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    Wiki is under continuous development. Improvements are implemented on almost daily basis.

    The idea is to release a monthly report highlighting a few developments of the past month. You can find the last reports there:
    This is the December 2011 Report.

    • Total of pageviews by the end of the month: ~1,630,500
    • Average of pageviews/day: ~5800

    December tends to be a slow month. Still there's something to report.
    • Most notably and at the same time least visible was the upgrade to MW 1.18. At least one of its features might lead to a couple of visible changes later this month. Let's see.
    • A few numbers of December: Wiki hit 1,500,000 (one and a half Million) total page views, jumped 2000 pageviews/day average since it's existence (October 2009) as well as 30,000 total edits.
    • After a test phase the first Gadgets have been enabled by default. More will come in future.
    • Project Teleporters did take a big step forward by the end of the months thanks to admin introducing semi-automatic processing. As a result Calypso TPs are done.
    • A few guides have been added to the EU Guide. However, Project Entropia Universe Guide could have some more support. Most notable this month is for sure the Beacon Missions page. Also a log has been added showing the most recently edited pages in the guide.
    • No notable changes to EntropiaToday, Flight Schedule, Changes to the Sidebar, Portal:Missions.
    • A little tool to track the performance of Calypso Land Deeds including a basic graph has been added to Calypso Lands Deeds. Fully form editable, calculating everything automatically.
    • The House of Lords and Ladies is a nice example of how a society's presentation on the wiki can look like. More features dedicated to presentation and management of societies will be added in the future.
    Notable pages
    If you create or improve or find a page you think is notable, just call.

    Much more happened on the wiki and in the coming months there will happen much more that's worth reporting. Promised.

    Any questions, suggestions, criticism welcome!
    Share the wiki pages, join the projects, try editing with the new forms, stay tuned, there's more new stuff in pipe. :)
  2. MindStar9

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    Awesome work as always ... I'm just amazed at how far the EP Wiki has come, but I also know there's so much more in store to make it even better than it is now, and it's going to be fun to watch it expand.

    Much respect for the hard work and ongoing progress! :thumbsup:
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