Friday Star Profile: Jesus jdegre de Gregorio

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Lykke TheNun, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!


    Amount of years playing EU
    Exactly 4 (I'm one more colonist from the CND generation)

    RL age
    40 (damn, that sounds bad, I'm getting

    RL location
    Madrid, Spain

    Main Profession(s) in EU:

    Favorite Gear(s)
    Currently, Apis + Dante

    Prefered Location (area, town etc.)
    Treasure Island; I love the new mobs there, specially furors;
    I've been camping them for some months. It's not like I have the
    hope to get something special from them, but well,
    they are nice mobs for my (noob) level.

    How did you find out about EU?
    I saw the TI sale on around feb-2005, but at that time
    I did not have broadband at home; after some months, I saw again
    on slashdot the CND sale, and I joined around nov-2005

    What makes EU special to you?
    Many things. Most of all, of course, the real cash economy,
    which makes EU unique. But also, the complexity of the game;
    it really takes the effort of dozens, if not hundreds, of participants
    combined in order to figure out how EU works, and I'm proud to
    have contributed my share to it (and plan to keep doing it)

    Which planet(s) are you most looking forward to and why?
    Probably Creative Kingdom's planet. If they can deliver a product
    with similar quality standards as the rest of their creations,
    it will be really impressive.

    What are your expectations for the future in EU?
    Well, I guess they are not too different from other participants
    that really care about EU. I'd really love to see the community grow
    (I have been EU ambassador and promoted EU in Spain);
    I'd love to see MA/FPC addressing the main sources of frustration
    regarding gameplay (i.e. storyline, quests/missions),
    cost to play (loot, balancing), etc...

    Special bonus question
    You have a couple of very neat tools developed for the game;
    the skill scanner and chipping optimizer.
    How many repeating visitors do you have to your site
    and how did you come up with the idea of making these tools?

    A couple of years ago I wanted to unlock avoidance,
    so I started wondering what was the effect of the different skills
    on the evader profession, and also what would be the cheapest
    way to chip in to get this unlock. In principle, that was my
    only goal: get avoidance in the cheapest way... lol

    At that time, I collaborated at lot with Doer, JimmyB, Witte,
    and many other great guys trying to understand the EU skill system.
    Once I got the very basic data, I started making an excel sheet
    with some basic formulas, then I made a simple desktop application
    to make these calculations automatically, and finally I decided it
    would be nice to do a web application and share it
    with the community.

    That's how the Chipping Optimizer was born.
    Regarding visitors, around 5k hits/day
    (not unique visitors, but total page visits;
    I've never tracked the number of unique visitors).

    ... and awesome it is! Thanks to Jdegre for taking his time to do
    this small interview! 2,500 EPD are on their way to be spend
    in the icon shop :beerchug:
  2. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    I can confirm one of the "unique" visitors to the site was me :)

    I've used the chipping optimizer ..excellent tool and the skill scanner again excellent...MA should build those into the game and pay jdegree royalties :)
  3. Lorfat

    Lorfat Bad Looter King

    A Great Entropian!

    I would like to thank jdegre for all the hard work with his tools which he then gladly shared with all of us.

    JdeGre actually created opportunities for us to play the game cheaper, if you think about it.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  4. well, thanks to Lykke for the interview, and for bringing me to the front page. i feel really honored ! :)

  5. Big up to jdegre, one of those players who doesn't court fame or seek a high profile, but just gets on with making a strong positive contribution to the community in the background.

    Keep up the good work jdegre :)

  6. Agreed, when people talk about strong EU community, its people like jdegre who they mean :)
  7. I'm better at posting mean stuff, so i just say:

    Thank you for all the research, the hard work and your dedication - and especially your patience!

    You are for sure one of the silent heroes of EU!

  8. ^^ what wizzszz said :thumbup:
  9. Amen! For that!
  10. Cool interview about a cool guy :)

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