Jenna Star Mercury : PVP Hunter Extrodinaire!

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  1. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Jenna Star Mercury: PVP Hunter extrordinaire!

    As opposed to the ck Coat Killer report, this interview actually took place. :p

    I met up with Jenna Star Mercury at the Akmuul Island Service Center and, after setting ourselves up as a team Star ( as I will call 'her' ) proceeded to go hunting in the PVP zone to the west of the TP, while I, your humble Eu-C reporter, stayed put in the relative safety of the Center. I was invited to go along, but, as you all know, I am a chicken...or at least I taste like chicken...I forget.

    I'm sure that Star has probably been interviewed by others with far more experience and common sense than I, but this did not deter me from gaining an insight into this most infamous Calypsian. I did take the liberty to expound on some of Star's more...vague or ambiguous answers. I hope that Star doesn't mind. goes.

    Kets: How long have you been a player in EU or PE?
    -- April 2002 ish (I suppose he started playing around this time).

    Kets: There's been talk all over, this your full time job?
    Took a while to build up to what I would consider full time income. Wasn't as good due to the lack of item values and # of players. ( Is this a "Yes" or "No". He seemed nice enough so I'll say..."yes".)

    Kets: What is your primay source of income?
    Trading, but combo of hunting and trading. I profit at mining lose at crafting. ( I profit at mining and lose at everything else, so in this instance Star and I are a very similar.)

    Kets: Do you have an inside track on the goings on at Mindark?( What I meant here, of course, was "Are they any hot women working for Mindark and do you have access to phone numbers, etc.)
    Star: No, no reason I should get more information than other players. I can call a few people I've met at CEs and some others on the phone but no special treatment. ( A rather disappointing answer especially when considering the intended question, but ...what ever.)

    Kets: Would you consider yourself an uber player or is that a derogatory term?
    Uber means good right? (?...I'll take you word for it. "Noob" means bad so...)

    Kets: Good as in ability or Morality?
    I consider Uber to be someone that enemies would fear, friends would ask for help and unknowns would look up to. There are many ways to view it. ( He's right, because there's 3 ways to view it right in his answer. )

    Kets: Have you ever browsed the forum? This is not a plug, well, maybe just small one, but really, I'm just trying to impress my boss. ( Go PHUNKSTA! WHOO-HOO!)
    I'd have to say no, but I can't be 100% sure. I read anything I come into contact with. ( Sorry, Boss. )

    Kets: If this interview wasn't so boring would you be inclined to read it...when ever I might finish it that is?
    It isn't boring, there are about 50 red dots to keep me company. I'm sure that I'll have a look now that I know about it. ( You see, Boss...He said that he'll have a look. That's a good thing, right? Perhaps a raise in pay is in order?)

    Kets: Great. Do you like cats? You know the soft, furry, purring animals? (As opposed to...?)
    Star: To eat or as pets?

    Kets: I have three of them and I could ship them to you to either eat or for you to treat as pets, you're choice. Interested? ( C'mon say "YES", say "Yes"!)
    Star: Nah, ( Damn!) I prefer them as pets, but I'd venture to guess that I've eaten them in some Asian places in the USA unknowingly. And yes, I do like them as pets. Don't have one atm though.

    Kets: I have 3 and let me tell you, you're not missing anything. ( except perhaps a good 'sub-gum fried 'meow ) Anyway, you mention the USA, pardon my ignorance but other than Akmuul where do you call home?
    North Carolina and Michigan. I swap houses with my folks in the winter so they can get away from the snow. At their age it isn't safe for them to walk on ice.

    Kets: Or at my age, for that matter. I live in CT so on your way by, sort of, you could pick up the damn...uh, the nice, little , furry critters and take them far away...uh... I digress. ( Hey, I won't know if I don't ask. )
    Star: lol no, ty, don't need any cats at the moment.

    Kets: Ok. Let's get to whats important. A question that I ask all my interview-ees is...Are you a dude or a chick? ( Thanks for the material, Anna. )
    Star: M irl, F here.

    Kets: I'm questionable on both counts with pictures to prove it...on ( Another plug, Boss. How am I doing?) It must be nice to be sure about oneself. Now about your Soc...If I wanted to be a Menace to Society, even moreso than I already am, what would be required?
    Theres no way atm. We're at max capacity, even if Jesus himself applied. Although for Jesus we might make an exception. ( Note: Menace to Society only accepting prophets and Messiahs at the moment.)

