RIP Next Island?

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    A reliable source informed us that Next Island is not able to meet its contractual obligations with MindArk to deliver contents for the October 9th VU (the contracts dictate that content has to be delivered every so many months). This will mean that unless David Post manages to come up with actual content to deliver by October 9th, MindArk has the ability to terminate the planet partner contract with Next Island on the basis of a breach of contract, and essentially take control of Next Island, and all its assets.

    What this effectively means is not entirely known, as it has not happened before, but chances are the planet will be kept in its current state, meaning no further development will be done, until the time agreed on the Next Island assets remaining available for use in Entropia Universe expires (presumably done to ensure specific planetary items can be kept in EU for a while in case of a failing planet or a bankrupt planet partner), after which MindArk will terminate the planet altogether.

    Let’s backtrack a little, and see if we can somehow assemble the puzzle of what happened here. CSI Entropia, if you want.

    Next Island announced
    David Post, an entrepreneur who had a life-long dream to build his own storyline into a game, publically announced Next Island on September 16th, 2008 by means of a press release. The official Next Island release took place a few days later at Carolyn’s Comedy club in NYC.

    Next Island would be developed by NEVERDIE Studios, run by Jon “NEVERDIE” Jacobs.

    Next Island Launch
    December 8th, 20010, Next Island saw its initial launch. Reception was mild, primarily due to a lack of content. With the exception of the NEVERDIE ISland, Next Island fellt pretty vacant, with only small remote pockets of MOBs and mining resources being available. Another disappointment was that while Next Island was supposed to be a time travel location, at launch there was only a single location available.

    Uh oh
    Next Island has been severely plagued since launch by a severe lack of an economy. Not enough items existed to enable colonists to sustain their living. Not enough content was introduced to allow new players to really immerse themselves into the storyline and stick around.

    Next Island was always meant to focus on casual gamers, but even casual gamers need a sense of purpose, and that was one of the major factors that felt to be lacking. Newcomers were attracted by marketing efforts, but found too little to do to have a reason to stay, and thus left again. Lack of items and blueprints ensured that many colonists who visited Next Island found it hard to be able to sell their goods, and thus they took a financial hit because of it.

    Even the launch of time travel, with the introduction and discovery of Ancient Greece in March 2011 could not save the planet. While the technical aspects of time travel worked well, meaning that future weapons and items could not be used in past time locations, there simply were not enough different resources to enable hunters, miners, or crafters to remain self-sustaining.

    Over the course of late 2011 and 2012, those paying attention to Next Island noticed a change in pace of the planet. Suddenly it seemed like there was finally a true creative drive behind the planet which molded the current staff into an actual development group. Content being released more frequently, and in increasing volumes.

    New missions, items, blueprints and content were being added, and colonists who kept their eyes open were able to get their hands on some cool looking Greek items.

    At the same time, Next Island seemed to have started exploring other ways to promote itself, most noticeably by means of joining forces with other companies, leading to interesting collaborations like Transformer goodies, a stint with an online modeling agency, and working with iBuyPower and giving away a gaming computer.

    However, none of them seemed to attract the numbers hoped for. Yet, development kept up, and a lot of the players who set foot on Next Island earlier went back to do some of the new missions, and explore the new and improved Next Island.

    Light at the end?
    Then, March 17th, David Post announced on Facebook that funding was found for Next Island. The news sparked hopes in the hearts of anyone who held Next Island dear (which were many. NI was by many perceived as one of the most beutiful planets with gorgeous scenery).

    Unfortunately, when due to unknown reasons the investor backed out, Mr. Post had no contigency plan in place, and a few days later, due to the deal not working out as hoped, the entire Next Island staff was let go.

    Should Mr. Post fail to sign a deal or find someone to take over development of Next Island, it seems that the days of Next Island are numbered.

    Should this indeed become reality, we would like to sincerely wish everyone ever involved with Next Island the bext of luck in their future ventures, with specific mentions going to:

    Mr. David Post
    Jon 'NEVERDIE' Jacobs
    Next Island CGO
    Meg Stivison and Harold Stipe, whose cooperation on Next Island led to them finding happiness together.

    (Harold recently proposed to Meg, who happily agreed. From everyone at EntropiaPlanets, we would like to wish the happy couple all the best in their future together).

    Today, 05 June 2013, David post published the following statement:

    "ok to answer the questions.. I still own the lion share of Next Island and it is still operating but no new content being added at this time. I am focused more on the crowdfunding platform which has higher promise and cost a fraction of what an MMO costs."


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  2. Maybe it's time for Mindark to make Niks, Duru and Gazz NI only ores to help them.
    :cry1: I really hope David Posts can at least find a buyer for Next Island to keep developing this beautiful planet. :cry1:

    Congratulations to both Meg and Harold.:cheer: (Can I ask who is Harold? I heard of this name but never known who he actually is.)
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  3. Please don't cancel Next Island that is wonderful planet very serene and beautiful there I really like the atmosphere. The guy has had a rough time I really do love that planet. He has put a lot of work into it. Give him some more time to get things going again please. It really is the most beautiful planet. It makes me feel like I'm on vacation there :)
  4. I like NI and hope all goes well :) and gz to meg and harold :)
  5. next rocktropia.................
  6. Mindark: We introduce you 2012 yearly sale Next Land Deed to raise the fund for further development of Next Island. :lolup:
  7. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Brainstormers Official Brain Glue

    I have mixed feelings about NI. The resources are seriously boring and hard to tell apart. The only mobs I can think of are papoo - may they burn in the depths of whatever hell is convenient - and the vulcans - which are actually nice to hunt. Put them in the Calypso volcano like the hiryuu spawn used to be and add an iron mission.

