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    Every now and then, our virtual universe produces some pretty unique individuals who add colors that just have to be experienced. This week’s Wednesday’s Who’s Who is a kaleidoscope of colors that dance across the page like a Crayola factory explosion.

    It’s one thing to be a real life couple, but add to that the dimension of a virtual world, and one finds some interesting and crazy experiences. One might question just how much of real life togetherness transfers into a virtual environment and what challenges may be encountered.


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    Comp and Softy are a real life couple living in Florida USA who actually met outside of Entropia, but still on the internet. Comp said that after they had chatted a while online, Softy invited him to #69 with her. "Boy was I excited and hopeful," says Comp, "but alas, that was just the name of the IRC channel, and had NOTHING to do with, well, you know."

    Softy’s version? She says that they both had signed up with Friend Finder (before it had became Adult Friend Finder), and after connecting and chatting a while, "they realized that only half a mile divided them." Eventually, they started seeing each other, and around 6 months later, they moved in together. Softy shares that "we have been together for about 11 years now."

    MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 03.jpg
    Not sure why it took so long, but on Sep 27th this year, Comp took the plunge and proposed to Softy. It was all part of an elaborate scheme to disguise an End of Summer Party at Deathifier’s castle to throw Softy off. Several fellow Entropians were recruited to work behind the scenes with Comp to help make this surprise proposal a success. A larger than normal crowd gathered at the castle, and not long into the partying, MA Guide Simon assisted with a public announcement that everyone should gather in the courtyard. It was then that Deathifier took the two gigantium signs that Comp had created, and placed one above the front gate entrance, and one above the large staircase leading to the pool on the veranda.

    MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 04.jpg MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 05.jpg

    Needless to say, Softy was overwhelmed as the real life proposal took place at the same time. If you missed this incredibly festive and celebratory party, you can get a glimpse of it here and here in the two videos that were produced for them as a remembrance of their special moment.

    MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 06.jpg

    While they are reluctant to share real life photos, they do invite us in to share in bits and pieces of what makes them an enduring couple. Perhaps it’s their sense of humor that diffuses any of the real life challenges that most couples encounter, or maybe they’re just that balanced and have found the key to longevity. Playing in a virtual world together can surely add a dimension of flavor and color that keeps it interesting, and perhaps too, their Entropia experiences provide a shared outlet that only enhances the potential for success. Let’s see how they do it.

    Comp is a Network Engineer by trade (aka Professional Geek). He has a teenage daughter who also has an Entropia account that he oversees when she plays, but says, "she doesn’t find the game that interesting, and will play for an hour or two before wandering off." Softy works at a college in one of the computer labs, and has two children of her own, but "won’t reveal their ages because it would give mine away," she says.


    "Like many of my generation," says Comp (and not saying what generation that is), "I’d heard rumblings about this virtual space station, and after reading an article, I had to know more." Comp admits to playing in other VRML and virtual worlds in the past, but "Project Entropia definitely looked interesting, so I officially signed up on November 11, 2005," declares Comp. It was Veteran’s Day, and "as a veteran," he says, "I had the day off and needed something to do, so off I went on my adventure."

    Softy said that she had heard about Project Entropia from Comp, and knew that he had been spending a great deal of time in the game. It was "one day in November 2006 that the topic came up," according to Softy, "and Comp mentioned that I should try the game. I figured that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em." Comp’s in game name, Larry “Compusmurf” Wright is a combination of his real life name, along with a nickname that he acquired when he was 10 years old. He says, "I’ve not only been a computer geek for a long time, but love the colors black and blue, and besides, I’m also short in real life." Softy’s in game name, Compusmurfs “SoftHart” Lover is a no-brainer, and perhaps a clear message to those who might otherwise pursue her to keep their distance?

    MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 07.jpg


    "EU has permeated our lives," says Comp, and "can’t say if it’s good or bad. We’ve chatted about it while dining out, driving, or just whenever. I’m sure some folks who overhear us probably think we’re nuts. They would be correct. She is nuts …"

    Softy shares that it’s great being a couple in EU, and believes that they respect each other’s views on things. However, also says that "they do talk a lot about society issues, and while they may agree on things for the most part, there are times they don’t."

    "I disagree? You kidding?," says Comp, "Last time I disagreed with her she offered to feed me to one of her pets," (more on that later), "and when I didn’t sucker for that ploy, she whipped me, then tried to blow me back to CND with her grenade launcher." Softy just laughs and says that Comp "has some underlying issues he needs to deal with."

    MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 08.jpg
    Softy does consider herself lucky though, because when she joined, Comp gave her a lot of stuff to start off with, and says if he hadn’t, she most likely wouldn’t be playing now. Seems her good fortune also carries over to loot since Comp has more luck with it and shares. "That’s a good thing," she says, "because I like dressing up my avi, and probably where most of my PEDs go."

    She admits that there are times when EU can interfere with real life, but thinks it’s funny because it was the reason she signed up to begin with since Comp had been spending so much time in the game. Now, the tables are turned, and it is she who spends more time in game. "He has created a monster," she says.

    MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 09.jpg
    Comp shares that he’s more skilled in EU than Softy, but also quick to share that "If I say something like that for real life, well, bad things will happen to me. I will have to say though, that she has spent a lot of time customizing her avatar, her clothing, and her general appearance. Me, I went for the disgusting slovenly look. All Hail The Hippy!!!"


    While Comp had experience with three failed societies, he’s actually one of the original founders of his current society, Skillin’ Villains, a well-known, and very reputable soc within Entropia. He said, "The society started by accident, beginning with a casual trade at Port Atlantis, a ‘help me’ request from a crappy outpost, and casual conversation here and there." As a natural progression, "Everyone ended up on each other’s friend list, and rather than crowding another society, we decided to start one of our own."

    The society is military-based because Comp spent 8-1/2 years in the Army, and he was quite familiar with how the ranking system worked. "Even though the ranks don’t help you in the game,” he says, “they help to define progression and promotion within the soc for certain tasks completed." The soc name comes from the constant skilling of current Leader, Twitchie, and "lack of having a dictionary or thesaurus available," says Comp, "Villains was the only thing I could think of at the time." The soc was created on December 11, 2005 and will soon celebrate its third year anniversary.

    Softy says she joined Skillin’ Villains as soon as she signed up for an account, and because it was Comp’s society. "I have never been in another society, and never had any intention to go anywhere else. The people there are great, and I consider them part of the family."

    "And you better not either," says Comp, "You aren’t allowed! (let the beatings begin)."

    "Allowed?," laughs Softy, "I may not be able to kick his butt in EU, but real life is a different story." There was a smile in there I think, right?


    Comp used to be a hunter, a crafter, and a miner, and even has quite a few unlocks in each profession, but there was a period of time when he wasn’t sure he was going to continue playing. He had actually sold out most of his skills, and says, while he pretty much only hunts now, "I’m not chasing the big hof, I’m not that ‘efficient.’ I play for fun and hope to break even. I’m not nearly as active as I used to be, but I’m still on 2-4 times a week."

    MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 10.jpg
    Softy says she "wanted to try everything," and while she dabbled in mining and crafting, mining is boring, so she doesn’t do that too often. She shares that she’s "skilling on coloring now at the suggestion of Comp since there are not many in the society very skilled at it," but admits that, "it’s slow going and I’m only at level 14." However, she has also taken up texturizing (nice job on the outfit btw), and "recently achieved the unlock at level 5." She enjoys hunting, and does that the most, but states, "I get upset with the loot."

    "Upset?," laughs Comp, "Understatement of the decade! Ask her how she vents her frustrations at killing soc mates with her pets . . .

    After catching her breath from hysterical laughter, she said, "OMG, I had invited our current General, Twitchie, to Omegatron West Habitat for a smartass remark he had made earlier, but I had a Falx there waiting. Didn’t take long for the white dot to appear." She said she was laughing so hard she almost pee’d her pants, and was surprised she hadn’t been knocked down to recruit that night.


    During the photo shoot, Softy was only too happy to introduce us to her pets, and give us an example of how playful they are . . .

    MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 11.jpg

    Softy’s explanation? "A game is supposed to be fun, and sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the game when the loot is so bad, so you have to make your own fun." Seems Softy also likes to play tag with the Falx, and has at times dragged them into town, but says, "hopefully in doing so, I haven’t pissed anyone off."

    MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 12.jpg MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 13.jpg

    Softy also has another activity she engages in quite often, and one that finds Comp a spectator. Apparently, she has this love affair going on with grenade and rocket launchers, and can be found hanging out at the Twin Peaks ring now and then, but "mostly dying," says Comp, and has fun watching the action. Yet again, Softy offered up a demonstration at the Corinth Octagon that clearly showed no mercy, not to mention a few surprises . . .

    MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 14.jpg MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 15.jpg


    Virtual life together as a couple presents expanded opportunities to enjoy each other’s company. Whether sneaking a fireside chat at Deathifier’s castle, or enjoying an intimate swim off the pier at Corinth beach, play dates take on a whole new meaning. They are not short on adventure or ideas to enhance their game play, and make it their mission to often be quite creative.

    MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 16.jpg MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 17.jpg

    Both have invested time, effort, and of course finances in the game, but what keeps them coming back are the great friendships they’ve made. There’s also a sense of family with the society. They are concerned however, that new graphics and new items going into the next dimension of game play won’t keep players if loot profit percentages don’t change. Both are big fans of the game Crysis, and are looking forward to seeing what MindArk does with the transition to CE2.

    At the end of the day, their perspectives are diverse, yet often similar, but when it’s all said and done, the clarity of their views speak volumes . . .

    MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 18.jpg MSM Compusmurf SoftHart - Fun Feisty 19.jpg

    Special Thanks To: - Moonie (Blood Moon) ... Co-Photographer
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