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  2. else to get attention x'D
  3. next island had potential, but yep, it's dead... just like a lot of others....

    Dead/Dying Planets in Entropia Universe

    Empaticus Ltd.’s vision is to expand the Human Flourishing platform and be the global leader within the purpose based 3D Internet. Empaticus Ltd. is looking for Planet Partners that want to be a part of the continuous expansion of the Human Flourishing Universe by implementing their unique concepts, businesses and ideas into new unique planets.

    Planet Avapreneur (Developing as an Avapreneur) – use your avatar to explore and test business ideas, collaborate on international projects

    Planet Apprentice (Develop knowledge of apprenticeships) – explore options and engage in apprenticeships

    Planet Community Safety (Developing community based safety solutions) – benchmarking and support for community safety solution development

    Planet Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Developing Alternative Health Solutions) – Explore and apply alternatives to conventional health solutions

    Planet CSR (Driving Corporate Social Responsibility) – linking CSR activities to scalable activities and solutions testing across all planets

    Planet CrowdFunding (Funding central) – seek and secure in Universe funding for ideas and solutions

    Planet Cultauriture (Developing Digitization of Culture) – Integration of digital culture to support maintenance and development of culture

    Planet Earth (Developing Environmental Sustainability) – Managing environmental resources effectively and creating new environmentally sound solutions

    Planet Empathy (Walk in someone else’s shoes) – Real life scenarios allow participants to experience other people’s lives.

    Planet Employability (EU Social Innovation Competition Semi-Finalist 2014) – Creating online employment opportunities

    Planet Engineering (Develop and explore engineering) – Complete engineering missions and develop engineering skills

    Planet Enterprise (Developing existing businesses) – Seek opportunities to expand existing and early start-up businesses

    Planet Exercise (Develop fitness routines) – Seek and undertake different fitness missions and assignments

    Planet Financial Trading (Developing Financial Trading Knowledge) – Learn how to become a financial trader through mix of in Universe and Real World activities.

    Planet Health and Well-Being (Developing personal and community health) – Find options to improve health and well being and create community health solutions)

    Planet Humanitarian Aid (Developing solutions together) – Avatars working together to support people in challenging environments

    Planet Informed Citizen Planet (Developing Good Citizenship) – Promote and good citizen solutions

    Planet League of Fitness (Competitive Fitness Teams) – Join a fitness team and compete across the world

    Planet Mathematics (Develop and explore knowledge of mathematics) – Using maths knowledge to earn HFU currency and travel credits

    Planet Professional Development (Explore options for professional development) – Here avatars will be able to undertake relevant professional development options

    Planet Public Administration (Developing Local Government Capacity) – Support for local government officials and capacity building activities

    Planet Research (Develop Research and Academic Skills) – Here avatars will be able to develop their research skills and promote their academic abilities

    Planet Science (Explore and develop knowledge of science) – Engage with scientific missions and activities

    Planet Skills Development (Developing Skills for enterprise and employability) – Find routes and pathways to enhance skills base and open new opportunities across the Universe

    Planet Social Pearl (Developing Social Enterprise) – Support for existing and emerging social enterprises

    Planet Sport (Explore developing sports projects) – Link with sports codes, join clubs, start new sporting clubs

    Planet Start-Up (Developing Business Start-ups) – Support for Idea development and Business Start-ups

    Planet Qualifications (Formalise Universe Skills Development) – Structures for formalising all activities on other planets to link with real world activities and qualification structures

    Planet Well-Being (Developing healthy lifestyle choices)

    Planet Work Experience (Explore opportunities to develop work experience) – accept assignments from clients and other opportunities to develop work experience

    Planet Conscious Consumption (Harnessing consumer power for CSR) team of independent international experts compiling weekly top 25 consumer do’s and don’ts list

    Planet Literacy

    VEGAS TO MACAU…-planet.18724/

    Vincere B.V. Curacao.
    Internet Archive link
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    The Casino has arrived, with german Spammers. Meet your psychologist on a planet !
    Is it real?? Casino and poker on entropia universe??

    NEXT ISLAND: (well, still half dead at least)
    RIP Next Island
    Next Island Forum post on Entropiaplanets

    Planet Postmoderna State of Affairs

    CRD section of Entropia Planets Forum
    China Recreation District
    Creative Kingdom Inc. Designing New Planet for Entropia Universe Article

    China creating an e-commerce network
    Internet Archive Link

    Virtual world, where millions of people can work, socialize, learn and fall in love

    CRD chief executive David Liu predicted that the virtual worlds will generate approximately 10,000 jobs in the mainland.
    “An important aspect for this project is also the positive effects on our environment that we foresee,” Liu said. “People will actually be able to work from home inside Entropia Universe, as many people do today, even from rural areas, thereby decreasing the amount of pollution generated by travel.”

    Internet Archive Link

    Community Q&A
    Entropia Planet’s Wiki on Theryon Wars

    Entropia Planet’s Wiki on SEE

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by Marco|SDS [​IMG]
    Understandably there are some questions raised due to the annual report. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the FPC part – yet. What I can say is that the future for FPC and Planet Calypso is looking brighter than ever.
    Internet Archive Copy of Planet Michael Website

    See Virtual Worlds to Publish Universal Monsters and Van Helsing Themed Virtual World Article
    Entropia Planets Wiki on Universal Monsters
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    We've done what we could. All the content of the original nextislandlife/nextislandforum from pre-release to 2016 has been moved there and merged with the EP NI content:

    We have data of another forum with historic content but we didn't manage to merge it properly yet. It would need someone with coding skills to do it properly.
  5. Wistrel

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    EP? Why not just host it in it's original form?
  6. RAZER

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    Well it is basically about cost. Having 2 forums means 2x the licences for the software and addons, more server power needed and more of that stuff.
  7. Wistrel

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    I thought phpBB was a freebie? (I get it with NI though)
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