    I predict a a rogue meteor impact in the near future unfortunately.
  8. MindStar9

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    There was an interview done with him in the June issue of the EntropiaTimes magazine.

    He was hired as Planet/Production Manager I believe, and a really nice guy.

    I learned a while back about the engagement, and I'm really happy for them.

    They had been friends a long time, and actually had worked together in some capacity before I believe.
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  9. EwoK

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    I'd like to second this sentiment. All the best for the two of you in the years ahead. Don't lose touch.
  10. Wistrel

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    Hmmm.... interesting. I'm with the others, NI was like I was on holiday. I hope somehow it can be integrated in with someone else's story maybe and taken over by another planet partner. I think this could be do-able with a little imagination. Maybe the quest givers and some stuff need to go but the physical countryside etc could largely remain in tact. I even think the time travel concept could be preserved, perhaps even a rework of the story to fit another scenario.

    I like the idea of something of an altercation being spread over time periods. There is scope that this could be integrated with another story. eg calypso maybe with robots discovering time travel and trying to take out humans in the past.

    (yeh I appreciate thats the plot of first contact but hey,, it was a cool plot! )

    I really wanted to see more made of the time travel thing though i really liked the idea of the same land features and buildings existing between 2 time frames but maybe being more weathered or ruined. Its something you can't do IRL so yeh very unique in MMO's.

    Amused at the idea of it being this years Christmas sale though... somehow I think not though ;)

  11. David post is only bothered about the money he is not here for a dream hes here to make a get rich quick type of thing
    and he has realized that's not going to happen around here, believe it or not that's your choice but thats how i see this.

    You read his tweets - big babes virtual casino thing he put on twitter he was trying to get to mindark for some reason Mindark had a word with him and he must have stopped with tweets.

    If David whats this to be his dream then he has to commit to it Meg was a good person the updates was amazing no reason to fire her.

    Ok im done.
  12. GeorgeSkywalker

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  13. I've actually never visited Next Island, but of course I've seen screens and the planet does look beautiful, although not interesting. I'm not half as worried about NI going bankrupt as I am about the implications it can have on entropian economy. It can in fact prove devastating for all the planets if one planet cannot sustain itself and thus are forced to walk away. I believe Cyrene may meet the same fate 2 years from now as NI are finding themselves in, because the fact remains that you need old players on your planet to teach the new ones' how to survive on said planet rather than saying, "hey, kiddo, you should go to Calypso if you wish to survive economically - and if you wish to meet other players." It is a fallacy to believe old players aren't needed. This very game has built its foundations on players co-operating with each other to fight the evil environment and survive together.

    When the original excitement fades, like it has on NI and Cyrene, then look at the result: emptiness. If I had lots and lots and lots of money I would have my fun on Cyrene and Next Island and TT whatever I find if I can't sell it to other players, but I do not have lots and lots and lots of money, so I am forced to mine on Calypso and to some extent on Arkadia.

    My point is that it's a serious mistake to launch a planet before said planet is ready for it. If I go to a new planet and find a lot of bugs or fucked up things like only lyst and oil when mining, then why the hell would I stay? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT REAL MONEY HERE. If we as players cannot be a part of the market on one planet, then most of us will move to another, because not being able to sustain a living within Entropia Universe is devastating not merely for the ped card, but the VISA card as well - and most of us aren't rich.

    Someone ought to analyze what Planet Arkadia did right, because although I actually do have trouble selling my ores there, I believe Planet Arkadia has a bright future ahead of it - but why?
  14. I am so saddened to hear this. And I really hope that NI can be saved, there is just so much more it can be in the right hands. I do believe David bit off more then he could chew and yes was probably hoping for more turn around profit. I also believe MA contributed to it failing also, not that MA was the cause of it. If MA is gonna have all these planets join then they need the man power to make sure these planets succeed with their updates.
  15. GeorgeSkywalker

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    No planet can ever truly fail as such because they just revert to MindArk. For some planets "fail" is the best option for progress or evolution. NI and RT would I am sure be both better of if they "failed" because then eventually they would be under new management. Hopefully they would do a better job of managing their planet.
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  16. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    I feel the same. :)
  18. Next Island ,Ancient greece cool graphics...but no ppl because Eu players do not explore other help this planets we nave to ho there and explore...create a comunity like on Calypso or Arkadia....all planets need players to make market...example If I hunt on NI to who I sell the stuff TT? Cyrene the same thing? Arkadia and Rocktropia I find some buyers...
  19. I also want to point out that the distance to calypso is twice that of any other planet cant have helped, dont understand how that cant be seen as a unbalancing problem within space ...
  20. Heck, I was on omens ridge not long ago... I always liked next island and there's much more to EU than bp's anyway, so it would be a shame if it became no more.
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