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Interview: With Rickard Rick England

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by GeorgeSkywalker, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. GeorgeSkywalker

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    Interview: With Rickard Rick England

    Hi Rick
    Q: You’ve been in EU a long time, how many years now?
    A: Rick’s came to EU in March 2006, seems a lot longer, so coming on for 6 years.

    Q: What sort of skills do have after all that time?
    A: well over 200k skill points, 99% natural skilled.

    Q: how’s your weekend going?
    A: Was out of peds so deposited $100 this Saturday for new Geotrek Apis (BLP rifle) from auction as had some planned hunting this weekend.

    Q: Sounds fun, do anything interesting?
    A: Finished 500 Eviscerator iron mission at the volcano for another Psyche point chasing Hawks Most Psyche in EU list on PCF.

    Then my good friend Ulla Jamira Braun had a celebration event in LA40 (Big Atrox) so entered that. Finished 5th, but overall pleased I walked away with some peds. Also big thanks to my JB soc leader Fortress who lent me his dante to play with for the event.

    Q: It’s Sunday you was CP for like 40 mins what happened there?
    A: Yeah flew to CP it’s closer now, to burn the rest of the Apis chasing another Psyche point for 500 Kreltin in Dome 2. Didn’t pay any globs so came back down to planet. I’ll get that Psyche point another day, no rush.

    Q: Why didn’t you buy another gun from Buzz CP stall and carry on?
    A: I’ve done that in the past, but I don’t chase loot now. If I don’t get big enough loot drops in first hunt on big mobs I leave. If the server sets your avatar to hof’s then you need to be brave to hold out for it. On my budget I can’t afford to risk it. If I hit good I would’ve stayed longer.

    Q: isn’t $100 enough budget?
    A: I wish it was. On big mobs I think you need much more ped turnover if you choose the wrong day to hunt, I’d rather leave happy than come back to Calypso with an empty ped card. Been there done that.

    Q: I see you are on baby drones now, what’s a skilled hunter doing on those, isn’t that a noob mob?
    A: (smiles) It comes back to budget, got about 60% of deposit left, so switched to small mobs, to last out my peds. Suits me, as 45 mins relaxed hunting for 100 peds SME (ammo) with my unlimited electric V chip.

    Q: why drones?
    A: Drones drop Gazzurite ore, got good MU about 120%+ sometimes 125%+ refined. Plus they do global a lot.

    Q: so you could hunt them constantly and profit?
    A: ha,ha I found the server doesn’t like me mob camping, so it will do for now. Some people are very successful camping mobs. I get enough horrible loot warning when it’s time to try something else.

    Q: Looking at tracker where’s your ATH?
    A: I think I either don’t spend as much as other avatars that do hit an ATH’s or I’m just very very unlucky. Sure I’ve deposited a lot in my opinion over the years. I don’t chase it anymore, just try to enjoy time in game, and see what happens.

    Q: Got any of these Calypso Land Deeds?
    A: Yes probably deposited a good 3 years deposits in advance to get quite a few.

    Q: Wow.... got any concerns?
    A: My only real concern is MA might still want the same deposits I paid before I bought the deeds every month, I’m taking a wait a see approach. Although I would like to see dividends counted as deposits for my avatar if it works like that.

    Q: What’s your plans moving forward for the next two years?
    A: Try and unlock Force Merge and Commando, I’m getting there slowly. Almost level 60 laser sniper (hit) and about to click over to Level 57 electro Kinetic (dam). But these days I play to my budget, so how long it takes is up to Mindark and how lucky I am in game.

    Q: You’ve done lots of Irons missions, I heard a big drop comes on Bronze, what’s your view?
    A: Yes I’ve heard it happens a lot. But I don’t camp the mobs anymore, I’m on Atrox and Argo bronze right now. I won’t hold my breath, but it would be good to get a fat hof. I was disappointed not to get a hof on 10K corns, because that was my favourite noob mob, but hey-ho.
    Q: Why don’t you craft?

    A: I rarely craft, how can I put it? It doesn’t suit my character, nerve or ped card. I’d rather have 40 mins hunting drones in the wild, than 10 mins staring at a wall praying for my peds back. What’s more I’ve seen a few good friends leave EU, risking amazing sums of ped at the machine each day. Maybe the secret of crafting is a few clicks here and there, and not to park yourself at it for hours on end. I’m not a crafter, and don’t want to be.

    Q: Do you mine?
    A: I found it boring, but great way to get your HP up. But that’s another plan moving forward. I see Arkadia has lots of open space perfect for mining, so I may try my luck for a few months and see what mining brings in the future.

    Q: Are you going to use massive mining amps, and hit the big one?
    A: (Smiles) I’m sure big spend can bring big reward. Like I’ve already said before “been there done that”. I will probably run Level 1 and 2 amps, try and enjoy it out there, switch around a few finders, and see what happens. Maybe add a few enhancers to mining tools, I don’t know yet.

    Q: Excited about the future?
    A: Well two new planets coming online this year, think I will certainly visit those planets and see if I can get a discovery, maybe even an unlimited gun, or even an unlimited big fat Mindforce chip.

    Q: Do you think MA will only pay the old ubers massive ATH’s on those new planets?
    A: It seemed like that when Arkadia came online. But I have no idea how much peds those people spent to hit their big ATH’s, so I guess unfair to comment. Although I would like to think that hitting the new stuff is open to everyone that tries their luck.

    Q: well thanks for the interview Rick, got any lasts words?
    A: I’ve got a saying I like to use. “MA can pay you, if they want to”. Have fun out there and Good Luck for 2012. Enjoy it, and play to a budget.​

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  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I just wanted to clarify that the interview above is a report of the article that Richard Rick England did with himself, and that the interview was reposted with the original author's consent :)

    Thanks to Rick for allowing us to repost it, and to George for pursuing the article :)
  3. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    If you'd like to do a self-interview go ahead and send it in...if it's worthy of printing you could find yourself on front page :)

    Well we have self-portraits, so why not self-interviews? I think Rick may have started a trend here :bandit:
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  4. kalanen

    kalanen roadkill

    Grats for getting touch of the interviewee (can't be a word) and sorry to go offtopic:


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