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    And finally last month's report.

    A general outline of wiki development can be found there: EntropiaPlanets Wiki - Past, Present, Future. However, wiki is under continuous development, improvements are implemented on almost daily basis. The idea is to release a monthly report highlighting a few developments of the past month.

    This is the October 2013 Report.
    The past reports can be found at the bottom of this post.

    • ~10,188,500 total pageviews at the end of the month
    • ~13,300 pageviews/per day
    • wiki turned 4 on 17 Oct
    • wiki achieved 10 Million total pageview on 18 Oct
    And of course much more has happened on the wiki in October.

    Notable pages


    Not yet sure whether it can be made in time but if so in late November a roll-out of wiki's most dramatic and partially highly anticipated changes will begin. A lot might break, there might be terrific issues, nevertheless it will be a another step into future. ;)


    * You have experience with one or more of the following or absolutely want to learn it: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Lua ???
    * You could imagine working with and around Mediawiki the software that powers Wikipedia and tens of thousands of other wikis???
    * Open source software development doesn't scare you???
    => How about joining the efforts to improve EP's wiki software and extensions that might make it on many other wikis. Post in the thread or send a message.


    Any questions, suggestions, criticism welcome! Really, any kind of feedback would be great.

    Past reports

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    You guys are doing an amazing job with the EP Wiki, and I know how hard you work to continue making it even better. Wish I could become a Wicki Wookie, but you know how I am with the Wiki Tass, and besides, I have a plateful with taking care of some RL stuff, as well as working on my other writing.

    It's awesome how the EP Wiki has evolved over time, and can't wait to see its future. :thumbsup:
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