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WhySoSerious: Jon Moe Snow

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by narfi, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Founded: May 14th, 2013
    Founder: Joker Poker Uber Smoker
    General: Jon Moe Snow / mg Joda VVV
    Member Count: 30
    Primary Activity: Having Fun
    Secondary Activity: Keeping the peace
    Motto: Together we can do it!
    Goals: PVP World Domination - Check
    Information: Joker is a noob and hulk is mean for taking my tax
    Equipment: Solomate opalo and a shovel.
    Rules: Fight Evil!
    Jon Moe Snow:
    Avatar Created: April 2012
    Armor: Infiltrator
    Weapon: Unique Dub & McCormick Terminator
    Fap: Hedoc Mayhem Modified
    Profession: Player Killer

    Jon Moe Snow and his society named "WhySoSerious" have drawn a lot of attention to themselves by dominating PVP and DPS events.
    Some players feel they have cheated or taken unfair advantage of imbalances in the game, while others hold that they just had the motivation and balls to invest and play to the best of their abilities.

    They have held every single Land Grab Area pretty much uncontested for quite some time now, and many of their players consistently take top prizes in the recent Mayhem events.

    Feb 15th there will be another land grab battle, and mid-level player Rick England from Jurai Blood has organized/formed a society with the goal of challenging WWS's claim to their Spider Land Area. Their hope is that it will turn into an 'epic' David vs. Goliath type battle where the army of lower level players can legitimately oppose the 'uber' army. Again there are mixed reviews on what will really happen, but regardless of the outcome, large gatherings of players for competition is always fun.

    Jon agreed to an interview with us here at EntropiaPlanets.com and answer a few questions about himself and his society.

    Q: When did you start playing the game?
    Jon: I started Playing in April 2012, so almost two years ago.
    Q: Did you know other players already when you started?
    Jon: I didn't know anyone or anything about the game when I started. But I did run into a childhood friend's brother when I saw him (Ado Skorna who is in my society now) globaling. I had to pretty much make it on my own in the wild.
    Q: How quickly after you started did you start heavily investing
    Jon: I started to purchase heavy items and gear after a visit to the rig and felt I wanted to make a difference in that scene. Ermik helped me choose items that are essential to PVP. From then on, I have considered him my mentor in the game.
    Q: (Roughly) How much have you deposited, and do you think you have lost, broke even, or profited with your strategy and approach to the game?
    Jon: I would rather not go into detail about how much I have deposited or invested, I like the fact that people speculate. It has been a decent amount and even though I have done some heavy gaming, I feel I still have most of what I deposited.
    Q: You are known as the owner of the Terminator which has led to a lot of controversy about how the game mechanics and 'fairness' for events can be changed. What are your thoughts on that?

    Jon: When it comes to the Terminator, I don't see how anything is unfair. First of all I did not even bother doing the MM myself, simply because shooting mobs does not interest me, I prefer shooting players. The way I see it is that everyone had the chance to buy the gun, it was not sent down from god to me. I bought it like anyone else buys gear and it is up to me what I want to do with it. Of course I realise the affect it has, but I don't think it changes the results of MM that heavily in this case. Specifically category 4 and 5 would have had very similar results even without the Terminator.

    Q: Another controversy surrounding you in particular is the rumor that you purchased Jokers (and other?) avatars. Is this something you are willing to discuss?
    Jon: I am not the owner of the Joker avatar and it is not my business to reveal other people's identity.
    Q: Lots of talk the last week or two about building up a noob army to take your spider LA. If you were the master mind behind such an offensive, what do you think the best way would be to defeat your society?
    Jon: WhySoSerious has always been a society that helped the noobs who for years have been treated like shit by the Black Angels. We have protected the noob rig for example since day one against the Black Angels and other groups that have tried to shut it down. I am surprised people take arms against people that in fact freed Planet Calypso from the torment of some individuals. That the person who started the rally against us is from Jurai Blood seems strange to me when some of them helped us gain the position we are in today. Yet I welcome this move as it is good for PVP.

    I will be resigning as General for WhySoSerious, and Takuda most likely will be one of the last fights I attend, if I am even needed for it. This is because of the high load on IRL duties I have and because there has been no competition lately in PVP. I am trying a new profession as a miner or hopefully a tamer when taming is finished.​

