF?
    Yes, first global solo was 2 years after I started, I think it was an Argonaut Guardian. My only ever regular HOF was in mining. It was at a time with little activity and purely an accident. Technically my first HOF was a Killing Spree one, was in an event, 13 players killed.

    There have been a lot of changes since you started playing Entropia Universe. What do you miss most from the 'old days'?
    The trading done around the old PA square. I remember the statue, the benches, the stairs. Sold a lot of sweat there and also my first armor sets.

    You have been a healer to a lot of people, was that something you did for the lack of money or was that a career choice?
    Well it was definitely a way to increase my income. I guess I first decided to try it while watching Star's stream and seeing him pay FAP-ers. I got a level 5 FAP then and went advertising. Been almost 3 years since then I believe.

    These days I mostly use my Vivo T20, Omegaton Fap 90, Regen Chip IV and anything under that, depending what the customer wants or has with him.

    You have been doing a lot of different things in EU one of which is being a pilot for Star Mercury's space ship, how did that happen?
    It was at the start of warp transport. Star came up with the offer, I worked up the details and bought my own warp drive (was around 500 PED at that time). I did a lot of advertising at first but the system was restrictive (well, still is). I could not add a client to the ship unless the ship owner was online and since me and Star have different time zones, the time interval in which I could work was restricted. At the time though, I was enthusiastic and even negotiated a deal with Arkadia for a transport service Arkadia-Calypso. However, as said above, was impractical. My days of space taxi were done a year later when Star decided to sell both his mother ship and his privateer. Overall, I had a small profit and a lot of fun.

    You are now also an event promoter, also for Star Mercury, is that something that was just a progression from being a pilot or did that take persuasion from either side?
    I proposed doing events with the first land area bought by him. Things went well from there and culminated with the iMercury event I hosted over the summer. Right now I'm taking a short break there because of the Mayhem events, which make it difficult for Event Promoters to work. I am hosting a long term event for Manuel though.

    The event is called 10 PED Atroxmania. It takes place on OLA 2 and OLA 40 and basically, after you register, each Atrox global will automatically award you 10 PED, provided entropialife.com registered it as being on one of the 2 land areas. You can register for it on planetcalypsoforum.com, events section. I've also posted a copy of that thread on EntropiaPlanets.com with a link to the PCF thread

    There are multiple planets these days in EU, which one do you like best and why?
    In terms of fun, I've always liked Next Island best, there is just so much stuff to see there. However Calypso has to remain my favorite overall because of the endless business possibilities present there.

    I have been to all planets, but have yet to visit Monria. I simply can't seem to find the time these days.

    What are your thoughts about the upcoming Planet Toulan?
    I've read a few things about it but past experiences have made me wary of getting excited at future projects. I will wait and hope it actually reaches launching stage though the game's main concern now I believe is getting more players to the existing planets. Calypso is crowded enough, but Rocktropia and Cyrene need at least 2-3 hundred players each.

    What is the most memorable moment in EU according to you?
    Memorable? I guess the arrival of VU 10 really changed the EU world.

    What is the most memorable moment in your EU history?
    The day I realized I didn't have to deposit to feed my EU hobbies. I've always set myself goals for the future that I work towards accomplishing. Last year was getting one of each vehicle in game, I now have everything except the tank and the big boat. My current goal is getting as many armor sets as possible, starting with the low value ones of course.

    If you got the chance to own a planet, what would you do different then the existing planets?
    Probably make a crafting planet. Really overlooked part of the game. You can make a thousand different missions in crafting. Get a certain return %, get 10 successful clicks in a row, get 100 successes in a blueprint, get less than 10 failures in 50 clicks, click 100 of this and automatically get 1 L blueprint of this...Endless possibilities.

    Make a planet based on export. Building ships, houses that you can then export, unique guns etc. Of course I am aware of MA's track record at implementing new systems so that would probably take a decade to implement.

    Do you play any other games and/or MMO's?
    I play everything that catches my eye, usually prefer RPG's but anything will do. Right now I am playing Age of Empires II. As MMO's I sometimes play Fallen Earth as well.

    Anything else you want to share with our readers?
    Join my events! The more the merrier!

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  2. Nice interview with someone who's certainly done the rounds in EU. I like the idea of a planet where you make new ships and houses for export, but that would mean MA allowing players to make unique items not just remakes. Would be good if it happened...
  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Nice profile, tyvm @nutrageti and RAZER .

    Also interesting, we've started around the same time and our paths crossed a few times before diverging.
  4. Nice interview, thanks ;-)
  5. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Thanx guys.
    I'm sure there will be more player interviews in the future.

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