Friday Star Profile: Linden The Chosen Avery

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  1. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    A. Linden The Chosen Avery. Please call me Avery!

    Q. RL age
    A. 35

    Q. RL location
    A. Pretoria, South Africa

    Q. Amount of years playing EU
    A. Avery will turn 6 this April.

    Q. Other games you play
    A. Most of the time it's only Entropia, but I have playing Dirt 2, Halo and Forza on the Xbox 360 over the last month or two. I will probably get round to Mass Effect 2 in the next few weeks if I find the time.

    Q. Favorite Gear(s)
    A. That has to be my Ancient Mod Merc :) The extra range is wonderful for events, as well as when hunting aggro spawns. Special mention has to go to my Protector of the Empire Armour and my Imp FAP.

    Q. Prefered Location (area, town etc.)?
    A. I'd have to say Treasure Island. Globsters and SEGs are perfect to keep the frustration levels up ;) Stops me from getting bored. Pity that the Globster spawn is very painful to hunt at the moment.

    Other than that, I don't really have a preference. I usually hunt mobs where there isn't too much competition.

    Q. How did you find out about EU?
    A. A friend discovered Project Entropia at the end of March 2004, and raved about it for a week or two. The RCE (Real Cash Economy) was very appealing from the outset, so I decided to give it a go. I think I was ingame for about 6 hours before I pulled out my Credit Card. There was no way I was going to stand around sweating creatures :D

    Q. What makes EU special to you?
    A. It probably sounds cliched, but the RCE and the people. I hate having to pay a monthly subscription for a game, since then I feel obliged to play, even if I'm not enjoying myself. With Entropia, there is no harm in taking a break :)

    I have many friends in Entropia, especially in Art of War; including my girlfiend Mirandax who I met ingame :) I have met over half the members of our society in real life, which is part of the reason we're such a tight-knit group.

    Q. Which planet(s) are you most looking forward to and why?
    A. I am looking forward to the Creative Kingdom planet, as I foresee the product being very polished! I hope it materialises. Other than that, I'm looking forward to the first Planet that is released, and the opportunity to explore a new world :)

    I think I will always be a Calypso citizen though, and will try spend the time I can on my home planet.

    Q. What are your expectations for the future in EU?
    A. That new systems will keep being added to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting. I am intrigued to see the new Assignment System later this month.

    Most importantly that the new planets will create a buzz and the playerbase will grow sufficiently. Entropia is such a brilliant concept, and can only get stronger with a larger playerbase. The opportunities and level of diversity ingame would be endless. It could be a marvel to behold, and if it happens, exciting times will lay before us!

    Special bonus question
    Q. Being a part of the Universe for so long - and being one of the 'legends' - what would you say is your biggest achievement in game?
    A. Being successful from humble beginnings :) I have been able to continually grow inside Entropia, and am achieving new things constantly. All stemming from my original investments. O, the fruits of hard work!

    The single individual achievement would have to be winning MMOWC 2007. It was a great format overall, and having the Final in Vegas was a great touch.

    The other notable achievement is my society Art of War. When we created the society in August 2006, we didn't really have lofty ambitions. We were just a bunch of friends who shared a similar mindset. We've evolved into a family, where everyone gets on well with everyone else, and we have been able to put up a very good showing in 2 Landgrabs, won Merry Mayhem 2 years in a row, and have had a very strong showing in all hunting events ;) All this while having fun!

    Awesome!! Thank you Avery! Recieve 2,500 EPD to spent in the shop :beerchug: as a thank you for taking your time to play along!
  2. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    Awesome write up on a great player who loves his redbull :alcohol:
    If he could play non-stop he would :bigsmile:

    Thanks Lykke & Avery.
  3. Great interview, great player, nice.
  4. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Always wondered who this avatar is. Seen him global enough times. So thanks for interview...
  5. Ancient MM?

    I thought these would be "de-acient-ized" on first repair?
  6. Great interview. It is always good to learn about the players.

  7. Someone saved one for a very long time and then MA made anything from that era "ancient" in status. There are a few items around in EU with the "ancient" tag.

  8. Yes, i just thought they'd lose ancient status when repaired, so you can't really use them (well, only till they are broken) w/o receiving a "normal" mod merc back when you finally repair it.
  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I understood they are just regular items, though the guns have greatly increased ranges as opposed to their non-ancient versions.
  10. I see you made me left-handed, Lykke ;) Thank you for that, cos I'm left-handed irl.

    Speaking about Ancient weapons, a number of pre-gold items had improved stats, but if you repaired the gun, they would lose their pre-gold stats and get the current stats for that item. MA had been promising to make these weapons "Ancient" for a long time, and they finally did. I think it was mid to late 2005, but maybe someone with a better memory than me will have an exact date.

    Once an item was made Ancient, it could be repaired without losing its enhanced stats.

    It is mainly only range that is better on the Ancient items, Ancient MM is 66m compared to the 49.5m of the regular MM, Ancient Improved EP-21 is 77m (iirc) compared to 44m of the Imp EP-21, Ancient iff8k is 190m v 145m of the regular one, and the Ancient ff8km is 185m v 135m.

    However, the speed is greatly improved on the Ancient imk2 (as well as range), and the Ancient 1/P-3 has far better eco since it has no decay.

    The Ancient MM was T Rex's I believe. He sold to Vixen, who sold to neomaven, who sold to Star, who sold to me. It is the only one ingame.
  11. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    hehe I must have a 6th sense :D

    (OR I needed to turn the banner to make room for your awesome picture ;) )

  12. Thanks for clearing that up, i didn't know the items were "safely" reapairable once the were made "Ancient".

  13. Dont forget you can also see Linden IRL here @ MMOWC
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