    Q: The member list is hidden at the Society Terminal for WWS. Who are some of your more prominent or well known members?
    Jon: All of our members are prominent and well known in my eyes... :)
    Q: Spoken like a true general (I feel the same about the members of my society) but looking at it as a lower level player reading about you, what names would they recognize the most?
    Jon: I think names that would be most recognized would be of course Star Mercury, Hulk and our new General vvv Joda.
    Q: What changes would you like MA to make to PVP to make it a better experience for you and others? (you mentioned there is no one to challenge you, what could they do to promote more PVP activity?)
    Jon: I think PVP should be free planet-wide meaning if someone talks shit to you in a hunt you could kill him for some consequences. This is of course a bit extreme and perhaps would never work in reality, but this would be my ideal dream.
    Q: What changes would you like to see made to the PVE experience to enhance yours or others enjoyment of the game?
    Jon: PVE doesn't really interest me.
    Q: PVP is mostly a Calypso activity, have you spent much time on the other planets, and what are your thoughts about each of them?
    Jon: I have been to the other planets, but I feel they are empty.
    Q: What do you think about the upcoming planet Toulan?
    Jon: I hope Toulan is more active and marketed in the right way.

    Here is a list of Land Areas claimed by WSS:

    Southshade Valley:
    Mob Name: Kingfishers
    Location: 34000, 42600. Between Miwak and Timbesha teleports.
    Mission broker at Naval Station Triton.
    Spawn is set to youngs.
    Drops CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.I unl, Angel foot guards (L) and Zero-Seven pistol.

    Takuta Plateau:
    Mob Name: Araneatrox
    Location: 38500, 31500. Northwest of Sakura City.
    Mission broker at 83887,78154.
    Spawn is set to youngs.

    Vermillion Fields:
    Mob Name: Falxangius
    Location: 35000, 46000. Between Miwak and New oxford teleports.
    Mission Broker Location: 35690,46640 (In the Landgrab fort)
    Spawn is set to provider - dominants. Will be set to youngs as soon as MA fix a bug.
    Drops CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition unl.

    Red Sands Forest:
    Mob Name: Cersumon
    Location: 39000, 28000. Southeast of Sakura City.
    No mission at the moment.
    Spawn set to youngs.

    Cape Carramone:
    Mob Name: Gradivore
    Location: 34500, 31500. Southeast of Nate Valley.
    No mission at the moment.
    Spawn set to prowlers - stalkers.

    Farsight Plains:
    Mob Name: Oculus
    Location: 31500, 38000. West of Silver Ridge.
    Mission is located at Silver Ridge teleport.
    Spawn set to medium maturity.

    Miwak Mountain Pass:
    Mob Name: Thorifoids
    Location: 36000, 42000. South of Miwak teleport.
    No mission at the moment
    Spawn is set to maximum maturity.

    Mob Name: Formidon
    Location: 31000, 31600. North of OLA15 teleport.
    Spawn is set to max maturity
    Drops Spartacus foot and armguards.


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  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    At least he seem to wear one of the last Genesis Niflheims (and I assume it is neither (L) nor one of this new L-fakes with the same appeareance). Once Joker was asking me to sell my Niflheim to him. I denied. But a friend traded his Nifl for the Rainbow to Joker. Well, probably it is Foudil's Niflheim? Or from someone else.
    I talked to the "new" Joker later. Made me a strange feeling.

    I think it is Joker's Niflheim.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2014
  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I won't trust a 2012 noob who is simply rich enough to buy everything he want. Even if elders like Star are in that society, wich was founded by Joker?
    C'mon folks, don't start kidding me!
    narfi, you should have asked more investigatve questions!
  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I in generally don't like to see here folks like this "Jon Moe Snow"-guy. Got the same feeling when Neomaven popped up far in the past ... or Entropia Most Wanted - to name one. Those folks destroy the intention of the game. And I assume WSS is an undertaking to exploid the resouorces.
  5. I never did much PVP because I always felt that success or failure in it depended on having 'the right weapon' as well as the right armour and PVP related skills - and I think this interview reveals this to be the case. Never knew about the Terminator which is obviously such a weapon. My personal thoughts on whether JMS is using unfair advantage is that maybe he is, but good luck to him. If I could have afforded such a weapon or have looted it, I'm sure I would have gone down a similar road - and such a gun would be good against higher level mobs as well as AVs.
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  6. nice to see the write-up, very interesting read!
  7. Tass

    Tass Administrator

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  8. I find it unsettling that ppl would enjoy the game more by stealing small amounts of money from other players who might be struggling to just stay in the game instead of figuring out ways to get it from the Mindark. Mindark has its algorithms that don't make mistakes, but as most players knows, any small mistake you make is chalked up to exp. and loss.
    All I can think is that players that join together to make a smaller opponent suffer are the same weak punks from the play ground that don't stand a chance in a fight without others to pump them up.
    If you're such bad asses take Mindark down.
  9. I think another problem is these avatars that are played 24/7 by a group of people. Some of them have been able to buy land areas. As hunters they can dominate a land area like Osseos and they have all the top HOFs for certain mobs. These avatars get to 100+ levels in 2 years!

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