    Kets: On that note...Let me ask you something that I wonder about myself...Do you fell that there is one God, a multitude of gods, or a bunch of cats crapping all over the place and this is what we call the universe? ( Perhaps he'll think that I'm a phophet now? )
    Star: Definately believe in God. can't say for others to believe or not but I'm 100% sure there is some higherpower that created us. Calling him Jesus or Doctor Bojangles makes no difference. ( Maybe if I had a tamborine he'd think I was a bit more religious. )

    Kets: Great. As you can see the cats have a strong influence on my life. (Not to mention the Red Bull ) Anyway...what is your take on CryEngine. Are you excited, apprehensive or just don't care?
    Mixed feeling overall excited. It is difficult to transition into different play style after being accostomed to learing everything about EU as it is now. I pride myself on player killing (...shiver...) , and I don't doubt I'll be good with that engine as well, the question is will I be one of the best still. This is one of the ony things that I am sure of. The rest is positive. Great gameplay hopefully, more players. A few other things - we have to hope MA does CryEnginge well. Not half assed as a lot of other things that come in the past with bugs, problems, etc. I'm also very excited to have new planets and Pirates in space. I believe that my society and myself are well equipeed to to be one of the first to discover riches in space.

    Kets: I agree with most of that. ( sort of, except any parts that bash Mindark as I don't want to offend any of the hot women who may be working there ) I have a question though...A few months back I took a stroll in tthe PVP zone you're in now and was taken out by someone. Could that have been you?
    lol, I remember almost everything I kill and yes, your name looks familiar :-)

    Kets: Hmmm. ( Ah-Ha! I have decided upon a new quest in my new Calypsian life...REVENGE!) I see...about the 32 PED worth of Ore and Enmatters ...uh...nevermind. I'll put it down to education expenses and claim the deduction on my taxes.
    lol bit late for that. ( He knows I'm late filing my taxes? Wow! He's good. )

    Kets: As you like hunting players, when you get onto ( See Phunksta, I'm still pushing the site. ;-)) check out the Rules of Canley forum. It might be something you'd be interested in playing.
    I'll look into it.

    Kets:There are a thousand other things to ask you, and Bunny will be upset because I forgot her question, but this was a pleasure and I hoped you enjoyed it, too. Perhaps I will appear in your crosshairs in the future .( And you in mine...MUWAHAHAHA!...Yeah, right. Like I could even dent this guy. Perhaps if I soiled myself he may flinch at the smell and that would give me a running start. Hmmm....) Until then Thanks.
    Is that all? No more questions?

    Kets: I'm pretty lazy, ask anyone, and this is about all I can handle. Perhaps we can meet up again when I think of some more things to ask.
    Sounds good.

    So some final thoughts and impressions about Star:
    Arrogant? No. Highly skilled and determined to be the best PVP-er in EU is more accurate.
    Dude? In RL...yes, but with a female avatar. Like so many others in this place. Right Anna?
    A raucous pirate relentlessluy looking for a hapless victim? Not yet, but with the addition of the mythical 'Space Pirates' I venture to say Uh-huh.
    Having fun and appreciative of this product, environment and opportunity to profit in an online world? Definately!

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  2. :cool:Cool interview as always Kets:cool: Star sounds like a real nice guy:D Looking forward to the next interview
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  3. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    An interesting choice of subject, but a good article Kets, nice work. :ok:
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  4. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Good work!

    (When will you interview me?) :D
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  5. Good work as usual Kets :) and some surprising questions with more surprising answers :p
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  6. Nice one Kets, I particularly like the cat questions :).
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  7. Great interview, very nice and fun to read as always :D

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  8. Good work Kets, an intereting interview with just the right amount of plygs for our site LOL
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  9. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    An interview with Star and you lived to tell the story LOL. Good going Kets. :D
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  10. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    This aint fair! I want to be interviewed too :(
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  11. Although I'm sure Anna would be a big and interesting enough subject :rolleyes:....
    Maybe a group interview with the EUTropians would be interesting?
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  12. Nice work Kets :o
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  13. Zap


    Awesome interview :)
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