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Friday Star Profile: Jaqui Rockchick Jovi

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Lykke TheNun, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!


    EU avatar name
    Jaqui Rockchick Jovi​

    RL age
    40 years old​

    RL location
    The Mountains of North Wales​

    Amount of years playing EU
    Into my fifth year​

    Other games you play
    PE, EU and FPC :)
    Other than that I seem to spend a fair bit of time in the Arcade here LOL​

    Main Profession(s) in EU
    Huntress. I have dabbled in crafting enough to unlock BPC
    and do the odd bit of mining now and then.
    But my main love is hunting. Preferably Robots. And then some more.
    The more the merrier.​

    Favorite Gear(s)
    I am a Laser Pistolleer, and and that damn Commando is proving elusive.
    I have never chipped in any skills, they are all earnt through
    my own sweat and tears. And the odd robot death.
    Hence, anything with Laser and Pistol in the title gets my vote. ​

    My main Un(L) weapon is the EP41, but mucking about with
    looted/bought stuff like the HL series is good for a
    short section of extra thumping.​

    I was lucky enough to hit a 10k hof a few years ago,
    and bought Salamander. Awesome kit for a girl that enjoys
    being 3 deep in tincans.​

    Prefered Location (area, town etc.)
    Usually around Jason.
    There seems to be a good supply of light oil in the region.
    It seems the Robots need to harvest this. Just right for an ambush.
    Cant have them building up again. :spank:

    Although when the robot wars were on,
    I could be found in the middle of wherever they were.​

    With TDO, the soc I am in, we do have forays into other areas,
    like CP and any other concentration of big baddies.
    These are a hoot in the main. But solo, you will find me with the tin cans.​

    How did you find out about EU?
    Spike - it is all his fault.​

    He read something on the BBC website about the sale of CND
    and gave the game a go. After a few weeks of watching over his shoulder,
    I got myself an account. And now he is the Noob in the partnership :silly:​

    What makes EU special to you?
    The People. Particularly The Disturbed Ones.
    I am awed by the depth of the friendships that I have made
    in this game from all over the world. TDO has become a collection
    of the of the most awesome and sincere people I have ever had
    the pleasure to meet through playing a computer game. ;)​

    Which planet(s) are you most looking forward to and why?
    There will be other planets? Where? Will there be Robots?​

    What are your expectations for the future in EU?
    I would love for EU to grow and become the place it was a few years ago.
    This question is a bit hard for me at the moment as it seems
    to have got a lot more expensive for me to play. ​

    There seem to be 2 main issues that have changed over the years
    I have been playing. One is the skill nerf, I am 2 levels away from
    commando and I know that this is going to take me another
    6 months to achieve, it really does crawl along.
    The other is the cost to play. I know that there are some who
    find more boring things to do in game, I like to blast my way through.
    This is the way I like to play. And over the last year or so the
    weekly deposit that used to do just fine, can now last an afternoon. ​

    I really do hope that the likes of the CP sale to Buzz will bring in
    many more players ready to contribute to the platform and benefit all.​

    Special bonus question
    You have done a lot of things in game and you are very active
    on the forums. If you have to tell about one thing in EU or in
    the connection of the EU community which really made a difference
    to you, what would that be?

    The first London Meet I went to in Feb 2007 with Spike.
    It was great to meet a bunch of other EU players. We had 7 from
    TDO there, even 2 members that came over from Sweden for it.
    I met the likes of Hurrikane, Skaalman, Muksy - all sorts.
    It changed my perception of the game greatly - there were real
    great people behind the pixels on the screen.​

    Since then I have been to every one of these that I can,
    so far a second London meet, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol and Worcester.
    We even have summer holidays with other members of the soc,
    recently having a member come over from Canada for it,
    and the next one with a member from Texas
    (though based in South Korea) flying over for one. ​

    I guess it is just the community that has really made a difference to me,
    though I have had some fantastic moments in-game. :alcohol:

    Wow - awesome short interview with Rockchick :)
    Thank you RC, we will reward you with 2,500 EPD for playing along ...

  2. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

  3. I think its fun to see articles bout low to medium skilled players but isnt time for some higher skilled ones also?
  4. Thank you Lykke :hug: It was great to be asked, and thank you for considering the Low/Mid level players :alcohol:
  5. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Another nice article. It was a pleasure to read.

    And Rockchick you are too good at the Arcade here - gratz on the high scores :tiphat:
  6. Great interview. Pleased to meet you RC.
  7. Nice to read these articles :)
  8. Wed

    Wed The one and only...

    Nice article :dancinggirls:
  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    How can you say that when we interviewed KIMMI? ;)

    No worries, though. We did talk about including one of the most skilled (and active) ingame people soon. There's a few other things happening first, but it's in the pipeline.
  10. Blackjack

    Blackjack Who? Me?!!!

    Wow! How did I miss this? Great interview RC!!!!

    Blackjack :cowboy:

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