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    The wiki is under continuous development, improvements are implemented on almost daily basis. The idea is to release a monthly report highlighting a few developments of the past month. A general outline of wiki development can be found there: EntropiaPlanets Wiki - Past, Present, Future.

    This is the November 2013 Report.
    The past reports can be found at the bottom of this post.

    • ~10,489,000 total pageviews at the end of the month
    • ~10,000 pageviews/per day
    • most development hours in November went in the preparations for the major update at the end of the month and most features it brought needed additional work to be done in December, so November was rather a meager month
    • smaller updates to the documentation of events, locations, vehicles
    • again @Rowan massively updated Calypso shops:
    • content updates related to Monria (locations, creatures, missions, etc), many by @firejuggler
    • content updates for Cyrene missions by @Neuromancer
    Notable pages


    * You have experience with one or more of the following or absolutely want to learn it: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Lua ???
    * You could imagine working with and around Mediawiki the software that powers Wikipedia and tens of thousands of other wikis???
    * Open source software development doesn't scare you???
    => How about joining the efforts to improve EP's wiki software and extensions that might make it on many other wikis. Post in the thread or send a message.


    Any questions, suggestions, criticism welcome! Really, any kind of feedback would be great.

    Past reports

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